650-756 Advanced IP NGN Architecture Field Engineer (PANGNFE)

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Question 1

Which two protocols that can establish secure tunnels are supported over PPPoE dialer
(Choose two)

  • A. IPsec
  • B. VPN
  • C. GRE
  • D. IPS
  • E. NAC

Answer : A,C

Question 2

Match the correct equipment series on the left to the correct layer on the right.

  • A. CRS-1, CRS-3
  • B. ASR1000, ASR 9000,7600 Series
  • C. ASR 9000, 7600 Series, ME 3800X, ASR 903
  • D. ONS15454, CPT Series
  • E. Catalyst switches, Metro Ethernet switches
  • F. Cisco ISR Series routers

Answer : A

Question 3

Which of the following is one of the routers designed to be used in the core segment of the

  • A. Cisco CRS-1
  • B. Cisco 10000
  • C. Cisco ME 3400
  • D. Cisco 3900

Answer : A

Question 4

How is traffic handled by the ASR 9000v satellite device?

  • A. Local traffic is switched locally, and routed traffic is forwarded to the upstream ASR 9000 Router.
  • B. Local traffic is routed and switched locally. The configuration is done on the upstream ASR 9000 and pushed onto the satellite ASR 9000v. Only traffic leaving satellite device is forwarded over uplinks.
  • C. All traffic is forwarded to the upstream ASR 9000 and no processing is done locally.
  • D. All traffic is forwarded to the upstream ASR 9000, but minimal mandatory local processing is done by the satellite device.

Answer : D

Question 5

Which three item does the solution deployment process include? (Choose three.)

  • A. IPv6 implementation plan introduction kick-off meeting
  • B. IPv6-related Proof of Concept
  • C. a successful IPv6 deployment and migration with acceptance testing
  • D. training for both the IT staff and Line of Business users

Answer : A,B,D

Question 6

What is the Cisco Dynamic Configuration Tool used for?

  • A. to build the PoC
  • B. to build the BoM
  • C. to define the SoW
  • D. to deliver a TOI session

Answer : B

Question 7

Which four of the following Cisco products are used in Cisco IP RAN environments?
(Choose four.)

  • A. Cisco 7600 Series Routers
  • B. Cisco ASR 901 and ASR 903 Series Aggregation Services Routers
  • C. Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers
  • D. Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers
  • E. Cisco CRS-3 Routers
  • F. Cisco ME 3400E, ME 3600, and 3800X Series Switches

Answer : A,B,C,F

Question 8

What conditions does WiMAX offer higher data transfer rates for?

  • A. Data transfer rates for mobile stations are higher than for fixed stations.
  • B. Data transfer rates for fixed stations are higher than for mobile stations.
  • C. Data transfer rates for both mobile stations and fixed stations are the same.
  • D. Data transfer rates for mobile stations are same when the station is not moving.

Answer : A

Question 9

Which three of these platforms support IOS XR? (Choose three.)

  • A. ASR1000 Series
  • B. ASR 9000 Series
  • C. Cisco 7600 Series
  • D. CRS
  • E. Cisco 12000 Series
  • F. Cisco 10000 Series

Answer : B,D,E

Question 10

Which three of the following statements about Cisco Validated Design guides are true?
(Choose three.)

  • A. CVD enables the spare parts validation.
  • B. CVD guides are easy to understand and provide educational design and implementation guidance.
  • C. CVD covers the power supply design validation.
  • D. The guides are tested in the lab environment.
  • E. There is guidance for the introduction of the new services.

Answer : B,D,E

Question 11

What are the three available platform sizes (in number of traffic cards) of the Cisco
ONS15454 MSTP Series? (Choose three.)

  • A. M2
  • B. M3
  • C. M5
  • D. M6
  • E. M10
  • F. M12
  • G. M17

Answer : A,D,F

Question 12

Which software platform is the foundation of IOS XR?

  • A. QNX
  • B. Linux
  • C. FreeBSD
  • D. Mac Windows

Answer : A

Question 13

What is the reason that OEO conversion is used?

  • A. Traffic analysis is easier with electrical signals, so OEO is introduced at every data communication junction point to conduct government oversight of traffic and potential corporate espionage.
  • B. OEO increases available fan-out and is used to increase the number of possible connections in access layer.
  • C. There are data rate benefits of electrical signals to prevent congestion on conversion points.
  • D. Historically, only short-reach wavelengths have been used between devices inside the POP environment and not DWDM wavelengths directly.

Answer : D

Question 14

Which of the following platforms does not fit in the core?

  • A. Cisco ASR 9000 Series Router
  • B. Cisco CRS-1 Router
  • C. Cisco CRS-2 Router
  • D. Cisco CRS-3 Router

Answer : C

Question 15

What is the relation between CRS-1 and CRS-3?
CRS-1 is a one-slot, high-performance core router, while CRS-3 is a three-slot PE router.

  • A. CRS-3 is the continuation of the CRS series, fully compatible with all line card components, RPs, and fabric. The only advantage is larger throughput of fabric and line cards.
  • B. CRS-3 is the next generation of the CRS series, designed for 100GE performance. While using the same operating system, the components are not interchangeable due higher demands of the third generation of the CRS.
  • C. CRS-3 is the continuation of the CRS series, extending the number of line cards by a factor of three.
  • D. It is possible to build multishelf systems that are three times larger, with throughput that is also three times larger.

Answer : A

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