646-588 Advanced Wireless LAN for Account Managers(AWLANAM)

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Question 1

You are the network consultant from pass4usre.com.You have a customer who has a
manufacturing company. Which two Ecosystem partner technologies would you
reccommend to him?

  • A. GPS
  • B. Passive Radio Frequency Identification
  • C. Active Radio Frequency Identification Tags
  • D. Handheld scanning devices

Answer : C,D

Question 2

Cisco outdoor wireless solutions make it practical to deploy and manage Wi-Fi on a
citywide scale. Which are the two most important to address to a city manager who wants
to improve the economic development of the city?

  • A. Cisco outdoor wireless solutions enhance operation with real-time data and video information exchange to ensure timely departures and arrivals and minimize delays because of accidents or congestion.
  • B. Cisco outdoor wireless solutions enable real-time location tracking of important asset
  • C. Cisco outdoor wireless solutions connect distant administration buildings, enables broadband access for underserved areas, and supports deployment of hotspots.
  • D. Cisco outdoor wireless solutions will support WIMAX clients to "future proof" the outdoor network.

Answer : A,C

Question 3

What is cost benefits of implementing voice-over-Wi-Fi services?

  • A. It is integrated into the wired network allows a single control point to guarantee the quality of the call, regardless of the transport over which the call is carried. This leads to significant cost savings.
  • B. It provides continued cost savings through the convergence of communications devices.
  • C. Cisco Unified wireless solution supports Qos with voice-over-Wi-Fi,.
  • D. The telephony system recognizes Wi-Fi handsets in the same way that it recognizes traditional desktop phones with voice-over-Wi-Fi

Answer : B

Question 4

You are the network consultant from pass4usre.com. You have a valuable customer who is
the CTO from a big company with more than 9,000 employees. His main concern about the
company's current network is security threats. What are your advice for him about Cisco
wireless solutions? (Choose three.)

  • A. Cisco Mobility Express Solution enables automatic intrusion detection and prevention services to ensure security.
  • B. Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution enables automatic intrusion detection and prevention services to ensure security.
  • C. IT staff can monitor all the activities taking place in their wireless environment using Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution
  • D. If he does not use wireless solution, employees can easily plug in their own unsecured, consumer-grade access points.

Answer : B,C,D

Question 5

Cisco is the best secure wireless LAN deployment vendor for any size scale of

  • A. TRUE
  • B. FALSE

Answer : A

Question 6

You are the network consultant from pass4usre.com. You have an important customer
named Mike, who is a sales manager from a mid-sized company. He is on the way to
office. At the same time, his client is trying to reach him by phone for a big order. Cisco
Unified Communications System find Mike is not at desk and automatically routes the call
to his current location. Mike accepts the call while walking back to his office. After he
arrives, he transparently transfers the call to his desk phone then complete the transaction
successfully. Which of the following services enables this scenario?

  • A. GPS
  • B. voice-over-Wi-Fi
  • C. guest access
  • D. IDS

Answer : B

Question 7

What are the three best responses to a director of a healthcare facility whose primary
concern is mitigating risks, such as medical record errors, malpractice suits, and poor
bedside care? (Choose three.)

  • A. A Cisco WLAN enables real-time tracking of important equipment, supplies, and key personnel.
  • B. A Cisco WLAN minimizes the risk of errors by automating tracking of medications, supplies, and personnel.
  • C. A Cisco WLAN can extend to each patient room, allowing tracking of patient information at the bedside at all times.
  • D. A Cisco WLAN enables patient medication to be tracked at the bedside, which minimizes the risk of errors in dosage or identification.

Answer : B,C,D

Question 8

You are the network consultant from pass4usre.com. You should point out three
technology components of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network.

  • A. unified advanced services
  • B. intrusion detection system
  • C. mobility platform
  • D. network management

Answer : A,C,D

Question 9

You are the network consultant from pass4usre.com. Your customer considers that Mobility
services are not out of current budget, if he needs them later, he can always expand his
network then. What is your best response?

  • A. Mobility solutions let your employees conduct business anywhere, anytime, from any device delivering three key capabilities to the organization: insight, collaboration, and awareness
  • B. Grasp this opportunity before competitor will make you more proactive
  • C. It will be difficult to react quickly when a competitor deploys mobility services. If you wait, you will need to upgrade your network and deploy the service at the same time.
  • D. The costs of a wireless network will rise in the future.

Answer : C

Question 10

______ protocol is both an inherently flawed, one-way, device-centric form of
authentication and a 40-bit encryption key.

  • A. SSL
  • B. HTTPs
  • C. Secure Shell Protocol
  • D. WEP

Answer : D

Question 11

A financial services firm can determine whether a server is in or out of use at any point in
time is an example of location-based services being used in a wireless network.

  • A. TRUE
  • B. FALSE

Answer : A

Question 12

In a Cisco Wireless Control System management interface, there is a service can help
users locate the exact location of valuable property with RFID. Which of the following
services enables this?

  • A. WiMax/802.16
  • B. Wi-Fi
  • C. GPS
  • D. location-based services

Answer : D

Question 13

You are the network consultant from pass4usre.com. You have customer from a well-know
bank, he needs a location solution for 1200 simultaneous devices for true asset visibility
and identify and locate rogue access points and devices to enforce security policies. Which
Cisco technology will you advice to him?

  • A. Cisco Network Assistant
  • B. Cisco wireless WAN controller
  • C. Cisco wireless LAN controller
  • D. Cisco wireless location appliance

Answer : D

Question 14

Which statement is incorrect for the deployment of the Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Wireless

  • A. Rapid deployment can be achieved with no reliance on service providers.
  • B. The Wireless Bridge acts as a primary access point in challenging RF environments.
  • C. The Wireless Bridge e acts as a backup solution for additional resiliency in conjunction with other technologies, such as fiber optics.
  • D. The Wireless Bridge provides the sole connection for a remote site.

Answer : B

Question 15

You are the network consultant from pass4usre.com. You need to help you customer
improve corporate knowledge-management systems. You are highly mobile within the
enterprise as collecting information from many employees. When you are back at desk, you
must compare new collecting data with the data hosted on the corporate servers. After you
logs in, the network recognizes your status and allocates the appropriate access rights.
Which of the following enables this scenario?

  • A. GPS
  • B. guest access
  • C. enhanced security
  • D. RFID

Answer : B

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