6401-1 Avaya IP Office Implementation Exam

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Question 1

An IP Office telephone user reports that a phone is not ringing for outside calls.
What are three possible reasons why this is happening? (Choose three.)

  • A. The IP Office locale is set to "A-Law".
  • B. The phone does not have the user profile logged onto the phone.
  • C. The ring volume is too low to hear.
  • D. The phone has been set to "Offhook Station".
  • E. The phone is set to "Do Not Disturb".

Answer : B,C,E

Question 2

To manually set up the IP address, default gateway, and the gatekeeper address on an IP
Hardphone, which key combinations, must be used on the dial pad?


Answer : B

Question 3

When using the Mobile Twinning option, calls ringing to your extension are not twinning to
the external device that you have set. What are two reasons that would cause the call not
to twin? (Choose two.)

  • A. The Mobile Twinning license is not available.
  • B. The phone is set in the Do Not Disturb state.
  • C. The phone is logged in as an agent.
  • D. There is no Mobile Twinning feature activation button set on the user.

Answer : A,B

Question 4

Your customer has calls dropping on the second PRI circuit out-bound from the IP Office.
Which additional options would you choose within System Monitor to help isolate the

  • A. T-1 tab: Channel, Dialer, DSP, CAS and Line
  • B. ISDN tab: Layer 1 & 3 Events and Packets
  • C. Interface tab: Interface Packets In & Out
  • D. H.323 tab: H.245 Send & Receive, CCMS Send & Receive

Answer : B

Question 5

When configuring an IP Office with Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) trunks, what are two
reasons for using Simple Traversal of UDP over NAT (STUN)? (Choose two.)

  • A. to detect behavior of NAT over UDP
  • B. to detect behavior of NAT over TCP
  • C. to automatically detect/configure Firewall/NAT type
  • D. to automatically configure the NAT Display Name

Answer : A,C

Question 6

A customer calls and informs you that every time they call voicemail they get a busy signal.
The customer sends you the trace shown below:
0ms PRN: Monitor Started IP= IP406 DS 4.0(5) IPOffice_1
1ms PRN: LAW=U PRI=2, BRI=0, ALOG=4, ADSL=0, VCOMP=16, MDM=2, WAN=0
MODU=0 LANM-0, CkSRC=0 VMAIL=0(VER=1 TYP=1) CALLS=39(TOT=20123)
Does the trace show enough information to indicate to the customer where to begin
problem resolution and what the problem may be?

  • A. Yes, the voicemail is not connected to the system.
  • B. Yes, the Auto Attendant is using up all of the voicemail channels.
  • C. No, I would need to see a trace of them calling voicemail.
  • D. No, I would also need a Debug_View trace of the voicemail.

Answer : A

Question 7

Your customer is a law office and needs to retain all messages indefinitely.
How can you guarantee that all messages are never deleted?

  • A. in VoiceMail Pro under Administration in the MailRetention tab, set all values to Never Delete
  • B. in VoiceMail Pro under Administration in System Preferences under the Housekeeping tab, set all values to 0 hours
  • C. in VoiceMail Pro under Administration in System Preferences under the Housekeeping tab, set all values to Never Delete
  • D. in VoiceMail Pro under Administration in System Preferences under the Housekeeping tab, deselect Enable Housekeeping

Answer : B

Question 8

Which two e-mail protocols are used by VoiceMail Pro to perform voicemail to e-mail?
(Choose two.)

  • A. POP 3
  • B. SMTP
  • C. MAPI
  • D. IMAP

Answer : B,C

Question 9

What are three valid IP Office licenses? (Choose three.)

  • A. Web campaigns
  • B. IMS client
  • C. Networking Messaging
  • D. VM Pro TTS (Generic)
  • E. Integrated Messaging

Answer : C,D,E


Question 10

A customer reports that IP Office users cannot access voicemail at certain times. Avaya
has requested that the customer reproduce the issue and provide traces.
Which three steps can the customer take to reproduce the reported issue? (Choose three.)

  • A. The customer can place test calls into voicemail.
  • B. The customer can use the 'IP Office System Monitor" and VoiceMail Pro debug logs to record system activity.
  • C. The customer can use System Monitor to "Call Sync" on all calls in the system.
  • D. The customer can reboot the IP Office to see if it resolves the issue.
  • E. The customer can record the date and time of the reported issue.

Answer : A,B,E

Question 11

A customer wants to have a simple conference bridge with four permanent bridges set up
off of a menu in VoiceMail Pro. The customer also wants each bridge protected with a
different static PIN. Where in the setup of this scenario would you enter the PIN?

  • A. on the General tab in the menu action
  • B. on the General tab for each transfer action
  • C. on the Telephone Number field in the IP Office Short Code
  • D. in the Properties box for each option in the Touch Tone tab in the menu action

Answer : B

Question 12

Which two operating systems are supported by VoiceMail Pro? (Choose two.)

  • A. Microsoft Windows 2000
  • B. Microsoft Windows XP
  • C. Microsoft Windows 98 SE
  • D. Microsoft Windows NT

Answer : A,B

Question 13

When installing ContactStore, what are two basic requirements that must be confirmed on
the PC prior to loading the software? (Choose two.)

  • A. The PC must have 512MB of RAM and a 20GB hard drive space or higher.
  • B. The PC must be a Pentium III 2GHz, Celeron, or comparable AMD processor.
  • C. The PC must have one of the following Windows operating systems: XP Pro, 2000 Pro, 2000 Server, or 2003 Server.
  • D. The PC network connection must be able to support 1Gbps transmission speeds.

Answer : A,C

Question 14

On which signaling protocol is Small Community Networking supported?

  • A. QSIG
  • B. H.450
  • C. IPSec
  • D. RIP v 2

Answer : B

Question 15

A user (ext. 199) reports that their IMS client displays an error message when attempting to
ring a phone. What are three reasons that would prevent the IMS program from calling the
phone? (Choose three.)

  • A. The user profile in Manager has "199" entered as the user name.
  • B. The phone is set for "Do Not Disturb".
  • C. The user's "Multi Line Option" is set to "Answer Pre-select".
  • D. The user mailbox is set to "Blank" under Outlook Tools/Integrated Messaging.
  • E. The user's profile has "System Phone" is set to "On".

Answer : A,B,D

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