2D00056A APSS Avaya Networking

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Question 1

Select the three best reasons for giving administrators their own login and only the access
privileges they need for their job. (Select three)

  • A. Increases the amount of software that needs to be installed
  • B. Increases network security
  • C. Helps to reduce downtime due to configuration errors
  • D. Allows provisioning changes to be tracked by individual user

Answer : B,C,D

Question 2

Your colleague has mentioned to you that she is talking to a prospect about a new Contact
Center solution. Which two of the following options would you select? (Select two)

  • A. Make sure your colleague understands all the potential network issues involved in this project and show how Avaya has a solution for all of them
  • B. Recognize the opportunity and find out if the prospect has considered all the changes of the traffic pattern and OoS requirements in the network
  • C. There is nothing for you to do because changes to Contact Centers have no impact on the core of a data network
  • D. You are not interested because Contact Centers, as well as Voice in general, is not your area

Answer : B,D

Question 3

How does Avaya VENA Fabric Connect help to reduce time-to-service? (Select two)

  • A. Provisioning changes only need to be made to the edge of the network rather than to every device and link
  • B. It replaces multiple legacy protocols with a vastly simplified implementation, extending VLANs Fabric-wide
  • C. It uses industry standard CLI commands
  • D. It uses MPLS in its core

Answer : A,C

Question 4

Match the customer's objections at the left with the correct answer at the right.

Answer :

Question 5

Your new customer is excited about the simplicity Avaya's Fabric Connect offers with end
point provisioning rather than complex hop by hop node by node configuration others offer.
He asks if the Edge Switches are stackable like other Edge Switches. Which of the
following two are correct responses? (Select two)

  • A. The VSP 4000 is ideal as it offers resilient stacking and Fabric Connect support
  • B. The ERS 4800 offers resilient stacking and as of version 5.7 offers direct support for Fabric Connect L2 virtualization
  • C. VSP 4000 offers Fabric Connect L2/L3 as well as VRF support, but is not stackable
  • D. Of course, because all stackable switches from Avaya offer Fabric Connect support

Answer : A,C

Question 6

What makes Avaya's Fabric Connect fundamentally different to traditional IPnetworks?

  • A. It uses OSPF to do the routing, based on the MAC address
  • B. It uses a new Avaya proprietary protocol to get away from IP with all its limitations
  • C. It uses MPLS in new and more efficient ways
  • D. It enables a dynamic, agile and resilient network where Services need only be configured at the edge

Answer : D

Reference: http://www.avaya.com/usa/documents/dn7348.pdf

Question 7

How does ERS Campus Edge fit in Avaya VENA Fabric Connect? Match the switches on
the left with the offers on the right.
* This means the switch can support multi-tenant solutions. The switch can also act as a
fabric backbone node in a small network

Answer :

Question 8

With which Ethernet Switch product should yougenerally lead in a Campus Edgewiring
closet opportunity?(Drag and drop the correct choice into the empty box.)

  • A. ERS4000
  • B. ERS5000
  • C. ERS 3500
  • D. VSP 7000

Answer : A

Question 9

A customer is questioning the time savings provided by Avaya's "Auto Unit Replacement".
He says that replacing the unit is only a small part of the whole process. Configuring the
new unit can take a long time. How could you respond?

  • A. Explain that Miercom tested Avaya's claim back in 2011 and stated "When replacing a unit in a Stack, the new unit was able to boot up, load the configuration and become operational in two minutes and 11 seconds'.
  • B. Make your point by saying that a well-trained Avaya engineer can replace a unit in just over ten minutes.
  • C. Make sure that the customer understands that "Auto Unit Replacement" only means the physical replacement of that unit and does not include configuration.

Answer : C

Question 10

Which two of the following would best describe the VSP 4000? (Select two)

  • A. VSP 4000 extends the reach of Avaya Fabric Connect to the campus edge, WAN edge or metro edge
  • B. VSP 4000 is ideally suited for the Data Center ToR
  • C. VSP 4000 runs the robust core software from VSP 9000 on ERS 4800 hardware
  • D. VSP 4000 is ideally positioned in a large campus core

Answer : A,C

Question 11

While discussing a proposition with a prospective customer, they ask what the most
important value propositions are that Avaya Data Center Solutions bring to the table.
(Selectthe four most important value propositions)

  • A. Cost - Minimizing and Simplifying
  • B. Operations - Improving Time-to-Service
  • C. Performance - Applications are optimized
  • D. Availability - of business operations
  • E. Scalability - Built for Seamless Growth
  • F. Virtualization - of server capacity

Answer : C,D,E,F

Reference: http://www.avaya.com/usa/solution/network-virtualization/

Question 12

Which Avaya Switch is ideally suited to deliver today's pressing need for flexible, high-
speed Ethernet connectivity in the high-performance Data Center Top-of-Rack (ToR) role?

  • A. V5P7000
  • B. ERS4800
  • C. VSP9000
  • D. ERS 5000

Answer : D

Reference: http://www.avaya.com/usa/documents/dn5098_feb2014.pdf

Question 13

Which three of the following value-statements of Video Surveillance are correct? (select

  • A. Fabric Connect allows you to turn up services at the edge only - no need to touch core
  • B. Fabric Connect offers sub-second resiliency of <200 msec
  • C. Avaya Fabric Connect offers secure end-to-end traffic separation
  • D. Fabric Connect delivers scalable and reliable multicast based on PIM (Protocol Independent Multicast)

Answer : A,C,D

Question 14

Which three of the following attributes are parts of seamless remote access
fromAvaya?(Select three)

  • A. IP Sec acceleration
  • B. Simplified user experience
  • C. True mobile security
  • D. Automated secure access

Answer : A,B,D

Question 15

Your prospect is an Exhibition Center, requesting a bid for a network solution in a new
construction. What would you suggest?

  • A. Suggest that they use a Service Provider to run their Network and Data Center as this is more secure
  • B. Any network will do. These days all network technologies offer that kind of agility
  • C. Suggest an Router-based MPLS solution. More configuration complexity automatically provides more security
  • D. Because of the dynamic nature of that business, Avaya's Fabric Connect technology is particularly well-suited, delivering a very agile network infrastructure and makes the core very resistant to provisioning errors

Answer : D

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