642-105 Implementing Cisco Unified Messaging

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Question 1

Recently, your customer asks you to install a 2700-user Cisco Unity system and configure
it to work with their Avaya PBX. There are problems with the station quality of the Avaya
PBX. And station cards had to be change out several times. They are now experiencing
problems with inconsistent volume while the subscribers' greetings are playing. Your
customer would like you to provide a solution that does not require all the subscribers to re-
record their personal greetings. Which one of the following items is the best solution?

  • A. Open Cisco Unity Tools Depot, browse to Audio Management Tools, and run the Wav Gain Utility.
  • B. Open Cisco Unity Tools Depot, browse to Advanced Settings, and run the Audio Management Tool.
  • C. Open Cisco Unity Tools Depot, browse to Audio Management Tools, and run the Set Volume Utility.
  • D. Open Cisco Unity Tools Depot, browse to Volume Controls Tool Box, and run the Wav Gain Utility.

Answer : C

Question 2

A customer of yours would like to use digital networking to allow all their subscribers on the
Cisco Unity and Cisco Unity Connection systems to message each other. Is this

  • A. No, Cisco Unity Connection can only use digital networking to other Cisco Unity Connection servers.
  • B. Yes, as long as the total number of subscribers or users does not exceed 15,000.
  • C. No, Cisco Unity Connection uses VPIM to connect to Cisco Unity.
  • D. Yes, if the total number of Cisco Unity and Cisco Unity Connection servers does not exceed 10.

Answer : C

Question 3

Cisco Unity Bridge enables advanced message interchange functionality with Avaya and.
Octel voice messaging systems. After installing and debugging Cisco Unity Bridge, you
perform the Bridge Analog Network And Node Analyzer. You view the call traces and
discover that there are errors logged. Which item is the recommended course of action?

  • A. Run Bridge Directory Synchronization in the Cisco Unity Diagnostic Tool.
  • B. Use the port status monitor to check the analog port capacity.
  • C. Run BANANA at least daily to learn what ratio of errors is "normal."
  • D. Execute the Event Monitoring Service for more in-depth diagnostics.

Answer : C

Question 4

Security updates for Microsoft Windows is installed by the Cisco Unity Server Update

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer : A

Question 5

G.711 is an ITU-T standard for audio companding and G.729A is an audio data
compression algorithm for voice that compresses voice audio in chunks of 10 milliseconds.
A customer moved from G.711 to G.729A codec. Users currently notice a difference
between the audio quality of voicemail prompts and messages. Which utility could alleviate
this problem?

  • A. Codec Converter
  • B. Set Wav Format
  • C. Audio Text Manager
  • D. Audio Stat

Answer : B

Question 6

Cisco Unity is a powerful Unified Communications solution that provides advanced,
convergence-based communication services. Cisco Unity 5.0 is being installed with a
Tadiran Coral III PBX. There will be 24 ports using Dialogic D/120 JCT-LS (12 port) voice
cards. For the following operating systems, which two are supported for Dialogic cards?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Windows 2000 Server
  • B. Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • C. Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition
  • D. Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition

Answer : A,B

Question 7

How will the Pass4sure system manager manage to get callers to listen to the greeting in a
call handler without interrupting it?

  • A. Set the reprompt to I.
  • B. Assign an extension that disallows all Caller inputs.
  • C. Uncheck the Allow Caller Input field.
  • D. Do not program any One Key Menu options.

Answer : C

Question 8

Microsoft recently releases a new service pack for Exchange 2000. Your client wants to
install I on the Cisco Unity server now. How would you respond to your client's request?

  • A. Microsoft Exchange software is prequalified for the Cisco Unity server and the client should install the service pack.
  • B. You will check with Cisco TAC to see whether the service pack is supported for use with the Cisco Unity server.
  • C. The new service pack will be sent by Cisco Systems for installation on the Cisco Unity server.
  • D. You will check with Microsoft to confirm that the service pack will function in a unified messaging environment.

Answer : B

Question 9

You work as a network administrator for P4S Ltd. Where do you enable Spoken
Commands instead of Press-or-Say voice recognition for subscribers in Cisco Unity?

  • A. subscriber template
  • B. Configuration > Voice Recognition
  • C. class of service.
  • D. Advanced Settings Tool

Answer : D

Question 10

You are a Cisco Unity system administrator at Pass4sure . You want to add subscribers to
the Cisco Unity system. What is the first thing you should do in Cisco Unity before you add
a subscriber?

  • A. Configure the email account
  • B. Configure the account policy
  • C. Configure the class of service
  • D. Configure the subscriber templates

Answer : B

Question 11

You work as a network engineer at P4S Ltd. Study the situation carefully, then answer the
following question.
There are three sites at your customer's installation. Cisco Unity is integrated with Cisco
Unified Communications Manager at sites A and B. Site A uses an extension range of
2000-3000, Site B 3100-3500. At Site C Cisco Unity is integrated with an Avaya PBX by
use of DTMF integration with an extension range of 3200-3700. Could subscribers at all
three sites use the cross-box login feature and not affect subscriber messaging?

  • A. Yes, if the option is initialized in the Advanced Settings Tool.
  • B. Yes, put all three sites in the same Cisco Unity dialing domain.
  • C. No, only Sites A and B can be configured to use cross-box login.
  • D. No, Site C in combination with either A or B can be configured to use cross-box login.

Answer : C

Question 12

Where are updates to Cisco Unity Bridge subscribers stored in a Cisco Unity Bridge

  • A. VPIM Directory Account
  • B. Unityupdate_"servername"
  • C. UOmni mailbox
  • D. Streams folder in Commserver

Answer : C

Question 13

A centralized Cisco Unity system provides services for several small remote sites. How
could they move to the G.729a codec for message storage?

  • A. In the Cisco Unity system Administrators web tool, In System Configurations, set the Record Sampling Codec on the ports page to 7.29a.
  • B. In the Cisco Unity Tools depot, in Audio Management Tools , run the Set Record Format utility.
  • C. In the Cisco Unity Tools depot, in Advanced Settings Tools, run the Set Codec Sample utility.
  • D. In Regedit, set the ActiveVoice-->Conversation Sampling 711 DWORD value to 0 and the 7.29a DWORD value to 1.

Answer : B

Question 14

Your customer would like to use the Visual Message Locator feature by setting some
subscriber mailboxes. On the Subscribers > Features page you gave the subscriber
access to the feature, yet it is not functioning. What other place should you configure this

  • A. Bulk Edit Utility
  • B. Advanced Settings Tool--registry setting
  • C. class of service
  • D. Cisco Unity Telephone Integration Manager

Answer : D

Question 15

Your customer says that when subscribers access their voice mailboxes, they hear a
message about an outage. They can listen to some of their messages but are unable to act
on them. You explain to the customer that the off-box message store server is offline. Your
customer calls a while later and informs you that the messaging server is back online.
How do you confirm that the server is operating?

  • A. You must rely exclusively on the customer for that information.
  • B. You open the Cisco Unity Message Store Monitor and watch the message flow.
  • C. You open the Cisco Unity MTA folder and confirm that there are no messages there.
  • D. You open the UOmni folder on the Cisco Unity server and confirm that there are messaging waiting lamp on/off requests.

Answer : C

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