650-026 Cisco Digital Media System for Account Manager

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Question 1

What is the maximum resolution for the Cisco Digital Media System displays?

  • A. 1080I
  • B. 720P
  • C. 7201
  • D. 1080P

Answer : D

Question 2

Corporations use Video for all of the following except;

  • A. Training employees VIA their desktop with VoD's.
  • B. Monitoring security using cameras and streaming video.
  • C. Taping Sally Jo's kindergarten recital.
  • D. Advertising
  • E. Holding meetings where the participants are all virtually in the same room,

Answer : C

Question 3

Which is not considered a business driver for DMS when targeting the Sports and
Entertainment vertical?

  • A. Ultimate Fan experience
  • B. New catering options
  • C. Safety and security
  • D. New revenue streams

Answer : B

Question 4

What does ETPRC stand for?

  • A. Every Time Partners Receive Cash
  • B. Emerging Technology Partner Recreation Center
  • C. Emerging Technology Partner Resource Center
  • D. Emerging Technology Palace Retirement Camp

Answer : C

Question 5

In sales training module 1 the presenter describes an Exabyte as:

  • A. The amount of video uploaded monthly from You Tube.
  • B. The rough equivalent of all words ever spoken.
  • C. Roughly enough information capacity to replicate every book, article, and newspaper ever written.
  • D. A network based server for DMS video processing.

Answer : A

Question 6

Which is not a benefit of the Cisco Digital Media Player?

  • A. Security hardened device
  • B. Allows remote management of displays VIA RS-232
  • C. Low power consumption
  • D. It has a 3.4 year MTBF because of spinning components such as a hard drive and fan

Answer : D

Question 7

What statement is true about why video is important to Cisco?

  • A. Video is fueling an explosion in internet traffic.
  • B. Video is one of Cisco's top 4 initiatives.
  • C. All of the above.
  • D. Nearly one third of the human brain is dedicated to vision.
  • E. Video is a natural and powerful communications medium.

Answer : C

Question 8

Which of these is not an academic benefit when positioning DMS into the Education

  • A. Lifelong learning
  • B. Collaboration
  • C. Price
  • D. Extending the classroom

Answer : C

Question 9

Which module in the sales training series provides an example DMS sales overview

  • A. Module 1
  • B. Module 3
  • C. Module 4
  • D. Module 2

Answer : D

Question 10

Which is not a function of Enterprise TV?

  • A. Video Programs on Demand
  • B. Remote control functionality
  • C. Live TV Channel Selection
  • D. Automatic Home and Garden Channel access

Answer : D

Question 11

The Cisco video portal does not support which feature below:

  • A. Advanced Player controls
  • B. Fully automated temperature settings
  • C. Slide Sync
  • D. User restricted content

Answer : B

Question 12

Which of the following is not considered a digital signage retail business driver?

  • A. Corporate communications
  • B. Promotion & brand awareness
  • C. Training & information sharing
  • D. Play Xbox 360

Answer : D

Question 13

The Digital Media System ecosystem is a broad, varied, and dynamic group of partners
who can help:

  • A. Enhance & Extend the DMS solution.
  • B. Grow DMS sales.
  • C. Increase customer satisfaction.
  • D. All of the above.

Answer : D

Question 14

Which of the following is not a business video driver?

  • A. Global corporate Messaging
  • B. More Travel
  • C. Cost-Efficient Training
  • D. Information consistency

Answer : B

Question 15

Which is not a feature of the Cisco video portal repots module?

  • A. Real time traffic statistics
  • B. Secure fully automated firewall capabilities
  • C. Visitor statistics: Operating system, browser and media plug-in
  • D. Web Based Reporting

Answer : B

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