ACMP Aruba Certified Mobility Professional 6.1

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Question 1

Which of the statements below are TRUE regarding ARM's Spectrum Load Balancing
feature? (Choose all correct answers)

  • A. Available only on 5GHz radios
  • B. Disabled by default
  • C. Balances client load across available channels/APs
  • D. Enabled by default

Answer : B,C

Question 2

Which of the following licenses are consumed by RAP?

  • A. AP license
  • B. PEF-NG license
  • C. PEF-V license
  • D. No license required

Answer : A

Question 3

The Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) module supports source network address
translation (src-nat).
Which is a common use of this statement in an Aruba configuration?

  • A. provide a single source IP address for users in a role
  • B. redirect Captive Portal HTTP sessions
  • C. redirect Access Points to another Aruba controller
  • D. provide IP addresses to clients

Answer : A

Question 4

When configuring ports in the configuration wizard, which of the following are not options
for configuration?

  • A. Inter-VLAN routing
  • B. Source NAT
  • C. Trusted
  • D. LACP

Answer : A,B,D

Question 5

In the above screen capture, the administrator notes that the "Save As" and "Apply"
buttons are grayed out and have no action.

What is the cause of the problem?

  • A. attempting to make changes on a Master Switch
  • B. attempting changes on a Local Switch
  • C. does not have administrative rights to perform these actions
  • D. does not have the correct software license

Answer : B

Question 6

View the Server group screen shot above.

A company has provisioned the same VAP, AAA and SSID profiles at both its Miami and
NY offices. This Server Group is applied for 802.1x authentication at both locations. The
user's credentials are only found in the Miami Radius server RadiusMiami. There is no
Radius synchronization. What happens when the user attempts to authenticate?

  • A. The controller recognizes the users Domain and sends the authentication request directly to RadiusMiami.
  • B. The request is initially sent to RadiusNY1 then RadiusNY1 redirects, the controller, to send the authentication request to RadiusMiami
  • C. RadiusNY1 receives the request and returns a deny. No other action is taken.
  • D. RadiusNY1 receives the request and returns a deny. The authentications request will then be sent to RadiusMiami.

Answer : C

Question 7

View the Server group and User Roles screen shots above.

A user associated to an SSID with 802.1x using this server group. RadiusNY returned a
standard radius attribute of filter-Id with a value of employee. The user was placed in the
guest Role. What statements below are correct?

  • A. The user was placed in the 802.1x authentication default Role guest
  • B. The user was placed in the initial Role guest
  • C. Role derivation failed because roles are case sensitive
  • D. Role derivation failed because the incorrect operation “value-of” was used
  • E. 802.1x authentication failed so the user was automatically placed in the guest Role

Answer : A,C

Question 8

Refer to the following configuration segment for this item.
ip access-list session anewone
user network any permit
user host any deny
user any any permit
Based on the above Aruba Mobility Controller configuration segment, which statements
best describe this policy? (Choose all the correct answers.)

  • A. The rule user host any deny is redundant because of the implicit deny all at the end.
  • B. The rule user network any permit is redundant because of the user any any permit at the end.
  • C. The two rules user network any permit and user host any deny need to be re-sequenced.
  • D. This list is fine as is.

Answer : B,C

Question 9

Which match condition can be used by a server derivation rule?

  • A. greater than
  • B. less than
  • C. inverse of
  • D. contains

Answer : D

Question 10

When configuring a server group containing 3 servers, a customer chooses 'fail through
mode'. What other feature has to be enabled on the controller for this to work?

  • A. Machine authentication
  • B. EAP Termination
  • C. Server group fall through mode
  • D. MAC authentication

Answer : B

Question 11

What do you need to generate a feature license key for an Aruba controller?

  • A. controller's MAC address and the feature description
  • B. controller's MAC address and the certificate number
  • C. controller's Serial Number and the feature description
  • D. controller's Serial Number and the certificate number

Answer : D

Question 12

Which may be applied directly to an interface? (Choose all the correct answers.)

  • A. Access List (ACL)
  • B. Firewall Policy
  • C. Roles
  • D. RF Plan Map

Answer : A,B

Question 13

When a user first associates to the WLAN, what role are they given?

  • A. the guest role
  • B. the stateful role
  • C. the initial role in the server group profile
  • D. the initial role in the AAA profile

Answer : D

Question 14

What new firewall action was added specifically for use with Aruba's Content Security
VisualRF supports import of floor plans from:

  • A. dst-nat
  • B. dual-nat
  • C. route dst-nat
  • D. redirect to tunnel

Answer : C

Question 15

What Wizards can be used to create a new AP Group?

  • A. AP Wizard
  • B. Controller Wizard
  • C. WLAN/LAN Wizard
  • D. License Wizard
  • E. AP configurations Wizard

Answer : A,C

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