300-170 Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation

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Question 1

What occurs when you make an interface a member of an existing VRF m Cisco NX-OS?

  • A. The a VRF-Aware services start to be filtered
  • B. You are prompted to enter an IP address assignment
  • C. All of the Layer 3 configurations are removed
  • D. The state of the interface is changed to down

Answer : C

Explanation: https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/133711/vrf-configuration-and- verification-nexus-7000

Question 2

Refer to the exhibit:

Which option describes the results of running the configuration on a Cisco Nexus 9000
Series Switch?

  • A. A schedule'' job named Backup backs up the configuration to a file named backup-cfg.
  • B. A scheduler job named backup-cfg runs daily at 2:00.
  • C. A scheduler job named Backup runs twice daily
  • D. A scheduler job named Backup runs daily at 2 00 and save the configuration to a file named backup-cfg.

Answer : B

Question 3

A unicast packet enters into the front panel port of a leaf switch. The leaf switch performs a
forwarding lookup for the packet destination IP address and has a miss result Assuming
default configuration, which statement about what happens next is true'?

  • A. The packet is sent to the forwarding proxy in the spine switch
  • B. The packet is dropped on the leaf switch
  • C. The packet is sent to another leaf switch within the same bridge domain
  • D. The packet is flooded across the entire fabric because it is an unknown unicast.

Answer : A

Question 4

You are configuration a group of web servers and you create a contract that uses TCP port
80. Which action allows an external Layer 3 cloud to initiate communication with the EPG
that contains the web servers?

  • A. Configure the EPG as a consumer and L3Out as provider of the contract
  • B. Configure OSPF to exchange routes between the L3Out and EPG
  • C. Create a taboo contract and apply it to the EPG
  • D. Configure the EPG as a provider and L3Out as consumer of the contract.

Answer : D

Question 5

Which Cisco APlC health score will be affected if an EPG does not have a Bridge Domain
associated with it ?

  • A. spine health
  • B. leaf health
  • C. tenant health
  • D. pod health

Answer : C

Explanation: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/aci/apic/sw/1- x/Operating_ACI/guide/b_Cisco_Operating_ACI/b_Cisco_Operating_ACI_chapter_01010.p df

Question 6

You have a VSM that experiences a failure. Which two options are results of the failure?
(Choose two )

  • A. CLI access to the virtual switch continues to work without any interruption
  • B. VEM stops working
  • C. Traffic forwarding stops for a short period of time and then continues to work normally
  • D. Traffic forwarding continues to work without any interruption
  • E. VMware vMotion stops working

Answer : B,E

Question 7

Which action occurs first when a device that has the POAP feature boots and cannot find
the startup configuration?

  • A. The device locates a DHCP server
  • B. The device enters POAP mode
  • C. The device obtains the IP address of a TFTP server
  • D. The device installs software image and a configuration file

Answer : B

Explanation: PowerOn Auto Provisioning (POAP) automates the process of upgrading software images and installing configuration files on devices that are being deployed in the network for the first time. When a device with the POAP feature boots and does not find the startup configuration, the device enters POAP mode, locates a DHCP server, and bootstraps itself with its interface IP address, gateway, and DNS server IP addresses. The device also obtains the IP address of a TFTP server or the URL of an HTTP server and downloads a configuration script that enables the switch to download and install the appropriate software image and configuration file

Question 8

Which Cisco technology addresses management and performance concerns in a data
center by unifying physical and virtual switch management?

  • A. VSO
  • B. SVM
  • C. VM-FEX
  • D. AVS

Answer : C

Question 9

You must apply a contract to all of the EPGs in a tenant. The solution must ensure that the
contract is also applied to any new EPGs that are added to the tenant. Which option must
you uses?

  • A. the QUI
  • B. the vzAny managed object
  • C. the REST API
  • D. a Python script

Answer : B

Question 10

Refer to the exhibit
You are verifying connectivity within a leaf device You attempt to connect to a destination
server in VLAN 17, and you then run the show mac address-table command as shown Why
does the show mac address-table output show a different VLAN?

  • A. The wrong AEP is attached to the leaf ports
  • B. The VLAN configuration on the leaf switch is incorrect
  • C. The VLAN ID shown is used for identification and internal mapping within the ACI leaf
  • D. When traffic appears, the Cisco ACI marks ports with VLAN 17

Answer : A

Question 11

You create a dynamic VLAN pool to be used for Virtual Machine Manager integration On
which two other components must you ensure the VLANs m the pool are allowed? (Choose
two )

  • A. AVS
  • B. Cisco Nexus 1000V
  • C. the intermediate switch
  • D. vS witch
  • E. the Cisco UCS blade system

Answer : B,D

Question 12

Which feature of a Cisco Nexus 1000V Servers Switch allows you to deploy traffic steering
for a virtual infrastructure?

  • A. SOT
  • B. PVLAN
  • C. ACL
  • D. vPath

Answer : D

Question 13

Which two parameters are part of the Cisco APIC first time setup and must be configured?
(Choose two )

  • A. the fabric node vector configuration
  • B. the LLDP adjacency configuration
  • C. the out of-band management configuration
  • D. the cluster configuration
  • E. the APIC LLDP configuration

Answer : C,E

Question 14

You are trouble shooting node discovery issues by using the acidiag fnvread command.
Which description of the node status when the CLI output shows a status of Discovering is

  • A. The node is decommissioned
  • B. The node ID is configured, but not discovered yet
  • C. The node is discovered, but an IP address is not assigned yet
  • D. The node is discovered, but the node ID policy is not configured yet

Answer : C

Question 15

The behavior of which packet type can be controlled by selecting unicast mode or flood
mode in a bridge domain?

  • A. ARP
  • B. unknown unicast
  • C. LLDP
  • D. CDP

Answer : B

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