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Question 1

Which two of the following are benefits of engaging Cisco field resources? (Choose two.)

  • A. Maximize the number and value of customer sales engagements
  • B. Access free implementation and support services
  • C. Eliminate sales and marketing expense
  • D. Increase revenue and improve margin
  • E. Access free hardware and software for resale

Answer : A,D

Question 2

What are two software-based attacks that disable individual workstations and typically
spread from user to user by e-mail? (Choose two.)

  • A. virus
  • B. worm
  • C. Trojan
  • D. executable

Answer : A,B

Question 3

You work as a Cisco engineer at Pass4sure.com. What's the unique advantage of SAN
business against Brocade for the Cisco MDS switch?

  • A. The real Cisco competition was McData, until Brocade bought it and tried to make it compatible with their legacy switches, leaving Cisco with the only director-class switches in the industry.
  • B. Cisco has been delivering director-class storage switches for longer than Brocade.
  • C. Cisco has demonstrated excellent investment protection by allowing new generation linecards to work in first generation directors.
  • D. The CiscoMyelodysplastic syndromes switch can support Gigabit Ethernet as well as Fibre Channel, while Brocade supports only Fibre Channel.

Answer : D

Question 4

You are a help desk trainee for Pass4sure.com. A potential customer casts a challenge to
you, "Networks are only plumbing--I focus on the servers", which of the following would be
the best response to the customer ?

  • A. OK. Let me know when you are ready to connect to the network, so so we will talk about it later.
  • B. The network isn't just pipes anymore; it is a platform for the delivery of application services like intelligent load balancing, protocol optimization, and virtualization.
  • C. Cisco is working with VMware and will shortly be rebadging virtual servers that will work seamlessly with Cisco's network solutions.
  • D. Servers will soon only be platforms embedded in the network, so we need to talk now about the future.

Answer : B

Question 5

You are the senior desktop administrator for Pass4sure.com. As much as you know, which
type of Cisco switches supports InfiniBand?

  • A. Nexus 7000 Series
  • B. Multilayer DataCenter Switch(MDS)
  • C. SFS
  • D. Catalyst 6500 Series

Answer : C

Question 6

You are a help desk trainee for Pass4sure.com. As far as you know, what advantage that
the overall virtualization strategy for the data center can get from network-based

  • A. merging the core and aggregation layers
  • B. carrying multiple protocols across the same network
  • C. deploying multiple service contexts on the same hardware
  • D. combining ports for high availability and redundancy

Answer : C

Question 7

You are a Cisco engineer of Pass4sure.com. With your understanding, which of the
following would be a supportable statement to make when outlining the potential financial
savings from having virtualized network services modules?

  • A. Because the services are virtual, virtual network services modules will take up no rack space and will consume no power.
  • B. Operationally there are savings around power and management costs, and capital savings can come from improved utilization of rack space. (The issue of reduced port count should be avoided because this could reduce the potential for Catalyst line card sales in the future.)
  • C. The savings will depend upon the requirements for each data center but can be as much as 80 percent on power and 30 units of rack space.
  • D. Virtual services modules can support up to a maximum of four virtual contexts, so they can save up to 75 percent of both power and rack space.

Answer : C

Question 8

You are the senior desktop administrator for Pass4sure.com. Your company plans to
implement virtual SSL security contexts logically across the data center network from a
single physical device, so which product you will recommend?

  • A. Cisco Nexus 7000 Module
  • B. Cisco Application Control Engine Module
  • C. Cisco Firewall Services Module
  • D. Cisco Storage Services Module

Answer : B

Question 9

A software engineering firm wants to streamline call center operations to reduce customer
wait times and improve employee productivity. Which Cisco solution best matches this
business need?

  • A. optical network
  • B. IP telephony
  • C. WLAN
  • D. DSL

Answer : B

Question 10

A landscape architecture company wants to increase productivity by deploying new
multiservice applications, including collaborative online design workshops, web-enabled
call centers, and real-time distance learning.
Which Cisco solution matches this business need?

  • A. network security
  • B. storage-area network (SAN)
  • C. Internet Protocol (IP) telephony
  • D. wireless local-area network (WLAN)

Answer : C

Question 11

The employees of an organization meet regularly in conference rooms for project updates
and presentations.
What need of this organization can be met by a wireless solution?

  • A. ensuring secure presentations
  • B. augmenting an existing network
  • C. providing a temporary network need
  • D. having freedom of movement within a network range

Answer : D

Question 12

Which type of deployment utilizes ISRs with Cisco IOS Security feature sets to provide an
ideal, low-cost, yet capable and powerful platform?

  • A. Small deployments
  • B. Large deployments
  • C. Medium deployments
  • D. Commercial deployments
  • E. Financial deployments

Answer : A

Question 13

You are a help desk trainee for Pass4sure.com. As far as you know, what is the reasonable
description for Cisco VFrame DC?

  • A. the software element of the Cisco Substance Frequency Scale InfiniBand server switch
  • B. a service orchestration solution that coordinates provisioning and reuse of physical and virtualized computing, storage, and network resources on demand
  • C. a service orchestration solution that exclusively coordinates provisioning and reuse of physical and virtualized network resources on demand
  • D. a service orchestration solution that exclusively coordinates provisioning and reuse of physical and virtualized storage and network resources on demand

Answer : B

Question 14

You work as Cisco sales professional for Pass4sure.com. A potential customer requires a
unique feature of the Cisco WAAS solution, which would be the best response?

  • A. Cisco Wide Area Augmentation System has a built-in firewall.
  • B. Cisco WAAS is an integrated feature of the Catalyst 6500 Series Switches.
  • C. Cisco WAAS is completely transparent in the connection.
  • D. Cisco WAAS offers SSL offload capability.

Answer : C

Question 15

On what type of network does the Cisco Unified Communication system reside?

  • A. Independent voice, video, and data networks
  • B. Voice networks only
  • C. A single, joined voice, video, and data network
  • D. Data networks only
  • E. Wireless networks only

Answer : C

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