210-065 Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices v1.0

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Question 1

Which scheduling and management application can be installed on any hardware platform
that meets the minimum specifications that the end customer decides to deploy?
A. Cisco Video Communications
B. Cisco TelePresence Management Suite
C. Cisco Digital Media Manager
D. Cisco TelePresence Management Switch
E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Answer : B Topic 2, Endpoint Configuration

Question 2

Which two Cisco TelePresence collaboration endpoints can improve communications,
relationships, and user productivity? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco WebEx Connect IM
  • B. Cisco Digital Media Players
  • C. Cisco DX650
  • D. Cisco MX300 G2

Answer : C,D

Question 3

Which two statements about PoE support on Cisco Video Surveillance 6000 Series IP
Cameras are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. PoE is not supported on the Cisco 6000 Series IP Cameras, and you must use a Cisco 12 VDC power adapter.
  • B. PoE is not supported on the Cisco 6000 Series IP Cameras, and you must use third- party 24 VAC power adapter.
  • C. The port switch must be 802.3at-compliant to power the camera.
  • D. The port switch must be 802.3af-compliant to power the camera.
  • E. The Cisco 6000 Series IP Camera requires a network cable and a connection to a standard 10/100BaseT-compliant PoE router or switch.

Answer : D,E

Question 4

Refer to the exhibit.

Which SIP URI should be dialed in order to reach the endpoint that is registered with the IP
address of from another endpoint with a URI of sip:e20@dca256.test?

  • A. 52900121
  • B. sip:ex90@osl147.local
  • C. ex90@osl148.local
  • D.
  • E. ex90

Answer : B

Question 5

A Unified Communications engineer wants to configure a Cisco TelePresence SX endpoint
using static IP addressing to use a different TFTP server. Which path will allow the
engineer to complete this configuration?

  • A. Network Services > Network 1 > DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress > Off
  • B. Network > TFTP > DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress > Off
  • C. Network Services > TFTP > DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress > Off
  • D. Configuration > System Configuration > Provisioning > Set the External Manager Address

Answer : D

Question 6

Which two Cisco TelePresence systems would be appropriate for an executive personal
office? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco Jabber
  • B. Cisco IP Video Phone E20
  • C. Cisco TelePresence EX Series
  • D. Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence
  • E. Cisco TelePresence System 500

Answer : C,E

Question 7

Which two codecs are supported on the Cisco Video Surveillance 6400E IP Camera?
(Choose two.)

  • A. H.263
  • B. H.264
  • C. H.265
  • D. VP8
  • E. G.711
  • F. MP3
  • G. G.729

Answer : B,E

Question 8

Refer to the exhibit.

A network engineer configures a Cisco Unified Communications Manager and VCS
integration via a SIP trunk. Endpoint A is able to conduct video calls to Endpoint B. When
Endpoint A attempts to share presentation content with Endpoint B, Endpoint B sees the
presentation video on the main screen rather than on the presentation display. What is the

  • A. The default MTP telephony payload is incorrect.
  • B. The SIP trunk is not running on all active Cisco Unified Communications Manager nodes.
  • C. MTP is not forced to be required.
  • D. BFCP is not enabled.
  • E. The MTP preferred codec is incorrect for content presentation.

Answer : D

Question 9

Which optional feature is available for some video endpoints to enable multiparty calls to be
hosted directly on the local endpoint?

  • A. WebEx enabled Cisco TelePresence
  • B. Multiway
  • C. Multisite
  • D. MeetMe
  • E. ad hoc

Answer : C

Question 10

A customer reports that in a CTS1300 room, a microphone switches to a segment that has
no one talking. Which step is first in the troubleshooting process?

  • A. Replace the microphones to stop phantom switching.
  • B. Reseat the microphone cables.
  • C. Recalibrate the microphones.
  • D. Reboot the codec.
  • E. Replace the audio expansion box because the microphones connect to an AV expansion box.

Answer : C

Question 11

A technician is tasked with performing a room readiness assessment in preparation for an
immersive video endpoint. What are three Cisco best practices regarding lighting
recommendations for the room? (Choose three.)

  • A. The bulb temperature should be between 4000 and 4100K.
  • B. Key lighting should be between 200 and 400 Lux with the endpoint powered on.
  • C. Shoulder lighting should not exceed two times the facial lighting values with the endpoint off.
  • D. Use direct lighting fixtures.
  • E. Within the camera field of view, the lighting for all parts of the room should not fluctuate more than 100 Lux.
  • F. Avoid using dimming light control systems.

Answer : A,C,E

Question 12

Which personal Cisco TelePresence unit can be used as a replacement for a person's
computer monitor on their desk?

  • A. EX90
  • B. MX800
  • C. TX9000
  • D. SX10
  • E. SX80

Answer : A

Question 13

Which call control device does the Cisco DX650 use?

  • A. Video Communications Server
  • B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • C. Cisco TelePresence Server
  • D. Cisco TelePresence Manager
  • E. Video Communications Server and Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • F. Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco TelePresence Server

Answer : B

Question 14

Refer to the exhibit.

You must dial the interactive response system of the multipoint control unit. What are the
appropriate dual-tone multi-frequency digits to create an ad-hoc conference with an
identifier of 2345?

  • A. 2345
  • B. 2345#
  • C. 5919*2345
  • D. 5919*2345#

Answer : D

Question 15

Which DHCP option is used by video endpoints to locate the Cisco Communications
Manager TFTP server to download the endpoints configuration?

  • A. option 43
  • B. option 82
  • C. option 150
  • D. option 176
  • E. option 242

Answer : C

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