642-631 Advanced Wireless LAN for Field Engineers (AWLANFE)

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Question 1

One of your customers has decided to deploy location-based services in addition to
existing wireless services. The customer requires that the additional access points to be
deployed in monitor-only mode. The most likely reason for this requirement is that the
customer has which of these existing wireless devices?

  • A. Data Collection
  • B. 802.11b/g VoIP
  • C. 802.11b and g clients
  • D. RFID tags

Answer : B

Question 2

You have just finished aligning a Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Wireless Bridge link using
installation mode. When you set the link back to operational mode you loose association to
the root bridge. Which action will correct the problem?

  • A. Configure the bridge to force infrastructure devices to associate only to the SSID parameter.
  • B. Enable passwords on both bridges.
  • C. Configure the distance parameter value.
  • D. Configure the proper channel.

Answer : C

Question 3

By default, on the WLAN controller for a voice application using Cisco 7921 wireless IP
phones, what is the percentage of RF bandwidth that can be dedicated to the phones?

  • A. 75 percent
  • B. 85 percent
  • C. 56 percent
  • D. 55 percent

Answer : A

Question 4

How does a controller-based access point configured to operate in sniffer mode behave?

  • A. allows client traffic, captures data on all channels
  • B. allows client traffic, captures data on a single channel
  • C. allows no client traffic, captures data on all channels
  • D. allows no client traffic, captures data on a single channel

Answer : D

Question 5

When configuring a WLAN controller for a voice application using Cisco 7920 wireless IP
phones, which two general control settings should you select? (Choose two.)

  • A. Multicast on
  • B. Aggressive Load Balancing off
  • C. Multicast off
  • D. AP Fallback on
  • E. Aggressive Load Balancing on
  • F. AP Fallback off

Answer : B,C

Question 6

Cisco WCS version 4.0 is supported on which operating system?

  • A. Windows 2000 SP4
  • B. Windows Server 2003
  • C. Solaris 10
  • D. Vista
  • E. Windows XP Pro

Answer : B

Question 7

You are using ADU and are authenticated and associated to an access point. However,
you are unable to obtain an IP address. Which of these has caused this problem?

  • A. invalid SSID
  • B. invalid WEP key
  • C. invalid encryption type
  • D. invalid 802.1X authentication type

Answer : B

Question 8

What is the maximum recommended height at which a Cisco Aironet 1000 Series
controller-based access point should be mounted when using integrated antennas?

  • A. 16 feet [4.8 meters]
  • B. 24 feet [7.3 meters]
  • C. 8 feet [2.4 meters]
  • D. 40 feet [12.1 meters]

Answer : A

Question 9

In which service component of the wireless operate phase are incident trends analyzed to
identify patterns and systemic conditions?

  • A. System Monitoring
  • B. Security Administration
  • C. Operations Setup
  • D. Problem Management

Answer : D

Question 10

When configuring QoS on a wireless controller, the per-user, real-time bandwidth contract
is enforced for which of the following protocols?

  • A. IPX
  • B. IP
  • C. UDP
  • D. TCP

Answer : C

Question 11

Which authentication types are allowed with the Cisco ADU when selecting
WPA/WPA2/CCKM under the security options?


Answer : A

Question 12

Which of the following best describes the purpose of using lifecycle services for deploying
an advanced wireless solution?

  • A. Create a more effective sales strategy for partners.
  • B. Reinforce customer confidence in partners selling products.
  • C. Provide a consistent, repeatable, and proven method to ensure the network solution that is deployed delivers upon the customer's goals for reliability and availability.
  • D. Maximize the number of services required to support advanced technologies.
  • E. More clearly define the roles of account managers, systems engineers, and field engineers.

Answer : C

Question 13

You are troubleshooting a problem with a Cisco 7920 wireless IP phone that is causing the
phone to drop calls. The problem appears to be a roaming bandwidth issue. In order to
verify what kind of issue it is, you decide to increase the bandwidth reserved for roaming on
the WLAN controller to the maximum. What level do you set the bandwidth to?

  • A. 25 percent
  • B. 15 percent
  • C. 5 percent
  • D. 35 percent

Answer : A

Question 14

You are installing a Cisco 4402 Series Wireless LAN Controller. Which type of interface
should you use on the controller's distribution port?

  • A. 1000BASE-SX SFP
  • B. 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ45
  • C. 10/100 Mbps RJ45
  • D. 10000BASE-SX

Answer : A

Question 15

You want to dynamically assign users to an 802.1Q VLAN as a result of their
authentication. In order to accomplish this, which two IETF RADIUS attributes should you
configure on the Cisco Secure ACS? (Choose two.)

  • A. 083 Tunnel-Preference
  • B. 066 Tunnel-Client-Endpoint
  • C. 064 Tunnel-Type
  • D. 082 Tunnel-Assignment-ID
  • E. 081 Tunnel-Private-Group-ID
  • F. 067 Tunnel-Server-Endpoint

Answer : C,E

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