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Question 1

What is the ramp of client-side application tool that uses HTTPS and TCP to monitor
system performance and device status?

  • A. TAPS
  • B. RTMT
  • C. JTAPI
  • D. CTL Client

Answer : B

Question 2

What IP phone information is needed to register with Cisco Unified Communications

  • A. Serial number
  • B. Model number
  • C. MAC address
  • D. Vendor number

Answer : C

Question 3

Where do you check the firmware code of the Primary Codec using the CTS Web GUI?

  • A. Select Troubleshooting > Hardware Setup.
  • B. It will be listed on the Device Information page under hardware/software versions.
  • C. Select Troubleshooting > Hardware Setup > Other Devices.
  • D. Select Configuration > System Settings

Answer : B

Question 4

How many microphones can you directly connect to a Generation 2 Primary Codec (CTS-

  • A. 1
  • B. 3
  • C. 6
  • D. 9

Answer : A

Question 5

Which command will tell you if there are any peripherals that are being upgraded on your
CIS system using SSH?

  • A. show hardware all
  • B. show version
  • C. show firewall status
  • D. show upgrade detail

Answer : D

Question 6

Which transport layer protocol is used for real-time voice and video traffic?

  • A. UDP
  • B. RTP
  • C. SIP
  • D. ARP

Answer : B

Question 7

Which command would you use from the SSH command line in order to check the level of
firmware on your Auxiliary Control Unit?

  • A. show upgrade detail
  • B. show status
  • C. show hardware system
  • D. show sessions

Answer : C

Question 8

Which port is indicated on the Codec for the CTS-500?

  • A. Document Camera Control
  • B. LAN/WAN Network
  • C. IP Phone
  • D. Camera Ethernet

Answer : A

Question 9

How far should the top of the large target be from the top of the small target for the CTS-
1000, the CTS-1100, and the CTS-3000 and 3010 when conducting final camera focus?

  • A. 5 feet (1.5 m) from the top of the small target
  • B. 6 feet (1.93 m) from the top of the small target
  • C. 7 feet (2.13 m) from the top of the small target
  • D. 10 feet (3.05 m) from the top of the small target

Answer : D

Question 10

Which username and password should you use to perform a password recovery on the
Primary Codec from the SSH console?

  • A. admin/cisco
  • B. pwrecovery/pwreset
  • C. default/admin
  • D. password/password 1

Answer : B

Question 11

Which port is indicated on the Primary Codec for the CTS-500?

  • A. Plasma Display
  • B. Optional External Display
  • C. Document Camera Video
  • D. PC Video

Answer : B

Question 12

Which type of Ethernet cable do you use to connect from the Ethernet port on your laptop
to the secondary camera port on the primary codec?

  • A. Roll-over cable
  • B. Straight-through cable
  • C. Cat 3 cable
  • D. Cross-over cable

Answer : B

Question 13

Answer :

Question 14

The right camera on a CTS-1300 is showing a red X in system status. The error is an
Ethernet error. Which cable should you check to verify connection from the right camera to
the Codec?

  • A. The Ethernet RJ-45 cable from the right camera to the Ethernet port for right camera on the Codec.
  • B. The HDMMDVID cable from the Audio Expansion Box to the Codec
  • C. The Ethernet RJ-45 cable from the right camera to the video port on the Codec
  • D. The HDMI-DVID cable from the right camera processor to the Codec.

Answer : A

Question 15

Which port do you use on you, laptop to establish a connect with the Secondary Camera
port on the Primary Codec?

  • A. USB port
  • B. RJ11 modem port
  • C. RJ45port
  • D. Printer port

Answer : C

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