1V0-621 VMware Certified Associate 6 – Data Center Virtualization Exam

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Question 1

What are two capabilities of Network I/O Control? (Choose two.)

  • A. it sets network reservations for physical traffic entering vSphere Distributed Switches.
  • B. it enforces a network bandwidth limit on vSphere Distributed Switches
  • C. it maintains the network runtime state for virtual machines
  • D. it performs load-based teaming for workloads on teamed vNICs.

Answer : B,D

Question 2

Which two vSphere 6.x technologies simplify management in data centers with multiple
vCenter instances? (Choose two)

  • A. Content Library
  • B. Long Distance vMotion
  • C. Distributed Resource Scheduler
  • D. vSphere Distributed Switch

Answer : A,B

Question 3

What are the two features of vShpere that help address the availability challenges that
organizations face? (Choose two.)

  • A. Snapshots
  • B. vSphere Data protection
  • C. High Availability
  • D. Fault Tolerance.

Answer : C,D

Question 4

Which two are challenges that could be resolved by implementing data center
visualization? (Choose two.)

  • A. The IT department allocates 60% of its budget to maintain server infrastructure.
  • B. An organization's physical server infrastructure averages 30% utilization
  • C. The IT department is reporting increased security threats at the server level.
  • D. An organization's physical server infrastructure is approaching 90% utilization.

Answer : A,D

Question 5

Which feature dynamically consolidates workloads during periods of low resource

  • A. Distributed Power Management
  • B. Dynamic Resource Scheduler
  • C. vMotion
  • D. Storage vMotion

Answer : A

Question 6

Which storage format can be used to deploy data stores on block storage devices?

  • A. Virtual Volumes
  • B. NFS
  • C. VMFS
  • D. jSCSI

Answer : C

Question 7

Which component provides data persistence in an all-flash storage architecture?

  • A. Storage Area Network
  • B. Solid State Drive
  • C. NFS Replication
  • D. iSCSI

Answer : B

Question 8

What is the default number of logical ports for a standard switch?

  • A. 150
  • B. 120
  • C. 80
  • D. 100

Answer : B

Question 9

An administrator works in a bank that has a highly regulated, secure environment. As the
number of business clients increases, the administrator It difficult to monitor the
environment and trend resource utilization.
Which VMware product can help to provide a solution?

  • A. AirWatch
  • B. Virtual SAN
  • C. vCenter Hypervisor
  • D. vRealize Operations Manager

Answer : D

Question 10

When virtualizing storage using Virtual Volumes, what is the primary unit of storage

  • A. An NFS Datastore
  • B. AVMFS Datastore
  • C. A virtual disk
  • D. A virtual machine

Answer : C

Question 11

Which three actions can be taken with the VMware Remote Console? (Choose Three.)

  • A. restart the ESXi host
  • B. use a Removable Device
  • C. configure VMware Tools updates
  • D. suspend and resume a virtual Machine
  • E. adjust VMware High Availability Configuration

Answer : B,C,D

Question 12

Which VMware product delivers intelligent operations management with application-to-
storage visibility across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures?

  • A. vRealize Operations Manager
  • B. Site Recovery Manager
  • C. vRealize Automation
  • D. VMware NSX

Answer : A

Question 13

VMware vSphere 6.0 empowers users with which two capabilities? (Choose two.)

  • A. It allows self service file recovery.
  • B. It provides advanced availability protection.
  • C. It virtualizes scale-up and scale-out applications.
  • D. It provides a relational database for data analysis.

Answer : B,C

Question 14

Which two features of vSphere help address virtual machine up-time challenges caused by
host failures? (Choose two.)

  • A. Virtual Volumes
  • B. High Availability
  • C. Snapshots
  • D. Fault Tolerance

Answer : B,D

Question 15

In what two ways can vSphere Replication minimize network bandwidth consumption while
replicating and storing virtual machines?

  • A. it can use pre-shipped VMDK files as seeds
  • B. It limits CPU cycles used during data transfer.
  • C. it can use dedicated network resources for replication.
  • D. It stores the replicated data in compressed format

Answer : C,D

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