3303 Avaya Proactive Contact Implementation and Maintenance Exam

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Question 1

A system operator states that a job ended, but the linked Job did not start. You verified that
Job linking was configured correctly.
Using Avaya Proactive Contact 5.X, which three actions would you perform to investigate
this problem further? (Choose three.)

  • A. Check the account log to seeifthe user remembered to run the record selection for the linked job.
  • B. Check the mid_tier_log to see if a supervisor chose to link to a different job while the original job was running.
  • C. Run check_errors for the time range during which the original job stopped and the linked job wassupposed to start.
  • D. Check the supervisor's cd.log file to see if the supervisor made any changes to the job while it was running.
  • E. Check the account log to see if a supervisor stopped the original job manually.

Answer : B,C,D

Question 2

A system operator wants the Caller Line Identification (CLI or Caller ID. received by the
called party to be from a particular field in the calling list.
What would be used to accomplish this?

  • A. hard coding Automated Number Identification (ANI) on the Digital switch
  • B. calling party number (ANI) by record
  • C. calling party number by Job
  • D. carrier/phone service provider should suppress ANI from dialer
  • E. carrier/phone service provider should build a Caller ID table based on called number and display based on this value

Answer : B

Question 3

Which command would you run to check that the link to a "Time Server" is functioning and
is stable?

  • A. ntpstat
  • B. ethtool eth0
  • C. ethtool eth1
  • D. netstat -r

Answer : D

Question 4

Which hardware component is required for a hard dialer Proactive Contact 5.X?

  • A. Avaya Application Enablement Services (AES) 3.1 or later
  • B. Avaya Enhanced Network Bus Controller (ENBC)
  • C. Avaya Communication Manager (CM) 3.1 or later
  • D. TN-744-based Call Classifier Cards version "e" or later

Answer : B

Question 5

When opening the Configuator dialog box in Health Manager, what information is required?
(Choose three.)

  • A. Primary Proactive Contact Details
  • B. Secondary Proactive Contact Details
  • C. Email Server Details
  • D. WebLM Server Details
  • E. Database Server Details

Answer : A,C,E

Question 6

What does db_mgr script do?

  • A. It stops and starts the database
  • B. It copies calling lists to *.old.
  • C. It rolls up the daily data into monthly statistics.
  • D. It removes all old and outdated files from the system.
  • E. It runs a backup of the database to DVD.

Answer : B

Question 7

A system supervisor wants to schedule an Analyst Job Performance report to be run at
10:00 PM every evening, after dialing is finished.
Which steps should be performed to do this?

  • A. Open Analyst, then click on PC Analysis.
  • B. Open Editor, then click on Scheduler.
  • C. Call support to have the cron file revised.
  • D. Open Analyst, then click on Scheduler.
  • E. Click on the Start menu, then click on Control Panel, then click on Scheduled Tasks.

Answer : B

Question 8

Which Supervisor Application can be used to edit license server settings?

  • A. Editor
  • B. Role Editor
  • C. Monitor
  • D. Health Manager

Answer : D

Question 9

What should the crontab of a secondary dialer have?

  • A. pds_maintenance
  • B. pds_maintenance and db_rnaintenance
  • C. pds_maintenance and mts_maintenance
  • D. pds_maintenance, mts_maintenance and db_mainlenance

Answer : B

Question 10

A system supervisor uses Editor to create a new completion code for use in a Job that will
run later in the day. The job seems to start up without any problem, but when the
supervisor looks at Monitor's Job Completion Code view, no agents are releasing calls
using the new code.
Which two Issues would contribute to this problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. The agents did not get the email describing the new completion code and the conditions for Itsuse.
  • B. The completion code changes are in the pending state and won't be available to agents until after the next dialing application restart.
  • C. The Proactive Contact Agent application has not been updated to use the new completion code.
  • D. Monitor is not working properly. There should be at least a few calls with the new completion code.
  • E. The system supervisor forgot to add the new completion code to the agent keys file associated with the job.

Answer : B,E

Question 11

From where can you run the backup complete system?

  • A. Campaign Analyst
  • B. Supervisor Main Menu
  • C. Campaign Monitor
  • D. Administrator Main Menu

Answer : D

Question 12

Which two statements are accurate about configuring the Supervisor Software? (Choose

  • A. The Configurator is a configuration utility installed with the Health Manager application.
  • B. The Configurator needs to be started manually, the first time you run Health Manager.
  • C. You configure the Supervisor applications using the Configurator.
  • D. If the Configurator is not running, access and runitfrom the Role Editor.

Answer : A,C

Question 13

In the Proactive Contact Analyst application, what is the default duration for which you get
the data on non-monthly Agent Activity reports?

  • A. three months plus the current month
  • B. six months plus the current month
  • C. The current month
  • D. since the dialer was installed

Answer : A

Question 14

The Proactive Contact is unable to be reached from workstations on the customer LAN.
However, the administrator console is able to see all of the Proactive Contact components.
Which command is used to verify that the link to the customer LAN is running?

  • A. getvar
  • B. vmstat
  • C. netstat
  • D. sadc

Answer : C

Question 15

What manages users on an Avaya Proactive Contact (APC. pod configuration?

  • A. Enterprise Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • B. High Availability LDAP
  • C. Active Directory
  • D. Linux Shadow files

Answer : B

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