700-038 Advanced Collaboration Architecture Field Engineer Exam

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Question 1

Which activity belongs to mapping business requirements to Cisco Collaboration

  • A. developing the high-level and detailed customer designs
  • B. applying the requirement to the Cisco architecture reference model
  • C. identifying items from the architecture that would be used, such as switches and routers
  • D. building the customer design

Answer : A

Question 2

The three-phased approach of preparation, discovery, and proposal is used to deliver true
business and technology alignment.Which option belongs to the discovery phase?

  • A. services offering and incentives
  • B. network architecture vision workshop
  • C. 360 health check
  • D. architecture roadmap creation and presentation

Answer : C

Question 3

Which option leads to the development of high-level and detailed customer designs?

  • A. mapping collaboration maps with the Cisco Collaboration Architecture solutions
  • B. mapping collaboration maps with the customer's existing solutions
  • C. mapping collaboration maps with the customer assessment procedure
  • D. mapping collaboration maps with the customer business model

Answer : A

Question 4

Which of the following statements best describes the capability to enable any-to-any
collaboration as one of the key Cisco collaboration differentiators?

  • A. Enable people to collaborate securely using any suitable endpoint device to exchange information
  • B. Enable a unique and effective collaboration workspace.
  • C. Enable voice, video, Web, and customer care collaboration applications across different cloud deployment models.
  • D. Enable seamless voice communication as standard for business communication.

Answer : C

Question 5

Which two options are correct statements about the corporate value chain? (Choose two)

  • A. The corporate value chain helps identify relevant departments but does not provide a link to the associated executives.
  • B. The corporate value chain is a straight map to identify stakeholders within the customer's organization.
  • C. The corporate value chain shows hierarchies or reporting lines that help identify whom to approach outside of the IT department.
  • D. The corporate value chain is an organization chart that helps identify different departments and business process owners
  • E. The corporate value chain and core processes help map the relevant departments to the customer's organizational chart.

Answer : B,C

Question 6

Which tool offers a blueprint for designing and deploying a full-service, comprehensive
network to support business needs?

  • A. Cisco Steps to Success
  • B. Cisco Smart Business Roadmap
  • C. Cisco Collaboration Use Case Tool
  • D. Cisco Smart Business Architecture

Answer : D

Question 7

Many tasks in an organization's processes require collaboration. Which two options will you
need from the customer to evaluate the relevance and to properly position Cisco
Collaboration Architecture? (Choose two.)

  • A. employee titles of people who are required to perform designated tasks
  • B. department titles of people who will perform these tasks
  • C. available network bandwidth between core processes departments
  • D. type of information to be shared between involved parties
  • E. importance and type of interaction between involved parties

Answer : B,D

Question 8

Cisco Collaboration Architecture differentiates from other solutions in terms of a unified
workspace that creates a unique user experience. What is the main need of end users that
needs to be addressed?

  • A. to have a centrally managed unified communication solution
  • B. to build up the architecture on any platform
  • C. to allow collaboration any time, on any device, and with any content
  • D. to ensure that telepresence is a mandatory part of any Cisco Collaboration Architecture
  • E. to establish appropriate security policies around collaboration applications

Answer : C

Question 9

Which solution is most often presented in the healthcare vertical market?

  • A. Mobile Warehouse Management
  • B. Customer Retention
  • C. Cisco Nurse Connect
  • D. Energy Efficiency

Answer : C

Question 10

Which two options are examples of partner services that involve addressing the culture of
an organization so that collaboration applications are adopted more readily? (Choose two.)

  • A. analysis of communication process workshops
  • B. application-readiness assessment
  • C. internal marketing
  • D. end-user education and training
  • E. development of collaboration maps

Answer : C,D

Question 11

In terms of collaboration, which elements of the typical workday does a properly
implemented collaboration architecture affect?

  • A. processes, culture, and technology
  • B. making sure that technology fulfills the requirements and expectations
  • C. processes mapping to the technology and culture
  • D. behavioral change influencing the right solution
  • E. customer trust, technology and validated designs

Answer : A

Question 12

Which two tools and resources can most efficiently help you to shorten the time to prepare
the BOM? (Choose two)

  • A. Cisco Collaboration Architecture Validated Designs
  • B. Cisco Collaboration Competitive Edge Portal
  • C. Cisco Collaboration Architecture resources on PEC
  • D. Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing tool
  • E. Cisco Smart Business Architecture

Answer : A,E

Question 13

Which two options are ways by which collaboration has impacted the government sector?
(Choose two.)

  • A. improved safety and security
  • B. increased employee productivity
  • C. improved operations and impact
  • D. anytime, anywhere learning
  • E. growing loyalty

Answer : A,C

Question 14

Vertical-oriented support tools are important when positioning Cisco Collaboration
Architecture into a specific industry. Where can you find resources that help you address

  • A. Cisco Learning Store
  • B. Cisco Partner Central, under Sell & Market Cisco
  • C. Cisco's Steps to Success
  • D. Cisco Partner Education Connection, under Collaboration Architectures

Answer : B

Question 15

Which Cisco Telepresence product series exemplifies simple-to-use immersive

  • A. TX Series
  • B. MX Series
  • C. Profile Series
  • D. EX Series

Answer : A

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