650-378 Advanced Borderless Network Field Engineer Exam

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Question 1

Although all of these options are part of a secure network, which two things need to be
considered specifically because of the rise of mobility and an extremely connected
workplace? (Choose two.)

  • A. intrusion prevention (to block attacks)
  • B. policy and identity (for trusted access)
  • C. cloud security (for hosted and hybrid systems)
  • D. ASA device configuration
  • E. content security (for email and the web)

Answer : B,C

Question 2

You want to extend the network boundary to include endpoints in order to scale, optimize,
and enhance video performance. Which service should you use?

  • A. Application Velocity
  • B. Cisco Medianet
  • C. Cisco Motion
  • D. Cisco AnyConnect

Answer : D

Question 3

Which of the following can you use to avoid discontinuous VLANs or subnets, routing black
holes, and active/active HSRP or GLBP situations?

  • A. Cisco StackWise technology in the Cisco Catalyst 3750 family of switches
  • B. ARP and CAM
  • C. Layer 3 point-to-pointrouted link
  • D. QoS policies

Answer : A

Question 4

What are the components of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network?

  • A. access points, wireless LAN controllers, Cisco Wireless Control System
  • B. access points, WAAS Express, Cisco Wireless Control System
  • C. Air Quality Index charts, wireless LAN controllers, Cisco Wireless Control System
  • D. access points, wireless LAN controllers, Cisco IronPort S-Series Web Security Appliance

Answer : A

Question 5

What is the first step in implementing Cisco EnergyWise?

  • A. Measure how much power is being consumed by each device on the network.
  • B. Analyze data to make decisions on cost-saving policy actions.
  • C. Show cost savings.
  • D. Reduce consumption by optimizing power delivery policies.

Answer : A

Question 6

Which two types of interference can shut down your wireless network? (Choose two.)

  • A. video cameras
  • B. microwave ovens
  • C. satellite dishes
  • D. motion detectors
  • E. geo-caching

Answer : B,D

Question 7

Which two basic blocks or modules make up the campus network architecture? (Choose

  • A. NetFlow
  • B. Distribution
  • C. Services block
  • D. Core
  • E. Network infrastructure
  • F. Access-distribution block

Answer : C,F

Question 8

Which service should you use if you want application performance that optimizes user
experience for any application, at any time, on any device?

  • A. Cisco TrustSec9
  • B. Application Velocity
  • C. Cisco Motion
  • D. Cisco AnyConnect

Answer : B

Question 9

What are two characteristics of interactive video? (Choose two.)

  • A. It offers video-on-demand applications.
  • B. Video flows are bidirectional.
  • C. It typically operates at 384 kb/s or 768 kb/s.
  • D. They are not time-sensitive.
  • E. Video flows are unidirectional.

Answer : B,C

Question 10

Which of the following is a characteristic of Cisco EnergyWise?

  • A. It can be set to control IP-enabled building and lighting controllers.
  • B. It can be set to turn devices off, but it cannot yet be set to reduce power.
  • C. It works independently of Cisco Catalyst switches.
  • D. It can only be used on Cisco devices.

Answer : A

Question 11

Which two features are specific to the Cisco TrustSec solution? (Choose two.)

  • A. It uses switchport-level encryption to protect network data confidentiality.
  • B. It allows guests to securely have complete access to the network.
  • C. The information and capabilities it provides for controls, auditing, and reporting can be used to meet compliance requirements.
  • D. It recognizes the types of media that are going over the network and makes sure that they are properly created, sent, and delivered.
  • E. It is primarily used for wired connections inside of an organization to protect the most sensitive information.

Answer : C,D

Question 12

Which two of the following are characteristics of the campus layer hierarchy tiers?
(Choose two.)

  • A. There are absolute rules for how a campus network is physically built.
  • B. Each layer in the hierarchy can perform the functions of the other layers.
  • C. A network may have four or more physical tiers of switches, if necessary.
  • D. Having three physical tiers is a strict requirement.
  • E. The network can have two tiers of switches combined into one.

Answer : C,E

Question 13

Which component of the Cisco Smart Business Architecture provides the underpinning
infrastructure on which all other services and applications rely?

  • A. WAN optimization
  • B. network foundation
  • C. user services
  • D. network services

Answer : B

Question 14

What is a feature of Cisco AnyConnect?

  • A. It provides a GRE tunnel to provide connectivity regardless of the Layer 2 protocol.
  • B. It provides a single VPN connectivity option.
  • C. It increases mobility costs but provides a secure solution.
  • D. It provides a unified client for identity-based networking.

Answer : D

Question 15

What is a feature of Cisco Medianet?

  • A. It automates device configuration and registration.
  • B. It disables device asset tracking.
  • C. It allows manual configuration with SmartPorts.
  • D. It deploys complex access-switch QoS.

Answer : A

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