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Question 1

Traditionally, what has been the trend of cost over the lifetime of a data center solution?

  • A. CapEx is initially low but rises over time because of the need for more hardware.
  • B. CapEx and OpEx both decrease after initial purchase and deployment of the solution.
  • C. CapEx and OpEx both increase over time as the scale of the solution grows.
  • D. OpEx steadily increases over time because of rising maintenance costs.

Answer : D

Question 2

What are two benefits of unified fabric? (Choose two.)

  • A. reduced cabling
  • B. increased latency
  • C. reduced throughput
  • D. reduction of server adapters required for I/O
  • E. reduced I/O bandwidth, which allows Fibre Channel over Ethernet to work

Answer : A,D

Question 3

Which statement describes a benefit of the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)
approach in the data center?

  • A. It offers multiple points of management.
  • B. It provides a single fabric for devices that use 10 Gigabit Ethernet, devices that use Fibre Channel, and legacy devices.
  • C. It ensures the highest possible server efficiency by dedicating hardware to specific applications.
  • D. It provides more security throughout the data layer.

Answer : B

Question 4

Which two characteristics of a Cisco UCS deployment help position the Cisco green data
center initiative? (Choose two.)

  • A. the addition of the power control unit
  • B. the ability to pair two Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches and deploy them as a single virtual device
  • C. the ability of several server blades to reside within the same chassis
  • D. the exclusive transmission of data across 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections
  • E. installing fabric switches and fabric extenders
  • F. mixing 1U and 2U fabric switches in the enclosure

Answer : A,C

Question 5

Which feature does Cisco offer that Brocade currently does not?

  • A. support for FCoE and DCE
  • B. N_Port Virtualizer
  • C. consolidation of isolated SANs
  • D. inherited technologies from McData and InRange

Answer : B

Question 6

Which product greatly improves server efficiency through both highly flexible traffic
management and offloading CPU-intensive tasks?

  • A. Cisco Application Control Engine Module
  • B. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Firewall Services Module
  • C. Cisco Nexus 7000 Module
  • D. Cisco Storage Services Module

Answer : A

Question 7

Which product can deploy virtual SSL security contexts logically across the data center
network from a single physical device?

  • A. Cisco Nexus 7000 Module
  • B. Cisco Storage Services Module
  • C. Cisco Application Control Engine Module
  • D. Cisco Firewall Services Module

Answer : C

Question 8

How does Cisco differ from the competition in the VSAN environment?

  • A. There are multiple points of management.
  • B. Separated physical fabrics allow for greater flexibility.
  • C. All switches reside in a single physical fabric based on a single Cisco MDS.
  • D. The unique Cisco deployment of LSANs reduces latency in the data stream.

Answer : C

Question 9

What two things can a business implement to achieve better utilization of IT resources?
(Choose two.)

  • A. distributed management
  • B. role-based access control
  • C. embedded network intelligence
  • D. consolidation of data center resources
  • E. business continuity with mirrored primary and secondary sites

Answer : C,D

Question 10

What is meant by network-embedded application intelligence?
A. the ability of a virtual machine to reboot from a different VMware ESX if a specific host
goes down
B. the ability of application servers to offload tasks and instead process application
C. the ability to centrally manage all application servers from one management console
D. the ability to deploy applications that are hosted logically on physical devices

Answer : B Topic 3, Analyze customer business requirements

Question 11

What benefit does network-based virtualization bring to the overall virtualization strategy for
the data center?

  • A. merging the core and aggregation layers
  • B. carrying multiple protocols across the same network
  • C. combining ports for high availability and redundancy
  • D. deploying multiple service contexts on the same hardware

Answer : D

Question 12

Which scenario is an indicator that a customer is a good prospect for a Cisco data center

  • A. The customer has not yet been shown the capabilities of the Cisco Nexus family of devices.
  • B. The customer is planning to deploy a sizable server virtualization within a year.
  • C. The customer currently has a strong relationship with HP or IBM.
  • D. The customer is currently using servers with a 2U form factor.

Answer : B

Question 13

Which statement is likely to be true about the role of a customer's chief security officer?

  • A. The chief security officer has a technology focus.
  • B. The chief security officer works closely with the chief technology officer to make technology decisions about which products to use for data center security.
  • C. The chief security officer might have significant influence on the operation of the data center without necessarily having any understanding of the technology deployed in the data center.
  • D. The chief security officer has an understanding of techniques and technologies such as RBAC, SSL, IDS, and firewalls but leaves the product selection decisions to the data center manager.

Answer : C

Question 14

Which activity occurs during the prepare phase of the Cisco Lifecycle Services model?

  • A. A SOW is prepared that outlines all the tasks to be completed during implementation.
  • B. A case workshop and architecture workshop are used to identify opportunities.
  • C. A server virtualization mobility and migration plan is created.
  • D. A capacity and performance audit is performed.

Answer : B

Question 15

Which key decision maker is most likely to be interested in how the Cisco solution will
impact utilization, CapEx, OpEx, and TCO?

  • A. server administration team
  • B. director of IT
  • C. storage architect and administration team
  • D. network operations team

Answer : B

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