646-204 Cisco Sales Expert

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Question 1

ABC provide content networks to service providers. Which of the following statements are

  • A. The service providers are able to receive bandwidth costs that shift to the user end of the network.
  • B. The service providers receive more control over delivery of content to users.
  • C. The service providers are able to receive bandwidth costs that shift to the core end of the network.
  • D. The service providers receive content routing that centralizes content at the server farm.

Answer : A

Question 2

Which feature does the Cisco IOS provide for networks?

  • A. network management that automates transaction backups
  • B. network intelligence that enables business-critical applications
  • C. network management that automates moves, adds, and changes
  • D. content routing that pushes high-priority media to the network edge

Answer : B

Question 3

Which device connects a local-area network (LAN) to a wide-area network (WAN)?

  • A. router
  • B. switch
  • C. bridge
  • D. Layer-2/3 switch

Answer : A

Question 4

You work as a network consultant at Your company. One of your clients wants to connect
two buildings by means of a wireless local-area network (WLAN).
What WLAN device should recommend them to use?

  • A. An access point
  • B. A client adapter
  • C. A router
  • D. A bridge
  • E. A gateway

Answer : D

Question 5

On what type of network does the Cisco Unified Communication system reside?

  • A. Wireless networks only
  • B. Voice networks only
  • C. Data networks only
  • D. Independent voice, video and data networks
  • E. A single, joined voice, video and data networks

Answer : E

Question 6

Doug, your Your company trainee, asks you why authentication is a part of a network
security solution. What should you tell Doug?

  • A. Authentication is used to create virtual connections between validated remote users and a private network.
  • B. Authentication is used to block unwanted connections and content from both internal and external sources.
  • C. Authentication is used to validate the identity of users who connect to the network.
  • D. Authentication is used to limit the availability of network resources by defining the usage privileges ofauthorized users.

Answer : C

Question 7

What is the Cisco goal for positioning in the marketplace?

  • A. to be first in every market in which Cisco participates
  • B. to be in the top 1% in every market in which Cisco participates
  • C. to be first or second in every market in which Cisco participates
  • D. to be in the top 10% in every market in which Cisco participates

Answer : C

Question 8

What are two appropriate uses for Internet Protocol videoconferencing (IP/VC) technology?
(Choose two.)

  • A. delivering a live, annual financial report to all employees
  • B. delivering a program about company restructuring to staff at multiple global sites
  • C. facilitating online collaboration by a team of engineers using a "whiteboard" application
  • D. creating an interactive virtual classroom for instructors and students located in different locations

Answer : C,D

Question 9

Which area of the campus local-area network (LAN) serves as the aggregation point for the
distribution-area switches and the connection point between the LAN and wide-are network

  • A. core
  • B. access
  • C. application
  • D. convergence

Answer : A

Question 10

A global manufacturer of automobile parts wants to implement specialized voice
applications to increase productivity and reduce the cost of overseas toll calls. Which Cisco
solution best matches this business need?

  • A. Optical Network
  • B. WLAN
  • C. DSL
  • D. IP Telephony

Answer : D

Question 11

Without a service contract that supports the refresh of Ciso IOS software, what must
customers do?

  • A. use an alternative to Cisco IOS software
  • B. purchase released, enhancements, or updates separately
  • C. find a network application software that can perform the same functions
  • D. call the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to obtain releases, enhancements, or upgrades

Answer : B

Question 12

Which network security strategy element refers to actions taken to evaluate the
effectiveness of overall protections and to identify new vulnerabilities?

  • A. Test the system
  • B. Analyze and improve
  • C. Monitor and respond
  • D. Develop security policy

Answer : A

Question 13

Which Cisco Internet Protocol (IP) telephony product or series is a Windows-based
application for the personal computer (PC) that supports end-user client functions,
including the integration of contact directories and a drag-and-drop interface for conference

  • A. Cisco SoftPhone
  • B. Cisco CallManager
  • C. Cisco Conference Connection
  • D. Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS)

Answer : A

Question 14

What ensures that voice packets are given priority throughout the network so that
conversations arrive intact?

  • A. QoS
  • B. Centrex
  • C. packet encryption
  • D. intelligent call routing

Answer : A

Question 15

In addition to telephone assistance, where can customers receive assistance from the
Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)?

  • A. The Cisco TAC website.
  • B. Their Service Account Manager (SAM).
  • C. Industry-leading Cisco technical journals.
  • D. The Help feature within the Cisco Bug Toolkit.

Answer : A

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