600-601 Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies

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Question 1

EtherNet/IP is an Ethernet implementation of which protocol?

  • A. CIP
  • B. Industrial Protocol
  • C. DeviceNet
  • D. ControlNet

Answer : A

Question 2

A network administrator has subnetted the network using a subnet mask of A duplicate IP address of has accidentally been configured
on a workstation in the network. The technician on the plant floor must assign this
workstation a new IP address within that same subnetwork. Which address should be
assigned to the workstation?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.
  • E.
  • F.

Answer : B

Question 3

Given a ring topology, which loop prevention mechanism provides the fastest
reconvergence time after a link failure?

  • A. Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol
  • B. Resilient Ethernet Protocol
  • C. Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
  • D. Spanning Tree Protocol

Answer : B

Question 4

According to the Purdue Reference Model, at which layer would you perform manufacturing
operations and control?

  • A. Level 0
  • B. Level 1
  • C. Level 2
  • D. Level 3
  • E. Level 4

Answer : D

Question 5

Answer :

Question 6

Why is SSH preferred over Telnet as a method of accessing a network device to alter or
view the configuration?

  • A. Telnet encrypts only the login information, not the entire transmission.
  • B. SSH requires fewer network resources and no additional configuration.
  • C. Telnet is more difficult to use and configure than SSH.
  • D. SSH encrypts the login and session information.

Answer : D

Question 7

In which two ways could you minimize the impact of monitoring an industrial network?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Send random messages to a device and see what the response is.
  • B. Do frequent ping sweeps to industrial devices to check for their proper operations.
  • C. Make a copy of all the network traffic and analyze it offline.
  • D. Use an industrial-network-grade IDS-IPS system.

Answer : C,D

Question 8

Refer to the exhibit.

An industrial ruggedized network device needs to be installed in the place of the icon
labeled Network Device to accommodate a leased line attachment to the Internet. Which
network device and interface configuration meets the minimum requirements for this

  • A. a router with two Ethernet interfaces
  • B. a switch with two Ethernet interfaces
  • C. a router with one Ethernet and one serial interface
  • D. a switch with one Ethernet and one serial interface
  • E. a router with one Ethernet and one modem interface

Answer : C

Question 9

Refer to the exhibit.

Which port should a PLC with IP address be plugged into in order to
communicate to the rest of the network?

  • A. FastEthernet1/1
  • B. FastEthernet1/2
  • C. FastEthernet1/3
  • D. FastEthernet1/4
  • E. FastEthernet1/5

Answer : C

Question 10

Answer :

Question 11

What are two symptoms of duplex mismatch? (Choose two.)

  • A. Ping does not return from one direction versus the other direction.
  • B. Communication is slow and locks up.
  • C. Speed is seen equally slow in both directions.
  • D. The half-duplex side sees frame sequence errors or runt frames.
  • E. The full-duplex side sees CRC errors.

Answer : B,D

Question 12

What are two benefits that are provided by proper grounding and bonding systems?
(Choose two.)

  • A. higher speed communications
  • B. safe discharge of electrostatic energy
  • C. lower equipment power consumption
  • D. equipotential termination points for equipment and cable shields
  • E. lowest carbon footprint

Answer : B,D

Question 13

For which three issues should fiber-optic network segments be tested? (Choose three.)

  • A. attenuation
  • B. near-end crosstalk
  • C. length
  • D. polarity
  • E. jitter
  • F. tensile stress

Answer : A,C,D

Question 14

What is a reason to use user EXEC mode on an industrial switch?

  • A. to verify commands that you have entered
  • B. to change terminal settings
  • C. to configure VLAN parameters
  • D. to configure parameters that apply to the entire switch

Answer : B

Question 15

With a Cisco IE 2000 switch, what does a port status LED indicate when it is alternating
green and amber?

  • A. The port is sending or receiving data.
  • B. A link is present.
  • C. No link is present.
  • D. There is a link fault.
  • E. The port is not forwarding.

Answer : D

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