6006-1 Avaya Aura(TM) Communication Manager (R5.2.1) Implementation Exam

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Question 1

Which port on the G450 Gateway is used to connect to an auxiliary device that
automatically locks or unlocks a door?

  • A. CCA
  • B. ETR
  • C. ETH
  • D. DOOR

Answer : A

Question 2

After installing a pair of S8730 servers, the customer wants to verify that the active and
standby servers can be switched so that the active server becomes the standby and the
standby becomes the active
Where is this performed?

  • A. System management interface – Switch Server
  • B. System management interface – interchange Server
  • C. Avaya Site Administration – interchange Server
  • D. Avaya Site Administration – Activate Server

Answer : B

Question 3

A technician is on initial installation and SAMP card is not working.
What is the command to verify the version of software on the SAMP card?

  • A. sampcmd samp-update status
  • B. status samp
  • C. rest samp software-version
  • D. list config samp

Answer : A

Question 4

A technician is planning to install the license file on a duplicated S8700-series server.
Which two statements are true about license installation? (Choose two)

  • A. Install the license file first on the active server and after that, login to the standby server and install the license file again.
  • B. Install the license file first on the active server. The standby server is polled automatically via the duplication link.
  • C. The license is registered to serial number of the reference IPSI. The S8700-series server remains in No License Mode until the IPSI mode is installed and detected.
  • D. The license is registered to the MAC address of the reference IPSI. . The S8700-series server remains in No License Mode until the IPSI mode is installed and detected.

Answer : B,C

Question 5

At a new deployment the customer has the total of 2000 subscribers at their main location.
They do not need redundancy in their solution.
Which Media Server gateway combination should be used for this deployment?

  • A. S8800 Simplex with G450
  • B. S8300D with G450
  • C. S8300D with G430
  • D. S8800 duplex with G650

Answer : A

Question 6

The G450 serves as a router as well as the endpoint for the WAN line.
Which physical interface is used to make the G450 a router?

  • A. WAN Serial interface
  • B. Loopback interface
  • C. ETH WAN
  • D. ETH LAN

Answer : C

Question 7

Which Linux command is used to display all current TCP/IP network connections and
protocol statistics?

  • A. ping
  • B. ifconfig
  • C. systemstat
  • D. netstat

Answer : D

Question 8

RFA used for CM 5.2x and earlier license and /or authentication file delivery. The license
files are used to activate software including features, capabilities, releases, and offer
Which two statements are true? (Choose two)

  • A. A new license file is not needed when upgrading from release 4.0 to release 5.2x
  • B. An update license only requires a RFA System ID (SID) of the existing server
  • C. Each new license will require a SAP order number, the serial number of the reference IPSI, or the gateway.
  • D. Server serial number is used in RFA to validate new 502xlicense files.

Answer : B,C

Question 9

Before IPSI cards can become active on a new Communication Manager system, which
screen must be accessed to enable IPSI control of the port networks?

  • A. System-parameters IP-options
  • B. System-parameters IPSI-option
  • C. System-parameters port-networks
  • D. System-parameters IP Server-interface

Answer : D

Question 10

During the initial configuration of a Communication Manager5.2.1 system a technician
enters the wrong name for a CLAN and saves the screens.
What must be done before the name of the CLAN board can be changed/

  • A. Disable the interface.
  • B. Remove the interface
  • C. Reset the interface
  • D. Remove the IP address from the interface.

Answer : A

Question 11

A communication Manager 5.2.1 system has just been installed with a pair of S8730
Servers with high reliability that includes duplicated control networks. For connections to
the corporate network to work in Linux the Corporate Network on each server must be
Which Linux command must be executed to activate the Corporate Network on the

  • A. can on
  • B. cnb on
  • C. cnc on
  • D. cnstatus

Answer : C

Question 12

How many IP address need to be configured for a G450 Media Gateways Layer 3 switch,
Media gateway Processor (MGP), and internal VoIP module?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4

Answer : B

Question 13

A technician wants to test and see if the voice channel between two IP phones is shuffled.
A command in Site Administration Terminal (SAT) can be used to determine the type of IP
connection, and to check if the voice channel is shuffled?

  • A. Status station <extension>
  • B. Status shuffling <extension>
  • C. List station
  • D. Test station <extension>

Answer : A

Question 14

A media gateway G430 has been configured with an Avaya server S8300 acting as internal
call Controller. Gateway and server are assigned to VLAN 12.
Which gateway command must be used to add the internal Call Controller to VLAN 12?

  • A. “interface vlan 12”, then “icc-vlan”
  • B. Icc-vlan 12
  • C. Set vlan server 12, then “icc-vlan”
  • D. Set default-vlan 12

Answer : A

Question 15

A customer has Avaya IP phones located at a remote site connected via a remote link. The
end users complain that intermitterently there is no audio or only one way audio when on a
call. The customer limited the UDP port range in their routers to be 5000 to 6000.
Which command in the Avaya S87xx Server is used to find the UDP port range?

  • A. Status station
  • B. Status ip-network-map
  • C. Display system-parameter ip
  • D. Display ip-network-region

Answer : D

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