3107 Avaya Session Border Controller Enterprise Implementation and Maintenance Exam

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Question 1

As part of the Mobile Workspace (Remote Worker) administration, what does cluster
administration do?

  • A. It groups trunks and monitors thorn for load balancing.
  • B. It groups endpoints and monitors them for traffic shaping.
  • C. It groups trunks and applies similar rules and policies.
  • D. It groups endpoints and applies similar attributes to them.

Answer : D

Question 2

To which two entities does a Server Profile apply?

  • A. The Dell server and HP server
  • B. The trunk server and call server
  • C. The NTP server and DNS server
  • D. The call server and TFTP server

Answer : B

Question 3

If the Remote Worker cluster is using a Real Server IP and Real Server Port, over which
protocols are these registration requests routed?


Answer : A

Question 4

What are the essential steps to administer a Signaling Interface?

  • A. Add signaling interface, and assign to Interworking Profile.
  • B. Add media interface, and assign to signaling interface.
  • C. Add media interface, and assign to Server Flow.
  • D. Add signaling interface, and assign IP addresses and ports.

Answer : D

Question 5

Which troubleshooting capability is useful for monitoring a single telephone (URI)?

  • A. Trace > Packet Capture?
  • B. Diagnostics > Ping Test
  • C. Trace > Call Trace
  • D. Statistics > Server Flow

Answer : C

Question 6

Why can you not select an Installation type of EMS + UC-Sec for a high Availability
(duplicated) configuration?

  • A. The EMS has too few interfaces for High Availability.
  • B. The SBC has too few Interfaces for High Availability.
  • C. EMS and UC-Sec have- different interfaces and are incompatible with High Availability.
  • D. High Availability configurations always require a separate (standalone) EMS.

Answer : D

Question 7

What is an example of a confidentiality attack?

  • A. Eavesdropping
  • B. Man-in-the-middle
  • C. Distributed denial of service
  • D. Denial of service

Answer : A

Question 8

In general, SBC incidents indicate what kind of problem?

  • A. Hardware
  • B. Operating system
  • C. Application (SBC) software
  • D. Visualization layer

Answer : C

Question 9

In which two flows are Server Flows administered in SIP trunking?

  • A. Call server and TFTP server
  • B. NTP server and DNS server
  • C. Dell server and HP server
  • D. Trunk server and call server

Answer : D

Question 10

What is the pre requisite starting point for implementing SBC Remote Worker?

  • A. When Avaya SBCE has been installed and registered
  • B. When Avaya SBCE has been installed and commissioned
  • C. When Avaya SBCE + Advanced Feature Set has been installed and registered
  • D. When Avaya SBCE + Advanced Feature Set has been installed and commission

Answer : D

Question 11

Signaling manipulation relies on which primary scripting language?

  • A. Practical Extraction and Report Language (PERL)
  • B. Java Server Page (JSP)
  • C. SIP Trunk Integration Module (STIM)
  • D. Active Server Page (ASP)

Answer : C

Explanation: (SigMa-avayaproprietary Scripting Language)

Question 12

Which attributes will you find under Domain Policy administration?

  • A. Rules, policies, and Endpoint Policy Groups
  • B. Topology Hiding Profiles, call server profile, trunk server profile
  • C. TLS, TCP, and UDP protocols
  • D. SIP domain, server ID, SBC serial number

Answer : A

Question 13

Which statement describes the best practice regarding the security features for the Avaya
SBC Remote Worker configuration?

  • A. Only signaling is fully encrypted.
  • B. Only media is fully encrypted.
  • C. Both signaling and media are fully encrypted.
  • D. Neither signaling nor media are fully encrypted.

Answer : C

Question 14

Which configuration requires a separate (standalone) Element Management System

  • A. SBC is inside the DMZ
  • B. SBC is inside the enterprise core
  • C. High Availability
  • D. All SBCs, all configuration

Answer : C

Question 15

Why is the DB9-to-DB9 or the RJ45-terminated serial cable that is shipped with the SBC
necessary for installing the SBC?

  • A. The duplication cable between the two series synchronizes function and data.
  • B. It carries the trunk side Ethernet traffic.
  • C. It carries the call server (line) side Ethernet traffic.
  • D. It connects SBC Console with the service laptop/PC for initial software installation.

Answer : D

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