600-460 Implementing and Supporting Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

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Question 1

Refer to the exhibit.

In a Cisco Finesse 10.0(x) deployment, an agent with single line 89XX hard phone is
having trouble logging in to the desktop. The error message highlighted has been found in
the Jgw1log file. Which option describes the likely cause of this error?

  • A. MAC address of the phone not associated with PG user.
  • B. PG user does not have "Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting ConnectedXfer and conf user group" role.
  • C. In the peripheral gateway, Agent Phone Line Control not set to "All Lines".
  • D. Phone Join Across Lines feature is enabled.
  • E. Phone line does not have the Maximum Number of Calls and Busy Trigger setting set to 2 and 1 respectively.

Answer : B

Question 2

On a VXML gateway with Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal, which Cisco IOS
application service specifies the number of significant digits that are expected to be
prepended to the dialed number?

  • A. bootstrap.tcl
  • B. bootstrap.vmxl
  • C. ringtone.tcl
  • D. handoff.tcl

Answer : A

Question 3

Within Cisco Unified ICM, which process handles communication between the router and
peripheral gateway components?

  • A. dbagent
  • B. opcs
  • C. ccagent
  • D. mds

Answer : C

Question 4

Refer to the exhibit.

In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 10.0 Outbound Option with SIP dialer, you
check the status of the Dialer process from Diagnostic Framework Portico. What does the
circled message "R" represent?

  • A. customer instance name
  • B. telephony port status
  • C. configured ports
  • D. ready ports
  • E. reserved ports

Answer : D

Question 5

Which four items does the Cisco Finesse administrative application allow administrators to
configure? (Choose four.)

  • A. connections to the CTI OS server and the Administration & Data server database
  • B. cluster settings for VOS replication
  • C. ready and login reason codes
  • D. wrap-up reasons and phonebooks
  • E. workflows and workflow actions
  • F. call variable and ECC variable layout
  • G. desktop layout and conference resources
  • H. upload third-party gadgets

Answer : B,D,E,F

Question 6

Which option lists the minimum extended call variables that are needed for Cisco Unified
Customer Voice Portal Agent Greetings?

  • A. user.ToExtVXML, user. app_media_lib, user.input_type
  • B. user.microapp.ToExtVXML, user.microapp.app_media_lib, user.microapp.input_type
  • C. user.microapp.FromExtVXML, user.microapp.app_media_lib, user.microapp.input_type
  • D. user.microapp.ToExtVXML, user.microapp.app.media_Server, user.microapp.locale
  • E. user.microapp.FromExtVXML, user.microapp.app.media_Server, user.microapp.input_type

Answer : B

Question 7

Which dial number patterns are needed on a Cisco Packaged Contact Center Enterprise
deployment when configuring Cisco Unified CVP?

  • A. agent device, network VRU, ringtone, error
  • B. ICM dialed number, network VRU, ring back, error
  • C. agent device, CUCM VRU, ringtone, survivability
  • D. ICM dialed number plan, network VRU, ringtone, error
  • E. agent device, network VRU, ringtone, survivability

Answer : A

Question 8

What must be enabled when configuring voice gateways to support SIP dialers?

  • A. 100rel
  • B. signaling forward unconditional
  • C. 200rel
  • D. signaling forward 100

Answer : A

Question 9

Refer to the exhibit.

In Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Outbound Option when configuring Transfer to
IVR campaign, which two nodes can be used in the routing script to transfer the call to an
external script (CVP VXML application)? (Choose two.)

  • A. Send to VRU node
  • B. Queue to Skill Group node
  • C. Translation Route to VRU node
  • D. Go to Script node
  • E. Route Select node

Answer : A,C

Question 10

In the Cisco Contact Center Enterprise solution, which process is responsible for peer-to-
peer synchronization?

  • A. ccagent
  • B. mds
  • C. router
  • D. opc

Answer : B

Question 11

Which three options dictate that MicroApps are not sufficient and require Call Studio for
Call Flow scripting? (Choose three.)

  • A. Courtesy Callback
  • B. recording a .wav file
  • C. FTP a file
  • D. Emergency Contact Center closure
  • E. agent whisper
  • F. IVR Outbound option
  • G. agent greeting

Answer : A,B,C

Question 12

What is the semantic meaning of the RouterCallKeyDay variable?

  • A. It represents a number that corresponds to the day that the call was taken. For example: at midnight it could increment from 151191 to 151192.
  • B. It represents a string that corresponds to the day that the call was taken. For example: at midnight it could advance from "Monday" to "Tuesday".
  • C. It represents a number that uniquely identifies the call during the day it was taken. For example: at midnight it would reset to zero.
  • D. It represents a sequence number used for ordering rows for the same call.
  • E. It represents a string that corresponds to a Globally Unique Call Identifier.

Answer : A

Question 13

Refer to the exhibit.

Four calls enter the script in the exhibit but are queued due to no agents being available.
Assume that the calls are equally distributed across the A, B, C, and D path in that order
using the % Allocation Node and that the Queue to Skill Group Node priority is left at its
default setting. Which call is answered first?

  • A. The call that traversed through the A path.
  • B. The call that traversed through the B path.
  • C. The call that traversed through the C path.
  • D. The call that traversed through the D path.

Answer : A

Question 14

A new gateway was added to the Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal in a comprehensive
deployment and calls are failing with error "403 forbidden". What is the possible cause?

  • A. Toll Fraud security is not configured correctly.
  • B. Gateway cache requires a reset.
  • C. Gateway IP has been blacklisted.
  • D. IP address trust has not been configured.

Answer : A

Question 15

Which two actions are needed to enable VXML application detail reporting? (Choose two.)

  • A. Deploy CVP reporting server then associate CVP Call Server to the CVP reporting server.
  • B. Set user.vxml_detail_rpt.rpt_Serv to value 1.
  • C. Set user.vxml_detail_rpt.rpt_Serv to value 0.
  • D. Enable Report Data Exclusive Filtering.
  • E. Enable reporting for CVP VXML Server as well as VXML Application detail.

Answer : A,E

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