642-873 Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures Exam

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Question 1

When designing the WAN module within the enterprise edge, which document is used to
specify the connectivity and performance agreements with the service provider?

  • A. RFP
  • B. RFC
  • C. SLC/SLA
  • D. SOW

Answer : C

Question 2

What type of Call Admission control in CallManager allows for limits to the bandwidth
consumed by active calls?

  • A. regions
  • B. partitions
  • C. locations
  • D. device Pools

Answer : C

Question 3

Cisco IDS sensors form the eyes and ears of your Cisco network intrusion detection
system. Placing sensors correctly throughout your network is crucial to successfully
implementing your Cisco intrusion detection system . Where can an IPS sensor be placed
in an enterprise network? (Choose two.)

  • A. core layer
  • B. bridging two VLANs on one switch
  • C. between two Layer 2 devices with trunking
  • D. between two Layer 2 devices without trunking

Answer : C,D

Question 4

To securely transport EIGRP traffic, a network administrator will build VPNs between sites.
What is the best method to accomplish the transport of EIGRP traffic?

  • A. IPSec in tunnel mode
  • B. IPSec in transport mode
  • C. GRE with IPSec in transport mode
  • D. GRE with IPSec in tunnel mode

Answer : C

Question 5

The network administrator would like to generate synthetic traffic using the Service
Assurance Agent contained in Cisco IOS. Which CiscoWorks network management
application will be used to report the latency and availability for configured traffic operations
on an end-to-end and hop-by-hop (router-to-router) basis?

  • A. nGenius Real-Time Monitor
  • B. CiscoView
  • C. Device Fault Manager
  • D. Internetwork Performance Monitor

Answer : D

Question 6

What two choices can you make when redundancy is required from a branch office to a
regional office? (Choose two.)

  • A. multiple Frame Relay PVCs
  • B. dual Wan links to the regional office
  • C. dual Wan links to another branch office
  • D. single links - one to the regional office and one to another branch office

Answer : B,D

Question 7

Which routing protocol best fits these requirements?
- Supported by multiple router vendors
- Requires minimum router CPU and memory resources
- Uses a simple routing metric
- Supports manual or automatic route summarization

  • A. EIGRP
  • B. OSPF
  • C. IS-IS
  • D. RIPv2

Answer : D

Question 8

When you decide on Campus QoS Design elements, which two statements correctly
identify considerations to be taken into account?

  • A. Voice needs to be assigned to the hardware priority queue.
  • B. Voice needs to be assigned to the software priority queue.
  • C. Call signaling must have guaranteed bandwidth service.
  • D. Strict-priority queuing should be limited to 50 percent of the capacity of the link.

Answer : A,C

Question 9

Which one is not the feature of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network architecture?

  • A. network unification
  • B. remote access
  • C. mobility services
  • D. network management

Answer : B

Question 10

What are three primary activities in the cycle of building an enterprise security strategy?
(Choose three.)

  • A. activity audit
  • B. administration
  • C. policy establishment
  • D. technology implementation

Answer : A,C,D

Question 11

Which three components are part of the Intelligent Network Services provided by the Cisco
AVVID framework? (Choose three.)

  • A. IP telephony
  • B. security
  • C. IP multicasting
  • D. QoS

Answer : B,C,D

Question 12

Which routing protocol supports a flexible area structure using routing levels one and two?

  • A. OSPF
  • B. EIGRP
  • C. IS-IS
  • D. BGP

Answer : C

Question 13

The Cisco network-based virtual firewall service solution helps service providers to deliver
cost-effective, scalable, integrated security services for enterprise customers using Cisco
platforms .What is a virtual firewall?

  • A. another name for a firewall deployed in routed mode
  • B. another name for a firewall deployed in transparent mode
  • C. a separation of multiple firewall security contexts on a single firewall
  • D. a firewall that, when deployed in routed mode, can support up to 1000 VLANs per context

Answer : C

Question 14

The Schuyler and Livingston Iron Works has been working on getting its network security
under control.
It has set up VPN with IPSec links to its suppliers. It has installed network vulnerability
scanners to proactively identify areas of weakness, and it monitors and responds to
security events as they occur. It also employs extensive access control lists, stateful
firewall implementations, and dedicated firewall appliances. The company has been
growing very fast lately and wants to make sure it is up to date on security measures.
Which two areas of security would you advise the company to strengthen? (Choose two.)

  • A. intrusion protection
  • B. identity
  • C. secure connectivity
  • D. security management

Answer : B,D

Question 15

Which protocol would provide block access to remote storage over WAN links?

  • A. iSCSI
  • B. FCIP
  • C. SCSI-FP
  • D. eSCSI

Answer : A

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