3001 Avaya IP Office Configuration and Maintenance Exam

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Question 1

When implementing a fully integrated multi-site network using only IP500 control units,
which license is required to be on all sites?

  • A. Preferred edition – Messaging
  • B. IP300 Voice Networking Channels
  • C. IP500 IP Office Multi-Site Network (MSN)
  • D. Advanced Small Community Networking (SCAN)

Answer : C

Question 2

Which type of trunking is used between nodes on a Small Community Network (SCN)?

  • A. El/T1 PR1
  • B. SES
  • C. H.323

Answer : C

Question 3

When testing an implementation, users are attempting to dial out of the system (outbound
tall) and they receive the message Unobtainable on the display of their telephones, and
the tall fails. What is the cause of the problem?

  • A. The user rights are not defined.
  • B. The upgrade license is not valid in the IP Office.
  • C. The lines on the system are out of service.
  • D. The users have not been assigned a direct dial code.

Answer : C

Question 4

From which application are log files required for escalating issues to Avaya support?

  • A. Manager Report
  • B. Customer Call Status
  • C. System Monitor
  • D. SMDR

Answer : C

Question 5

A customer want to take advantage of the VPN software integrated into IP Phones without
replacing all of their IP Phones. Which model of IP Phones can be converted to VPN
Phones with a .bin file upgrade?

  • A. 1616
  • B. 4602
  • C. 4612
  • D. 4620

Answer : D

Question 6

Which IP Office Small Community Networking (SCN) feature ran help free up VCM
resources site when calling from one remote site to another remote site?

  • A. Silence Compression
  • B. Fast Start
  • C. Direct Media Path
  • D. Loop Start

Answer : C

Question 7

In which folder on the SD card would you place the firmware files (.bin) for an IP

  • A. /temp
  • B. /Ivmail
  • C. /dynamic
  • D. /primary
  • E. /backup

Answer : D

Question 8

Which IP office application can be installed on the same server as CCR?

  • A. One-X Portal
  • B. IP Office Administration Suite
  • C. IP Office Voicemail Pro up to 20 voicemail ports
  • D. IP Office Voicemail Pro up to 16 voicemail ports

Answer : D

Question 9

A customer wants to set up two IP500v2 Office control units at different sites. They want to
automatically exchange Information about users and extensions, allowing remote users to
be called without any additional configuration on the local IP Office.
Which H.323 supplementary service signaling method do you implement?

  • A. H.450
  • B. QSIG-A
  • C. QSIG-B
  • D. IP Office SCN

Answer : D

Question 10

The Customer Call Reporter (CCR) server IP address is
After installing CCR and creating a Supervisor, what is the correct link for a CCR Agent to

  • A. https://localhost/CCRWebAgent
  • B.
  • C.
  • D. http://localhost/CCRWebAgent
  • E.

Answer : B

Question 11

Which user profiles can use Email reading with Text-to-Speech (TTS)? (Choose two.)

  • A. Basic User
  • B. Teleworker User
  • C. Mobile User
  • D. Power User
  • E. Office Worker User

Answer : C,D

Question 12

Which two are power options for IP telephones on the IP Office? (Choose two.)

  • A. Class "B" 24 Volt power supply
  • B. Class "A" 24 Volt power supply
  • C. Power over Ethernet switch conforming to 802.3af standards
  • D. 1151D1 individual Power Supply and the 115D2 Individual Power Supply with Buttery Backup

Answer : C,D

Question 13

A customer wants use SIP endpoints in the future. VoIP settings are shown in the exhibit
Which option will satisfy the customer's requirement?

  • A. H.323 Gatekeeper Enable
  • B. SIP Trunks Enable
  • C. SIP Registrar Enable
  • D. H.323 Auto-create Extn
  • E. H.323 Auto-create User

Answer : C

Question 14

Which Windows command is used to determine which ports the server is currently using?

  • A. portqry
  • B. show ports
  • C. netstat –an
  • D. ipconfig /displaydns
  • E. netsh interface dump

Answer : C

Question 15

A customer has requested that a plan be implemented to give their two sites complete
Which option will accomplish this?

  • A. IP Office Resiliency License
  • B. IP Phones with backup call server
  • C. IP500v2 with redundant processor
  • D. VoiceMail Pro with a backup server

Answer : B

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