117-300 LPI Level 3 Exam 300, Senior Level Linux Certification, Mixed Environment

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Question 1

When configuring an OpenLDAP system for integration with PAM and NSS the
/etc/nsswitch.conf file needs to be modified. Which of the following parameters completes
this line from the /etc/nsswitch.conf file?
passwD.files _________

  • A. pam
  • B. ldap
  • C. pam_nss
  • D. pam_ldap
  • E. none

Answer : B

Question 2

Which commands will delete the user account joeuser from a Samba server? (Select TWO
correct answers.)

  • A. smbadduser -d joeuser
  • B. smbdeluser joeuser
  • C. smbpasswd -x joeuser
  • D. pdbedit -r joeuser
  • E. pdbedit -x joeuser

Answer : C,E

Question 3

To properly configure a Samba server to be a Primary Domain Controller (PDC), what
configuration option must be set to yes?

  • A. domain master
  • B. log level
  • C. local master
  • D. local logon

Answer : A

Question 4

Select which groups must map to UNIX GIDs on a Samba server operating as a PDC.
(Select TWO correct answers.)

  • A. Domain Root
  • B. Domain Users
  • C. Domain Guests
  • D. Domain Controllers
  • E. Domain Operators

Answer : B,C

Question 5

What is stored in the secrets.tdb database file?

  • A. The password of the Samba user Administrator.
  • B. The password of the Samba user root.
  • C. Starting with Samba3 this file is no longer used.
  • D. The SID of the local machine.

Answer : D

Question 6

Which of the following commands sets up Samba 4 as an Active Domain Directory
Controller for a new domain?

  • A. samldap-domainadd
  • B. net ads prepare domain
  • C. smbcontrol dcpromo
  • D. samba-tool domain provision

Answer : D

Question 7

For Samba 3 to be able to work as a PDC, some modifications are needed in its main
configuration file. Select the THREE options below that show the required actions for this

  • A. The Samba server has to be a logon server. This can be configured by the domain logons directive.
  • B. The Samba server needs to have the logon and the account creation scripts, to properly setup the PDC environment.
  • C. The Samba server must be a Domain Master Browser. To configure this, the domain master directive must be set to yes.
  • D. The time server = yes directive needs to be configured, so Samba will behave as a WINS server and also a Time server.
  • E. The security = user directive must be set.

Answer : A,C,E

Question 8

An anonymous user had her access denied while she was trying to access a Samba share
using the smbclient command. Assuming that it is necessary for anonymous users to
access that share, what must be configured (in the Samba configuration file) to allow
access? Please specify the full directive and value.

Answer : guest ok = yes, guest ok=yes, guest ok= yes, guest ok =yes, guest ok = 1, guest ok=1, guest ok =1, guest ok= 1, guest ok = true, guest ok=true, guest ok= true, guest ok =true

Question 9

The _____________ parameter in the smb.conf file will set hidden files in Linux to also be
hidden in windows. (Please specify ONLY the parameter with no value assignment.)

Answer : hide dot files

Question 10

An administrator has manually migrated local accounts to OpenLDAP, instead of using
migration tools. When trying to authenticate as a user, an error is returned about invalid
credentials. What is the most likely cause of this?

  • A. The password hash type was not included in the user's password attribute.
  • B. Shadow passwords are incompatible with OpenLDAP.
  • C. The original password from /etc/passwd was not included.
  • D. The administrator forgot to run slappasswd to convert the hashes in /etc/shadow.
  • E. The administrator forgot to run ldappasswd to convert the hashes in /etc/shadow.

Answer : A

Question 11

Which file stores the global Kerberos configuration needed for OpenLDAP integration with
Active Directory and Kerberos? (Specify only the file name without any path.)

Answer : krb5.conf

Question 12

By specifying the _________ option in smb.conf and assigning it an appropriate value,
Samba will create Machine Trust Accounts automatically when the client joins the domain.

Answer : add machine script

Question 13

The command _______ is used on a Samba server to modify the SID in an existing NT

Answer : profiles

Question 14

A server is authenticating users using the pam_ldap module. Only users who are members
of a certain group should be allowed to login. In which parameter in ldap.conf can a filter
string be specified, that is ANDed with the login attribute when validating a user? (Enter
only the parameter, without any options or values)

Answer : pam_filter

Question 15

Which of the following are correct values for boolean parameters in smb.conf? (Select
THREE correct answers.)

  • A. 1
  • B. true
  • C. not
  • D. no
  • E. y

Answer : A,B,D

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