102-400 LPI Level 1 Exam 102, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 2 of 2

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Question 1

How can the existing environment variable FOOBAR be suppressed for the execution of
the script./myscript only?

  • A. unset -v FOOBAR;./myscript
  • B. set -a FOOBAR="";./myscript
  • C. env -u FOOBAR./myscript
  • D. env -i FOOBAR./myscript

Answer : C

Question 2

Which of the following commands puts the output of the command date into the shell
variable mydate?

  • A. mydate="$(date)"
  • B. mydate="exec date"
  • C. mydate="$((date))"
  • D. mydate="date"
  • E. mydate="${date}"

Answer : A

Question 3

What is the purpose of the file /etc/profile?

  • A. It contains the welcome message that is displayed after login.
  • B. It contains security profiles defining which users are allowed to log in.
  • C. It contains environment variables that are set when a user logs in.
  • D. It contains default application profiles for users that run an application for the first time.

Answer : C

Question 4

What is the difference between the commands test -e path and test -f path?

  • A. They are equivalent options with the same behaviour.
  • B. The -f option tests for a regular file. The -e option tests for an empty file.
  • C. Both options check the existence of the path. The -f option also confirms that it is a regular file.
  • D. The -f option tests for a regular file. The -e option tests for an executable file.

Answer : C

Question 5

Which of the following SQL queries counts the number of occurrences for each value of the
field order_type in the table orders?
A. SELECT order_type,COUNT(*) FROM orders WHERE order_type=order_type;
B. SELECT order_type,COUNT(*) FROM orders GROUP BY order_type;
C. COUNT(SELECT order_type FROM orders);
D. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM orders ORDER BY order_type;
E. SELECT AUTO_COUNT FROM orders COUNT order_type;

Answer : B Topic 2, User Interfaces and Desktops

Question 6

What is the name of the simple graphical login manager that comes with a vanilla X11
installation? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer : xdm

Question 7

What is the default name of the configuration file for the Xorg X11 server? (Specify the file
name only without any path.)

Answer : xorg.conf

Question 8

Which file used by XDM specifies the default wallpaper?

  • A. /etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup
  • B. /etc/X11/xdm.conf
  • C. /etc/X11/xdm/Defaults
  • D. /etc/X11/defaults.conf

Answer : A

Question 9

What is the purpose of a screen reader?

  • A. It reads text displayed on the screen to blind or visually impaired people.
  • B. It reads the parameters of the attached monitors and creates an appropriate X11 configuration.
  • C. It displays lines and markers to help people use speed reading techniques.
  • D. It manages and displays files that contain e-books.

Answer : A

Question 10

How is a display manager started?

  • A. It is started by a user using the command startx.
  • B. It is started like any other system service by the init system.
  • C. It is started by inetd when a remote hosts connects to the X11 port.
  • D. It is started automatically when a X11 user logs in to the system console.

Answer : B

Question 11

Which of the following are tasks handled by a display manager like XDM or KDM? (Choose
TWO correct answers.)

  • A. Start and prepare the desktop environment for the user.
  • B. Configure additional devices like new monitors or projectors when they are attached.
  • C. Handle the login of a user.
  • D. Lock the screen when the user was inactive for a configurable amount of time.
  • E. Create an X11 configuration file for the current graphic devices and monitors.

Answer : A,C

Question 12

Which of the following commands shows the current color depth of the X Server?

  • A. xcd
  • B. xcdepth
  • C. xwininfo
  • D. xcolordepth
  • E. cat /etc/X11

Answer : C

Question 13

Which command can be used to investigate the properties for a particular window in X by
clicking that window? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer : /usr/bin/xwininfo, xwininfo

Question 14

For accessibility assistance, which of the following programs is an on-screen keyboard?

  • A. xkb
  • B. atkb
  • C. GOK
  • D. xOSK

Answer : C

Question 15

The X11 configuration file xorg.conf is grouped into sections. How is the content of the
section SectionName associated with that section?
A. It is placed in curly brackets as in Section SectionName { ... }.
B. It is placed between a line containing Section "SectionName" and a line containing
C. It is placed between the tags <Section name="SectionName"> and </Section>
D. It is placed after the row [SectionName].
E. It is placed after an initial unindented Section "SectionName" and must be indented by
exactly one tab character.

Answer : B Topic 3, Administrative Tasks

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