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Question 1

Which Cisco product family can simultaneously implement firewall, VPN, content security,
network access control, and services virtualization?

  • A. Cisco Catalyst Switches
  • B. Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances
  • C. Cisco Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • D. Cisco ProtectLink Gateways

Answer : B

Explanation: Among its benefits, Cisco ASA Software: Offers integrated IPS, VPN, and Unified Communications capabilities Helps organizations increase capacity and improve performance through clustering Delivers high availability for high resiliency applications Provides firewalling, content security, and network access control. Facilitates dynamic routing and site-to-site VPN on a per-context basis

Question 2

Which two factors are driving the demand for borderless networks? (Choose two.)

  • A. Borders are foreseen to be defined by the location of users when they access resources.
  • B. The number of non-PC devices is forecasted to grow between 101 percent and 258 percent by 2015.
  • C. Companies are increasingly seeing their applications as operating only behind company firewalls.
  • D. Increase in mobile workers is requiring companies to overcome the location border so that information can be accessed from anywhere.
  • E. Enterprises are increasingly hesitant to become borderless due to varying user experiences, security, and reliability issues.

Answer : B,D

Explanation: Cisco's latest Visual Networking Index predicts that data traffic from wireless devices will surpass traffic from wired devices by 2015. "A growing amount of Internet traffic is originating with non-PC devices," said Cisco's executive summary. "In 2010, only 3 percent of Internet traffic originated with non-PC devices, but by 2015 the non-PC share of Internet traffic will grow to 15 percent. PC- originated traffic will grow at a CAGR of 33 percent, while TVs, tablets, smartphones, and machine-to-machine (M2M) modules will have growth rates of 101 percent, 216 percent, 144 percent, and 258 percent, respectively."

Question 3

Which service does the Cisco IronPort portfolio perform?

  • A. reduces the downtime that is associated with spam, viruses, and blended threats delivered via email
  • B. defends the perimeter from malicious users and unauthorized traffic
  • C. provides a secure communication path through the Internet
  • D. determines if a user or device is authorized to access a switch port

Answer : A

Explanation: The Cisco Ironport product is a secure email and web appliance thatReducescostly downtime associated with email-based spam, viruses, and web threats. Topic 5, Selling Collaboration Architecture

Question 4

What are two customer benefits of Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution? (Choose two.)

  • A. includes a subscription to a cost-efficient Infrastructure as a Service resource
  • B. saves WAN bandwidth for remote offices
  • C. offers choice in collaboration application deployment
  • D. enables faster time to deployment

Answer : C,D

Explanation: The Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) is available in a choice of deployment options, including: Public cloud Private cloud Hybrid With Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution, partners can: Lead the cloud market transition and deliver the most up-to-date services, everywhere Differentiate themselves by building upon the Cisco HCS foundation with their own products and services Offer high-quality, faster deployment times and services to more customers

Question 5

Cisco collaboration applications and services can be hosted various ways. Which three
options are valid hosting models? (Choose three.)

  • A. SaaS
  • B. virtual
  • C. device-specific
  • D. hybrid
  • E. integrated
  • F. on-premise

Answer : A,D,F

Explanation: Cisco enables IT to provide services and connect people to collaborate, while providing a consistent and desired user experience regardless of delivery method (cloud, on-premises, or hybrid).

Question 6

Which statement best describes the Cisco Smart Business Communications System?

  • A. Cisco Advanced IP endpoint solution with desktop, wireless, and conference phones
  • B. Cisco Unified Communications solution for small and medium businesses with up to 1000 users
  • C. Cisco term for Cisco UC300 simplified deployment capability
  • D. Cisco Unified Communications solution that delivers voice, data, video, wireless, and security in a single appliance
  • E. Cisco Unified Communications solution that offers advanced stacking, traffic management, and security features

Answer : D

Explanation: The Smart Business Communications System (SBCS) is an all-in-one package for your small business' communications needs. Everything from hardware to software to networking comes ready to deploy. Whether your employees need data, voice, video, or even wireless connectivity, it's included.

Question 7

The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition best addresses
the needs of which two types of businesses? (Choose two.)

  • A. large Cisco data accounts with IP networks
  • B. companies with many multilocation offices that are served by legacy PBX systems
  • C. enterprises that seek continuous telephone services for branch offices
  • D. manufacturers that seek immediate deployment of IP networks
  • E. small, single-site companies that want to take advantage of IP trunking

Answer : B,E

Explanation: Session Management Edition routes among SIP-compliant elements and interworks with older components using legacy protocols (for example, H.323 and Q.SIG) to enable a broad range of unified communications services and to realize operational savings while providing an optimal user experience. It also allows for cost savings using IP trunking.

Question 8

What are two goals of the Cisco collaboration architecture? (Choose two.)

