2V0-651 VMware Certified Professional 6-Desktop and Mobility Beta

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Question 1

An administrator is configuring RADIUS authentication for a View implementation and
enters the RADIUS server host name into the View Administrator console.
Which additional information must be entered into View Administrator to properly

  • A. Port number, authentication type, and shared secret
  • B. DNS server, port number, and shared secret
  • C. Authentication type, shared secret, and public key
  • D. Public key, authentication type, and shared secret

Answer : A

Question 2

A corporate policy requires that all external connections use port 444. The administrator
needs to ensure that the View environment meets corporate security policy.
What does the administrator need to configure to meet the policy requirement?

  • A. Install a signed certificate on the View Security Server.
  • B. Modify the External URL default setting in the GPO.
  • C. Edit the locked.properties file in the SSL Gateway Configuration folder.
  • D. Edit the certificate to force https only connections.

Answer : C

Question 3

An administrator is configuring Kiosk mode in View. The administrator completes the
following tasks:
When the clients are tested, they do not automatically log in after connecting to the
Connection Server.
What is causing this issue?

  • A. The Kiosk mode user account was not added to the Connection Server to which the client is connecting.
  • B. The Connection Server to which the client is connecting has not been enabled for Kiosk mode clients.
  • C. The Kiosk mode user account was created in the wrong Organizational Unit.
  • D. The View Client machine has not been enabled for Kiosk mode using the client registry settings.

Answer : B

Question 4

An administrator is planning the capture of a reference machine for two departments:
Finance and Information Technology.
Which two applications should the administrator include in the common base layer?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Finance Accounting Application
  • B. Anti-Virus software
  • C. Admin Script Editor
  • D. VPN Software

Answer : B,D

Question 5

An organization has deployed a View environment. Users need to connect USB devices to
their View sessions.
Users report that USB devices are not connecting to the View sessions when they are
plugged in to the thin clients.
What are two reasons that could cause this behavior? (Choose two.)

  • A. TCP port 9427 is closed on the firewall.
  • B. TCP port 32111 is closed on the firewall.
  • C. Windows Mobile Device Center is preventing USB redirection.
  • D. USB redirection drivers on the guest virtual machine are missing or disabled.

Answer : B,D

Question 6

An administrator is running a View Infrastructure with Linked Clones running on ESXi 5.x.
Users should not be able to eject devices such as CD-ROMs from the virtual desktops.
What should the administrator do on the vSphere Client to prevent users from ejecting

  • A. Right click on the parent image, and then in Edit Settings-->Options, disable Hot Add.
  • B. Modify the parent image .vmx file, and set devices.hotplug to False.
  • C. Modify the parent image .nvram file, and set devices.hotplug to False.
  • D. Right click on the parent image and then in Edit Settings-->Hardware, disable Hot Plug.

Answer : B

Question 7

While deploying a View desktop pool, an administrator determines that the virtual desktops
remain at a status of Customizing.
In the debug-timestamp.txt log file of the View Agent, the administrator finds the error
Debug - Unable to connect to JMS
javax.jms.JMSException:Unable to create a connection to:[ServerEntry, hostname,
What should the administrator do to troubleshoot the connection problem?

  • A. Verify that the View Composer Guest Agent Server service is set Started on the virtual desktops.
  • B. Verify thatthe View Agent can communicate with the View Connection Server over port 4001.
  • C. Verify that the View Connection Server can resolve the DNS name of the vCenter Server.
  • D. Verify that the View Security Server can establish a connection using the AJP13 protocol over port 4001.

Answer : B

Question 8

An administrator has configured the first default site called west region that hosts all of the
company's current pods. The administrator wants to create another site called east region
to host additional pods. Which two steps should the administrator take to create the second
site? (Choose two.)

  • A. run the command lmvutil --createSite --siteName "east region" on the view connection server
  • B. initialize the cloud pod architecturefeature
  • C. initialize the multi-site architecture feature
  • D. stop the view connection server, run the command lmvutil --createSite --siteName "East Region" and start the view connection server

Answer : A,B

Question 9

An administrator needs to configure virtual printing to allow users to access locally attached
What must the administrator do to enable this functionality?

  • A. Ensure virtual printing is enabled in the View Agent installation options.
  • B. Install printer drivers in the base image for the pool.
  • C. Register the TPVMGPoACmap.dll file on the base image for the pool.
  • D. Import the vdm_client.adm template to the Active Directory server and enable localprinting.

Answer : A

Question 10

An administrator in a large organization needs to delegate authority to manage a group of
desktops to another administrator at a remote site. The desktops have been placed in a
folder in View Administrator so that a user can be assigned to manage those desktops
The remote site administrator must be able to:
What is the most restrictive predefined role that can be assigned to meet these

  • A. Administrators
  • B. Agent Registration Administrators
  • C. Global Configuration and Policy Administrators
  • D. Inventory Administrators

Answer : D

Question 11

An administrator has completed upgrading the View pods in two datacenters to Horizon 6.
To facilitate the new Continuity of Operations initiative, the administrator needs to
implement global entitlements via the new Cloud Pod Architecture.
Which capability of the administrator's current environment is incompatible with Cloud Pod

  • A. Dedicated Full Clone Pools
  • B. HTML Access
  • C. ThinApp Entitlements
  • D. Persona Management

Answer : B

Question 12

An organization has the following desktops:
The organization has mandated that all existing desktops are backed up and then migrated
to Windows 7. An administrator has already performed the following tasks:
What must the administrator do next to fulfill the stated requirements?

  • A. Capture Base Windows 7 64-bit OS layer
  • B. Deploy Windows 7 32-bit Centralized Virtual Desktop (CVD) to all Windows 7desktops
  • C. Create Office 2013 App Layer
  • D. Perform desktop centralization of all the Windows 7 64-bit desktops

Answer : D

Question 13

An administrator is creating a View full clone desktop pool and needs to enable the 3D
Rendering feature. However, the option to select the 3D Renderer is unavailable.
What should the administrator do to enable this feature to be selected?

  • A. Set the default display protocol to RDP.
  • B. Install the latest View Feature Pack.
  • C. Enable the 3D Rendering option on the ESXi hosts.
  • D. Set Allow users to choose protocol to No.

Answer : D

Question 14

A desktop environment is configured to provision on demand. Users report that login is
taking longer than expected when they sign in. The administrator determines that
significant I/O is being generated each morning when users are logging in.
What should the administrator do to resolve the issue?

  • A. Deploy a replica View Composer server to load balance provisioning operations.
  • B. Increase the minimum number of desktops in the pool.
  • C. Edit the pool settings so that desktops refresh on logoff.
  • D. Enable SE Sparse disk to reduce initial provisioning time.

Answer : B

Question 15

An administrator is configuring a group of desktops that will be accessed via the PCoIP
display protocol across a WAN link.
Which two settings should the administrator apply to minimize bandwidth usage? (Choose

  • A. Lower the Maximum Frame Rate
  • B. Raise the Maximum Frame Rate
  • C. Disable the Turn off Build-to-Lossless feature
  • D. Enable the Turn off Build-to-Lossless feature

Answer : A,D

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