6203-1 Avaya Voice Portal Implementation Exam

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Question 1

An application developed in Dialog Designer is deployed on Voice Portal, and Voice Portal
is unable to write log entries generated by this application to the database.
Which component of Voice Portal needs to be checked?

  • A. System Manager
  • B. Session Manager
  • C. Application Log Manager
  • D. Network Log Manager

Answer : C

Question 2

A customer is planning to deploy a Voice Portal solution, and wants to make sure they
have considered all aspects of their implementation design components. As a key
component of the implementation, which documents are included in the Document

  • A. Deep Drive Results, Equipment List, Customer List, and SOW
  • B. Customer Scenario, Equipment List, SOW and Deep Dive Results
  • C. Customer Scenario, Hardware List, Deep Dive Results and SOW
  • D. Customer List, Hardware List, SOW and the Equipment List

Answer : B

Question 3

From the VPMS web interface, which menu path should be followed, to view the current
status of all MPP servers and get detailed information about any alarms they have

  • A. System Configuration > System Monitor
  • B. System Configuration > MPP Management
  • C. Real-Time Monitoring > Monitor System
  • D. Real-Time Monitoring > System Monitor

Answer : D

Question 4

A technician has upgraded the Primary VPMS and finds that the Auxiliary VPMS is no
longer able to communicate with it.
Which corrective action should be taken?

  • A. Restart httpd the Auxiliary VPMS.
  • B. Log into Linux on the MPPs and run bash setup_vpms. php < Auxiliary VPMS>.
  • C. Log into Linux on the MPPs and run bash setup_vpms. php < Primary VPMS>.
  • D. Upgrade the Auxiliary VPMS.

Answer : D

Question 5

A customer has the required license file defining the telephony ports and ASR/TTS
connections that they are authorized to use. From the VPMS web interface, which menu
path must they follow to ensure that all licensed telephony ports are correctly allocated to
the MPP servers?

  • A. Security > Licensing
  • B. Real-Time Monitoring > Port Distribution
  • C. System Configuration > VOIP Connections
  • D. System Configuration > VPMS Servers

Answer : B

Question 6

A developer is trying to use Web Service over HTTPS, but the application is failing. What
should the developer do?

  • A. Change the authentication method of Web Service.
  • B. Use HTTP only. Dialog Designer doesn’t support Web Service over HTTPS.
  • C. Upgrade the version of JDK and Tomcat for Dialog Designer.
  • D. Install the server's certificate in a trusted key store on the application server.

Answer : D

Question 7

Voice Portal 5.1 or newer connects to telephony resources using Voice over Internet
Protocol. For H.323 connectivity, which three resources will be used by the MPPs?
(Choose three.)

  • A. IP Media Processor (MedPro)
  • B. Control Lan (CLAN)
  • C. IP_IR_A station licenses
  • D. G.711 and G.726 over RTP/RTPC
  • E. G.711 and G.729 over RTP/RTPC

Answer : A,B

Question 8

When using an Auto Available Skill feature to create the link between Voice Portal and
Communication Manager, how is the AAS feature enabled?

  • A. using System Features and Hunt groups
  • B. using Hunt group and Agent Login IOs
  • C. using System Features and Agent Login IOs
  • D. using Station and Agent Login IOs

Answer : A

Question 9

A customer is working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Release 5.4, and the mount
point is not created. Which three commands can used to mount the Voice Portal DVD?
(Choose three.)

  • A. mount/dev/cdrom
  • B. mount/dev/cdrom/media/cdrom
  • C. mount/mnt/cdrom
  • D. mount -o loop /mnt/cdrom
  • E. mount -Fnfs myserver: /backup

Answer : A,B,C

Question 10

A customer has verified that on the MPP Service Menu home, the Configuration state field
in the MPP Status table does not say Configuration OK. In the menu on the left, what
should be done next?

  • A. Click Diagnostics
  • B. Click Telephony
  • C. Click Recourses
  • D. Click Check connections

Answer : A

Question 11

How is a Tag used to clarify a grammar?

  • A. A tag links one word to another word in a one-to-one ratio.
  • B. A tag links multiple words to the same word to simplify a call flow.
  • C. A tag creates a call flow connection that automatically prompts a caller for more information.
  • D. A tag used to combine multiple items into a single output.

Answer : B

Question 12

An installation of VPMS fails and reports an error message that says:
RPM installation failed: Expected: jdk-1.6.0_07-fcs.i588.rpm Found: jdk-1.5.0_14-fcs Non-
Compliant Java SDK found.
Which two actions could be taken to resolve the problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. Remove the installed JAVA SDK version it found and install the Expected JDK version and resume installation.
  • B. Remove the installed JAVA SDK version, return to the Voice Portal installation script and resume installation.
  • C. Install the Expected JDK version and reboot the machine.
  • D. Run the installation script to have Prerequisite Installer install the JDK version Voice Portal requires.

Answer : B

Question 13

A customer has purchased the Voice Portal 5.1 software only option offer.
Which Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Release needs to be arranged by the customer?

  • A. release 5.4 84 bit
  • B. release 5.2 32 bit
  • C. release 5.4 32 bit
  • D. release 5.2 64 bit

Answer : C

Question 14

A customer has all of their MPP servers started, and the status for each MPP server is:
Mode is Online, State is running and Config is O***
Using the VPMS web interface, which menu path is used to check the status of all MPP

  • A. System Management > MPP Manager
  • B. System Configuration > MPP Servers
  • C. System Management > MPP Management
  • D. System Configuration > MPP Manager

Answer : A

Question 15

In an inactive Voice Portal system, a technician wants to purge the report data from an
external database.
Which script does the technician need to run?

  • A. Purge ReportDataLocalDB
  • B. PurgeReportDataExtDB
  • C. InitializeVPDOConfiguration.sh
  • D. do_BackupVPData. sh

Answer : B

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