6209 Avaya Aura Contact Center CCT and Multimedia Implementation Exam

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Question 1

When verifying the Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) installation, how would you verify
the multimedia database?

  • A. Browse to http://<server name>/csp/multimedia/ws.Contact.cls and verify the Web Service ws.Contact Web Page
  • B. Ensure that the CCMM services are running
  • C. Open the Database Maintenance utility and select “verify database”
  • D. Use the Reference Client to send and receive a Multimedia type contact

Answer : A

Question 2

The routing rules in Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) make several complex decisions
to decide the handling and routing of the multimedia contacts. What are three things that
refer to the routing rules? (Choose three).

  • A. KeyWord Group
  • B. Priority
  • C. ToAddress
  • D. FromAddress
  • E. Skillset

Answer : A,C,D

Question 3

You have installed an Avaya Aura Contact Center System with Communication Control
Toolkit (CCT) and Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM). The customer has started using an
outbound campaign, but an available agent is not presented in outbound contacts. Which
component presents the outbound contacts to the agent through Avaya Aura Agent

  • A. CCMS
  • B. CCT
  • C. CCMM
  • D. CCMA

Answer : B

Question 4

A technician has installed Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) in the contact center and will
use Avaya Aura Agent Desktop (AAAD) to respond to customer e-mail contacts. Which
three e-mail features are available in the AAAD? (Choose three).

  • A. Address book
  • B. Voting buttons
  • C. Expires after setting
  • D. Suggested responses
  • E. Autosignature

Answer : A,D,E

Question 5

What describes the installation of an Avaya Aura Agent Desktop (AAAD) with the use of
Microsofts .NET framework?

  • A. Click Once Deployment technology
  • B. A URL installation
  • C. A web browser installation
  • D. An application installation

Answer : A

Question 6

A network drive is being mapped that will be used to setup the Contact Center Multimedia
database. The following information is provided:
✑ The Contact Center Multimedia server name is CCMM001
✑ The Contact Center Multimedia server IP address is
✑ The backup server name is backup004
✑ The backup server IP address is
✑ The backup folder name is dbbackup
What is the UNC path for the mapped network drive?

  • A. \\dbbackup
  • B. \CCMM001\dbbackup
  • C. \\dbbackup
  • D. \dbbackup\backup004

Answer : B

Question 7

The customer with Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) installed and configured does not
get emails to agents when logged in on the inbound skillset with AAAD. Which three
system parameters can be checked in the CCMM dashboard to troubleshoot this problem?
(Choose three).

  • A. Server Availability
  • B. CCMM Server performance
  • C. Mailbox status
  • D. CCMM Contacts by Type
  • E. Maximum contact wait time

Answer : A,B,D

Question 8

You want control of when and how Avaya or any other service partner can access your
equipment. You will need to configure the remote access architecture and remote desktop
connection. What do you use along with Remote Desktop Connection features to add
access your equipment?

  • A. Avaya Secure Control Link
  • B. Avaya Remote Access Link
  • C. Avaya Remote Connection Link
  • D. Avaya Secure Access Link

Answer : D

Question 9

The customer wants to implement a Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) to support a
multimedia environment. Which two digit function server types could be used for the
multimedia architecture? (Choose two).

  • A. FTP server
  • B. Corporate E-mail server
  • C. Corporate Web server
  • D. Terminal server

Answer : B,C

Question 10

Which statement about Contact Center Multimedia is true?

  • A. It allows SDK for developers to refine Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications
  • B. It allows supervisors and contact center administrators to manage multimedia traffic
  • C. It helps with implementing CTI for installs and browser based web integration
  • D. It is used to administer the server and to monitor contact center performance using a browser based interface

Answer : B

Question 11

Windows 2008 enables the firewall if connected to a domain. What does Avaya
recommend to ensure client server connectivity?

  • A. Add the Communication Control Toolkit (CCT) portal to the Windows 2008 firewall exception list
  • B. Import the Avaya Aura Contact Center firewall security policy
  • C. Disable the firewall
  • D. Disable the anti-virus software that is installed

Answer : B

Question 12

A technician is configuring a Windows 2008 operating system for a co-resident Avaya Aura
Contact Center installation which will be deployed in a Windows domain. Which two rules
apply to the server name? (Choose two)

  • A. Use (_) or (-) allowed within any part of the name
  • B. The total length of name is not to be more than 26 characters
  • C. The computer name must be unique on the domain
  • D. The NetBIOS name must match to the computer name

Answer : C,D

Question 13

Which two services for Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) are set as mandatory
automatic startup? (Choose two.)

  • A. CCMM License Service
  • B. CCMM Campaign Scheduler Service
  • C. CCMM OAM Service
  • D. CCMM Starter Service

Answer : A,D

Question 14

A technician is installing a Contact Center Multimedia for a Contact Center installation.
Which statement about the minimum requirement for a network connection is true?

  • A. No connections are needed
  • B. One connection is needed
  • C. Two connections are needed, with one connection on the ELAN subnet
  • D. Three connections are needed, with one connection on the ELAN subnet, and one connection for the server subnet

Answer : A

Question 15

A technician needs to install Avaya Aura Contact Center Communication Control Toolkit
(CCT) in a standalone application on a customer supplied server that has 4GB RAM
installed. Which action should be taken?

  • A. Accept the server because the RAM provided meets the recommended minimum
  • B. Inform the customer that the minimum recommended RAM for this installation is 6 GB
  • C. Inform the customer that the minimum recommended RAM for this installation is 8 GB
  • D. Use the Capacity Assessment Tool (Cap Tool) to verify that the 4GB RAM provided with the server meets the contact center capacity requirements

Answer : D

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