3203 Avaya Aura Messaging Implementation and Maintenance Exam

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Question 1

A manager claims that mailbox 5608 is dormant and has not being used for more than 30
days.Where would you verify this information?

  • A. the application server
  • B. the Users and Uninitialized Mailboxes reports
  • C. the Uninitialized Mailboxes report
  • D. the User Activity log

Answer : D

Question 2

A technician is performing an upgrade of an Avaya Aura Messaging server from 6.0 to
What Is the correct sequence to successful upgrade the system?

  • A. Backup the Messaging server, upgrade the System Platform software, upgrade Messaging template, apply the necessary Communication Manager (CM)service pack, and perform restorethe system.
  • B. Backup the Messaging serverupgradesthe System Platform software, apply the necessary CM service pack, upgrade the Messaging template, and perform restore on the system.
  • C. Backup the Messaging server, apply the necessary CM service pat k, upgrade the System Platform software, upgrade the Messaging template, and perform restore on the system. DApply the necessary CM service pack, upgrade the System Platform software, backup theMessaging serverupgradesthe Messaging template, and perform the restore on the system.

Answer : A

Question 3

You are using the server console to install System Platform software on an Avaya Aura
Messaging server. You have turned on the server. Inserted the DVD software into the DVD
drive, and the Avaya screen is displayed. Allot about 30 seconds the system displays a
'waiting for Telnet connection-message and the installation process halts.
Which process will allow you to continue using the server console to complete the

  • A. Eject the DVD from the server and verify you have the correct software.
  • B. Insert the System Platform DVD again and wait three minutes for the installation to continue.
  • C. Reset the server to restart the installation. Within 30 seconds of the system displaying the Avaya screen, press Enter or type "vspmediacheck" to verily the image on the DVD is not corrupt.
  • D. Disable Telnet services by entering the command "disable telnet" then reset the server.
  • E. The server console cannot be used for installation of System Platform software. You must establish a Telnet/SSH session from your laptop to continue the installation.

Answer : C

Question 4

The customer wants to access their voicemail through their email client. They have set up
then email client with an IMAP connection to their message store. You have verified the
client configuration but no one can see their voicemail in the mailbox.
What is a reason for this problem?

  • A. Avaya Aura Messaging can only be accessed using the Microsoft Outlook form in Microsoft Exchange.
  • B. The user's Class of Service does not allow access via IMAP.
  • C. The IMAP port is being blocked by the firewall.
  • D. The voicemails have been listened to via the telephone user interface (TUI) and will not show in their email boxes. Only new voice mail shows up in the email interface via IMAP.

Answer : B

Question 5

A user with an Avaya Aura Messaging mailbox on a Zimbra server does not receive voice
mails deliver to the Zimbra mailbox even though the user's colleagues have been leaving
messages. Other users with Zimbra mailboxes arereceiving their voice mails.The other
users who are receiving their voicemails are on a different Zimbra mailbox server even
though the Zimbra LDAP server is the same for allusers.
What is the first step you would use to diagnose the problem?

  • A. Check the SMTP Connection diagnostic from the Messaging SMI.
  • B. Check the active alarm log.
  • C. Re-administer the Zimbra server.
  • D. Send an email message to the user's Zimbra e-mail address.

Answer : A

Question 6

In preparation for an installation of an Avaya Aura Messaging (AAM) server, you notice the
customer's provided server rack contains several other existing components but that it
meets the space and physical requirements to house the addition of a new AAM server.
What should you do?

  • A. Continue with the installation of the new server as the existing servers in the rack are running fine and no problems have been experienced.
  • B. Advise the customer that the installation requirements call for power to be supplied from a non-switched electrical outlet and that the total rack load power draw needs to be evaluated prior installing the server.
  • C. Move the server rack closer to another wall mounted electrical outlet so that the new server can be plugged directly into the wall.
  • D. Test the power load of the rack by plugging the new server in prior to installing it to see if it will power up.

