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Question 1

An account manager wants to view specific tasks and download associated resources
about different network lifecycle phases.
Which tool would be most helpful for this issue?

  • A. Quote Builder
  • B. Steps to Success
  • C. Smart Business Roadmap
  • D. Cisco Unified Communications Business Advisor
  • E. Sales Central on PEC

Answer : B

Question 2

In which two ways does Cisco ensure security for a Cisco Unified Communications
solution? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco uses propriety protocols which protect against known vulnerabilities such as virus attacks, service attacks, and hackers.
  • B. Cisco has a set of design guidelines and software services that, when implemented, will secure the network against known vulnerabilities such as virus attacks, service attacks, and hackers.
  • C. Cisco Unified Communications solutions are always more secure than traditional phone systems.
  • D. Because Cisco Unified Communications solutions are isolated from the data network, they are protected against known vulnerabilities such as virus attacks, service attacks, and hackers.
  • E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports encrypted voice calls.

Answer : B,E

Question 3

Which two personal productivity management tools does Cisco Unity Connection combine?
(Choose two.)

  • A. call-routing rules
  • B. multiservice cross-referencing
  • C. automated calendar updating
  • D. web-enabled contact management
  • E. speech recognition

Answer : A,E

Question 4

When asking a new prospect discovery questions, it is important to determine whether the
customer has any needs that would not be filled by existing IP telephony applications.
Which two approaches would help you identify opportunities for new XML applications?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Determine if alerts are given via phone for low inventory, ship dates, or order receipts.
  • B. Determine how emergency calls are handled by the organization.
  • C. Determine how e-mail, voice, and fax messages are handled by the organization.
  • D. Determine if there are scenarios in which immediate access to information is required.

Answer : A,D

Question 5

Which two of these are good indicators that a business may benefit from a Cisco Unified
Communications solution? (Choose two.)

  • A. The business wants to maintain interoperability with a single-vendor network.
  • B. The business wants to protect its investment in existing PBX hardware.
  • C. The business wants to extend the capabilities of its network to branch offices and remote employees.
  • D. The business wants to limit the number of separate networks by having both data and voice on a single network.
  • E. The business wants to outsource human capital.

Answer : C,D

Question 6

A Cisco customer wants to:
implement instant messaging on Cisco Unified IP phones
integrate with Microsoft Office Communicator
provide the status information of users
Which is the best recommendation to meet these goals?

  • A. Implement Cisco Unity Connection with an integrated messaging solution.
  • B. Integrate a Cisco Unified Mobile Communications strategy.
  • C. Implement Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Presence.
  • D. Integrate a management tool like Cisco Monitor Manager and Cisco Monitor Director.

Answer : C

Question 7

Which of these products would be most appropriate to recommend to a customer that
wants to connect a fax device to Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure?

  • A. Cisco 800 Series Integrated Service Router
  • B. ATA 180 Series
  • C. Catalyst 6500 Communication Media Module
  • D. IPVC 3522 Gateway

Answer : B

Question 8

A customer requires a software-based call-processing agent that extends enterprise
telephony features and capabilities to packet telephony network devices. Which application
would meet the needs of this customer?

  • A. Cisco Unity Express
  • B. Cisco Unity Unified Messaging
  • C. Cisco Unified Contact Center
  • D. Cisco IP telephony
  • E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Answer : E

Question 9

Which feature is handled outside of Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

  • A. call processing
  • B. signaling and device control
  • C. dial plan administration
  • D. RTP media path switching
  • E. directory services
  • F. programming interface to external applications

Answer : D

Question 10

A large chemical company with a limited capital expenditure budget is considering a much-
needed investment in a converged IP network but is having trouble justifying the initial
costs to management. Which solution would you recommend?

  • A. IP-enabled PBX
  • B. lease
  • C. purchase
  • D. Cisco Unity Unified Messaging

Answer : B

Question 11

Which three statements about Cisco Unified MeetingPlace are true? (Choose three.)

  • A. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace software can be installed on an MCS server platform.
  • B. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Audio Server must be installed on an MCS server platform.
  • C. In order to implement video conferencing, you will need the Cisco Unified VC35xx series.
  • D. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is a purely software-based solution.
  • E. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is scalable up to 1000 simultaneous web conferences.
  • F. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace only supports voice and video conferences.

Answer : A,C,E

Question 12

A customer is implementing the following:
toll bypass
audio conferencing
unified messaging
What is the chief benefit the customer is most likely seeking?

  • A. reduced call costs
  • B. reduced number of adds, moves, and changes
  • C. enhanced productivity of the end user
  • D. reduced travel expenses

Answer : A

Question 13

Read the customer objection and choose the best response.
Chief financial officer: Convergence sounds good in theory. What exactly does it give me,
though? I want to talk in terms of business justification.

  • A. Convergence is just one of several tangible benefits that you realize in terms of cost savings in the near term.
  • B. Convergence can empower a business to reduce infrastructure, staffing, and facilities costs to produce a quick ROI.
  • C. Convergence will enable your organization to run highly customized reports across multiple systems.
  • D. Convergence is the direction in which the market is going; it makes more sense to do it sooner rather than later.

Answer : B

Question 14

A Cisco customer has a management team, each member of which has a number of
Operations manager:
Improve order processes
Improve the ability to make accurate forecasts
Finance manager:
Reduce the TCO of the existing IP communications infrastructure
IT manager:
Improve network reliability
Streamline the delivery of end-user support
Which business need would be the primary Cisco Unified Communications solution sales

  • A. reduce operating costs
  • B. increase revenue generation
  • C. facilitate future expansion
  • D. reduce the number of employees

Answer : A

Question 15

Desktop application managers are often afraid of changing existing Microsoft or IBM
applications because of security issues when implementing new applications like instant
messaging or unified messaging.
Which two facts could an account manager point out regarding this concern? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco Unified Communications Managers 5.x/6.x are running on Linux and are not integrated anymore into the Microsoft domain.
  • B. Cisco firewalls, like Adaptive Security Appliances, perform deep protocol inspection, block viruses and spyware, and prevent unwanted applications from accessing sensitive areas.
  • C. There are many options when implementing of Cisco Unified Communications. For example if a customer favors isolated application domains, integrated messaging might be preferable to unified messaging.
  • D. Cisco has gained experiences over many years in security. Incidents have never occurred.
  • E. Cisco offers security agents for Microsoft servers.

Answer : B,C

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