  • A. provide a consistent, integrated experience to users regardless of device or client
  • B. provide Cisco Unified Communications for end users
  • C. eliminate the need for security and firewalls
  • D. provide IT with a storage-intensive platform and extended memory support
  • E. deliver the fastest and highest-quality voice, video, and data experiences

Answer : A,E

Explanation: The Cisco collaborationarchitecture works with new and existing technologies, and helps you simplify business processes. By aligning this architecture with your strategic goals, you can: Increase productivity and lower your TCO Accelerate time to market and increase your revenue growth Improve customer satisfaction and generate new ideas Deliver the fastest and highest-quality voice, video, and data experiences

Question 9

Which Cisco collaboration service will encourage true customer intimacy by quickly and
proactively connecting people with the information, expertise, and support that they need?

  • A. TelePresence
  • B. Messaging
  • C. Conferencing
  • D. Customer Care
  • E. IP Communications

Answer : D

Explanation: Customer Collaboration Solutions help create the foundation for positive customer service, a primary factor in building a stronger business. Cisco Customer Care products can help you: Escape from the largely reactive mode of traditional call centers and engage more proactively with your customers Promote true customer intimacy, satisfaction, and loyalty Connect people with the information, expertise, and support they need when and where they need it most

Question 10

Which Cisco solution enables face-to-face communications and can, therefore, save
expenses on business travel?

  • A. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7900 Series
  • B. Cisco WAP200 Wireless-G Access Point
  • C. Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 Series
  • D. Cisco Aironet Access Point
  • E. Cisco SPA Series IP Phone

Answer : C

Explanation: Use interactive multimedia communications and advanced features, including high- performance video, with the Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 Series. This series is an ideal solution for knowledge workers, managers, and administrative staff. Interactive features of the Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 Series include: Video communications of up to 30 frames per second (with built-in cameras on select models) High-resolution 5-inch color displays for easy viewing High-definition voice for greater clarity Tricolor illuminated LED line and feature keys for "at-a-glance" status for both primary and shared lines Topic 6, Small Business Architecture

Question 11

If an enterprise customer required a switch for their branch office access layer, which family
of switches would the customer likely choose from?

  • A. Cisco Catalyst 2000 and 3000
  • B. Cisco Nexus
  • C. Cisco Catalyst 4000 and 6000
  • D. Cisco SFS 3000/7000

Answer : A

Explanation: Recent WAN support makes the Catalyst2000 and3000 series an ideal branch office solution with high-speed serial and ISDN connectivity between systems in smaller offices, or from branch offices to a larger Catalystswitch in the central office

Question 12

Why is the Cisco Integrated Services Router product line a good choice for customers?

  • A. is a point product solution that addresses a single need
  • B. provides customers with an opportunity to increase the number of devices in their network
  • C. simplifies purchasing because there is only one model to choose
  • D. combines multiple services into a single platform and reduces operating costs

Answer : D

Explanation: Designed for optimal service delivery on a single platform, the Cisco ISR G2 routers give businesses greater power to deploymultipleservices "on demand" as business needs dictate-while reducing overall operating costs.

Question 13

Which three characteristics are unique to the buying process for a small business
compared with the buying process for an enterprise? (Choose three.)

  • A. much faster
  • B. focused primarily on cost
  • C. not constrained by formal RFP
  • D. technology focused
  • E. less educated
  • F. influenced by peers

Answer : A,C,F

Explanation: The cycle time for small business sales is much shorter, due to the needs of small businesses and the fact that less equipment is typically purchased so the costs are smaller. The decision to buy is typically made by a small number of people rather than a lengthy RFP process. Also, buying decision makers are typically influenced by peers in their respective industry.

Question 14

Which three are current small business needs for technology investments? (Choose three.)

  • A. minimize network investments
  • B. reduce reliance on technology
  • C. plan for today
  • D. be more productive
  • E. work from anywhere
  • F. serve customers better

Answer : D,E,F

Explanation: Current business needs for technology investments include: -Increased productivity -Increased mobility (work from anywhere) -To serve customers better using advanced technology systems

Question 15

The Cisco Services Ready Engine is an optional module of the Cisco ISR family. It includes
onboard CPU and memory to run advanced applications. Which option is an example of an
advanced application that runs on the Cisco Services Ready Engine?

  • A. Cisco Express Forwarding
  • B. Cisco Unity Express
  • C. Cisco Routing Services
  • D. Cisco Firewall Security

Answer : B

Explanation: From CiscoService Ready Engineinfo sheet: Q.What software and application options do I have when I order the Cisco SRE? A.Table 4 lists your application options. Table 4.Application Options Application Supported Cisco SRE Part Numbers Cisco Unity Express ISM-SRE-300-K9 SM-SRE-700-K9 SM-SRE-710-K9 SM-SRE-900-K9 SM-SRE-910-K9

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