Answer : B

Question 7

How versatile is Avaya Aura Messaging Release6.1 regarding where voice messages are

  • A. A user can have voice messages stored in multiple storage destinations (Avaya Message store exchange,zimbraat the same time.
  • B. An administrator can select a storage destination for the system(either Avaya Message Store, Exchange, or Zimbra)and all users will then have to use that storage destination.
  • C. Users can only have voice messages stored In the Avaya Message Store.
  • D. A user can have voice messages stored in either the Avaya Message Store or in one of the external storage destinations (Exchange or Zimbra) configured by the administrator.

Answer : D

Question 8

A customer has purchased an Avaya High Capacity Storage Server to be used with their
deployment of Avaya Aura Messaging.
Which template is required to be used on this server?

  • A. Msg_Standard.ovf
  • B. Msg_4xl46GB_HDD.ovf
  • C. Msg_HighAvailabilty.ovf
  • D. Msg_HighCapacity.ovf
  • E. Msg_5x200GB_HDD.ovf

Answer : B

Question 9

Which service will be used to retrieve the voicemail messages from Microsoft Exchange
when Exchange is used as the message store?

  • A. Auto Discovery Service
  • B. Exchanges Web Services
  • C. IMAP
  • D. MAPI

Answer : B

Question 10

Where do you define topology properties for an Avaya Aura Messaging system?

  • A. on the storage server, which then applies them to the associated Application servers
  • B. on the Application server, which then applies them to the associated Storage server
  • C. on both the Application server and the associated Storage server
  • D. on each Application Server of a cluster and on the associated Storage server

Answer : A

Question 11

For which three options does the Application Role use Dial rules? (Choose three.)

  • A. Dial rules are not used by the application role; it is used by the storage role
  • B. Reach Me
  • C. Notify Me via text message
  • D. Play on Phone
  • E. Personal Attendant

Answer : B,D,E

Question 12

During installation of the Avaya Aura Messaging system, the customer decides to change
the server names to reflect their geographical location. Allot making the name changes on
each server, you start security alerts when you try to log into any of the servers.
How would you correct this?

  • A. The temporary Internet files need to be deleted from your browser.
  • B. The /etc/hosts file on your computer must be changed to reflect the new server names.
  • C. You must update the server certificate after changing the server name.
  • D. You must delete any previously installed certificates from your computer and reinstall fresh certificates.

Answer : D

Question 13

An end user has a completely functional mailbox but complains that when using Notify Me
to phone is configured with a long distance number, calls are not received. The user is one
of the groups of users with this problem. Other users can use long distance numbers for
their Notify Me to Phone number successfully. Your testing reveals that the problem is
exactly as described using the same long distance number; one user successfully uses
Notify Me to Phone and a non working user cannot.
What is causing the problem?

  • A. The non working users class of service does not allow long distance dialing from the system.
  • B. The non working users mailbox configuration is set to disallow long distance dialing from system.
  • C. Dialing rules have been configured incorrectly for the system.
  • D. The non working users do not have extensions that are configured in the switch.

Answer : A

Question 14

As part of the installation, the customer will create a DNS record called "avayamsg". Where
should the DNS record be directed in a multi-server system?

  • A. the application server closest to the majority of the users
  • B. the storage server
  • C. any of the application servers, it does not matter which one
  • D. the Exchange server with the Avaya Voice Message form for Microsoft Outlook

Answer : B

Question 15

You have Just finished installing the last Avaya Aura Messaging Application server in a
multi-server configuration. You attempt to reload the User List from this last Application
Server but find that reload fails and presents an error message. The User List reload was
successful on the other servers.
What are two reasons you are receiving this error? (Choose two.)

  • A. The Application Server is not listed in the Topology configuration on Message Store.
  • B. The Application Server and the Message Store are not on the same network subnet.
  • C. An "A" Name record for the Application Server is entered in the DNS.
  • D. The AxC Address is incorrectly entered on the Application Server.
  • E. The Application Server has not been configured as a part of the Cluster.

Answer : D,E

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