642-655 Wide Area Application Services for Field Engineers

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Question 1

Your customer plans to implement Cisco WAAS using four WAE appliances in a load-
balanced configuration. Which feature must be supported on the switches to which the
WAE appliances are attached?

  • A. Layer 2 Redirection
  • B. WCCPv2
  • C. WCCPv2 or PBR
  • D. Redirect exclusion

Answer : B

Question 2

When must WCCPv2 redirect exclusion be configured on the routers?

  • A. When redirect in is used on the WAN interface only
  • B. When redirect out is used on any interface
  • C. When redirect in is used on the LAN interface only
  • D. When redirect in is used on any interface

Answer : B

Question 3

Which associate classified traffic to an application definition and assigns an action?

  • A. Policy maps
  • B. Application definitions
  • C. Baseline Policies
  • D. Traffic classifiers

Answer : A

Question 4

Your customer is using firewalls. What must be permitted to pass through firewalls in order
to allow WAE autodiscovery?

  • A. TCP options
  • B. TCP SYN-ACK with data
  • C. TCP port 139
  • D. TCP port 445

Answer : A

Question 5

How can you verify that the WAE has joined a Microsoft Windows domain correctly?

  • A. Click the Show Authentication Status button in Central Manager
  • B. Use the Windows netstat command
  • C. Use the Windows nbtstat command
  • D. Execute the show windows-domain command on the WAE

Answer : A

Question 6

Your customer has deployed Cisco WAAS using ACE for traffic interception. The customer
reports that traffic is not being optimized. Which command would you use to troubleshoot
network interception?

  • A. WAE-CORE# show wccp routers
  • B. WAE-CORE# show ip access-lists
  • C. ACE/Admin# show wccp routers
  • D. ACE/Admin# show rserver detail
  • E. router# show wccp services

Answer : D

Question 7

When trying to attach to Virtual Blade 3 with a VNC client, there is no response.

What change should be made to enable VNC access in the Central Manager screen

  • A. Reload the WAE.
  • B. Click the Start Transfer button.
  • C. Click the Start Virtual Blade button.
  • D. Click Virtual Blades under Virtualization and then click Start VB 3.

Answer : C

Question 8

The command show statistic connection all summary displays what?

  • A. Per-Application optimization statistics
  • B. Which optimizations are applied to each connection
  • C. The number of optimized connections
  • D. Whether accelerator services are under load

Answer : B

Question 9

You have configured a Central Manager WAE cluster for your customer. After a technician
accidentally unplugs the power cord from the primary Central Manager WAE, the network
administrator calls you to complain that the standby Central Manager WAE did not
automatically assume the primary role. What should you tell this administrator?

  • A. You must manually copy the Central Manager database to the standby Central Manager WAE
  • B. You should verify that the datafeed.pollrate setting is configured properly
  • C. You should make sure the central manager WAE appliances are on the same subnet
  • D. You must manually initiate failover and fallback processes on the WAE

Answer : D

Question 10

The command show wccp services displays what?

  • A. The WCCP service groups that are configured on the WAE
  • B. The routers that are registered with the WCCP service of the WAE
  • C. The WCCP service groups that are configured on the router
  • D. The WAE appliances that are registered with the router WCCP service

Answer : A

Question 11

Which feature of Central Manager specifies the configuration items that a user can see?

  • A. Authentication Providers
  • B. System Settings
  • C. Roles
  • D. Policy Maps

Answer : C

Question 12

When configuring adapter policies in a Cisco WAAS environment, what is the purpose of
the EPM adapter?

  • A. To identify the dynamically assigned port number of a connection
  • B. To specify the traffic that is associated with an optimization
  • C. To provide grouping for statistics and monitoring
  • D. To differentiate priority on a congested link

Answer : A

Question 13

Which three must be configured when you configure an edge print queue? (Choose three.)

  • A. Printer Name
  • B. EPM Policy
  • C. WAFS edge service
  • D. devive URI

Answer : A,C,D

Question 14

A WAAS mobile user is experiencing poor performance that is not experienced when
WAAS mobile is disabled. What is the first troubleshooting step?

  • A. Turn off the WAAS mobile client.
  • B. Turn on the WAAS mobile client.
  • C. Turn off the WAAS mobile server and run applications natively.
  • D. Generate a system report while the network performance is occurring.

Answer : D

Question 15

How can you configure a WAE to reboot after a software image has been installed?

  • A. Configure the WAE manually by using the reload command
  • B. Configure the WAE manually by using the "auto-reload" check box on the software files page
  • C. The WAE should not be rebooted after a software image has been installed
  • D. The WAE automatically reboots after a software image has been installed

Answer : B

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