650-059 LCSARS Cisco Lifecycle Services Advanced Routing and Switching

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Question 1

In which service component of the prepare phase would you identify products and services
that include all design, delivery, and support services to cover the product lifecycle?

  • A. system acceptance test development
  • B. account qualification
  • C. detailed design development
  • D. high-level design development

Answer : D

Question 2

In which service component of the operate phase would you help verify the configuration
management database?

  • A. configuration management
  • B. acceptance test plan
  • C. change management
  • D. incident management

Answer : A

Question 3

Which of these best describes the actions you would take during the configuration
management service component?

  • A. check whether changes in the infrastructure have been recorded correctly and monitors the status of the components to help ensure anaccurate picture of the network.
  • B. monitor, manage, and report on service-level metrics and abnormal eventsor trends that may adversely affect the availability, capacity, performance, or security of the enterprise routing and switching system.
  • C. identify and solve recurring incidents by analyzing incident trends to identify patterns and systemic conditions.
  • D. standartize methods and procedures for authorizing, documenting, and performing changes to a routing and switching system.

Answer : A

Question 4

In wich service component in the design phase would you provide a site-specific system
implementation plan which defines the activities, configraions, and commissioning test
plans required to implement routing and switching solution components and software?

  • A. staging plan development
  • B. detailed design development
  • C. project kick-off
  • D. systems acceptance test plan development
  • E. implementation plan development

Answer : E

Question 5

In which service component would you notify all project participants of their specific
responsibilities during the planning phase of the project?

  • A. proposal delivery
  • B. planning project kickoff
  • C. account planning
  • D. site readiness assessment

Answer : B

Question 6

Preparing, conducting, and performing a security gap analysis is part of which service
component in the plan phase?

  • A. operations readiness assessment
  • B. planning project kickoff
  • C. security architecture assessment
  • D. security administration

Answer : C

Question 7

Which service component in the design phase occurs after detailed design validation?

  • A. package and price design
  • B. detailed design development: operations design
  • C. detailed design development: physical design workshop
  • D. detailed design custmer signoff
  • E. staging plan

Answer : D

Question 8

Which of these activities is part of thesecurity administration service component in the
operate phase?

  • A. develop an automated password change policy
  • B. use secure messaging
  • C. security policy administration
  • D. perform security assessment

Answer : C

Question 9

Which two of these activities are part of the implementation plan development service
component in the design phase? (chose two)

  • A. develop an implementation schedule
  • B. discuss project roles and responsibilities
  • C. confirm project and milestone dates
  • D. create a detailed staff training matrix
  • E. create a site-specific network implementation plan

Answer : A,B

Question 10

Which activity is a part of the technology assessment service component in the optimize

  • A. develop the escalation plan
  • B. execute test cases
  • C. develop the project plan
  • D. measure the solution performance, availability, capacity, and software functionality

Answer : D

Question 11

In which service component of the design phase would you provide a comprehensive,
implementation-ready design for the customer`s solution?

  • A. implementation plan
  • B. high level design
  • C. detailed design development
  • D. staging plan

Answer : C

Question 12

Which two service components are performed during the implement phase? (choose two)

  • A. site readiness specification
  • B. staging
  • C. phased implementation
  • D. security readiness assessment
  • E. configuration management

Answer : B,C

Question 13

Which two of these activities are part of the phased implementation service component in
the implement phase? (choose two)

  • A. develop a staff training program plan
  • B. conduct a kickoff meeting
  • C. prepare the site for the system implementation
  • D. install, confgure, integrate and test infrastructure

Answer : C,D

Question 14

Which activity is part of the detailed design development service component in the design

  • A. confirm project roles and responsibilities
  • B. design the routing and switching infrastructure
  • C. prepare for return on investment analysis
  • D. perform a security assessment

Answer : B

Question 15

In which service component of the prepare phase would you identify factors such as
solution goals, business drivers, and success criteria?

  • A. technology strategy development
  • B. business requirements development
  • C. high-level design development
  • D. proof of concept

Answer : B

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