117-199 Ubuntu Level 1 Exam

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Question 1

Which group does a user have to be a member of in order to access the modem?

Answer : DIALOUT

Question 2

NFS uses what service to publish its port configuration to clients?

  • A. nfs_port_discover
  • B. nfsavd
  • C. portmap
  • D. sunrpcconfd

Answer : C

Question 3

hald is

  • A. a daemon that populates /dev with device nodes for system hardware
  • B. a system-independent abstraction layer to hardware registers
  • C. a daemon that sends events about changes in the system's hardware to applications
  • D. a kernel subsystem that provides hardware access to all userspace applications

Answer : C

Question 4

Which daemon must you install and configure to connect to WPA-enabled 802.11 wireless

  • A. netplug
  • B. hotplug
  • C. wpa_supplicant
  • D. wifi_supplicant

Answer : C

Question 5


Question 6

Which line below in /etc/network/interfaces will set eth0 to use dhcp?

  • A. ifconfig eth0 dhcp
  • B. iface eth0 inet dhcp
  • C. dhclient eth0
  • D. ifup eth0 dhcp

Answer : B

Question 7

Which command would you use to browse the root categories in the Gnome configuration?

  • A. gnomevfs-ls
  • B. gconf-browse
  • C. gconf-tool -all-dirs /
  • D. browsegnomeconf

Answer : C

Question 8

Ubuntu Linux is based on what release of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution?

  • A. Stable
  • B. Testing
  • C. Unstable
  • D. Experimental

Answer : C

Question 9

What entry in the NFS access control file will allow all computers within the domain
foobar.net read-only access to the directory, /usr/local/backup?

  • A. /usr/local/backup *.foobar.net(ro)
  • B. /usr/local/backup read_only=foobar.net
  • C. read_only=/usr/local/backup foobar.net
  • D. *.foobar.net /usr/local/backup options=!write
  • E. foobar.net:/usr/local/backup

Answer : A

Question 10

You want Nautilus to run in spatial-mode instead of browser-mode. What will accomplish

  • A. Edit the appropriate XML file in ~/.gconfd/*, locate the "always_use_browser" entry and set the value to false.
  • B. Set the "always_use_browser" key at the appropriate location in the gconf database to false.
  • C. Create an environment variable called NAUTILUS_ALWAYS_USE_BROWSER and set its value to "true"
  • D. Edit ~/.nautilus/nautilus.conf and set the "always_use_browser" entry to false.

Answer : B

Question 11

What sound daemon is used in a standard Ubuntu desktop installation?

  • A. alsa
  • B. arts
  • C. esd
  • D. jack
  • E. oss

Answer : C

Question 12

Which ACPI state is the equivalent of Software Suspend (the "Hibernate" option in the Log
Out window)?

  • A. S1
  • B. S2
  • C. S3
  • D. S4

Answer : D

Question 13

Which list shows all official Ubuntu distributions and derivatives?

  • A. Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Zubuntu, Gubuntu, nUbuntu
  • B. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Zubuntu, Edubuntu, nUbuntu
  • C. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu, ImpiLinux
  • D. Ubuntu, Gubuntu, Zubuntu, Xubuntu, ImpiLinux

Answer : C

Question 14

Select one of the directories that must be removed to return a single user's Gnome settings
to the system default?

  • A. /etc/gconf/
  • B. /etc/gconfd/
  • C. ~/.gconf/
  • D. ~/.gconfd/

Answer : C

Question 15

Which single command is used to make .deb files on a CD-ROM available to the system?

Answer : APT-CDROM

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