700-601 UCS Invicta for Account Managers

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Question 1

Which option is not a real example of how fast Cisco UCS Invicta performs?

  • A. Load 15 billion records in 1 hour with Postgre SQL.
  • B. Boot 600 virtual desktops in less than 4 minutes.
  • C. Bulk load 3 billion records in 5 hours with Oracle.
  • D. Load 1 billion records in 48 minutes with MYSQL.
  • E. Batch process 1 billion records in 10 minutes without indexing with Oracle.
  • F. Transfer two DVDs per second.

Answer : F

Explanation: http://techbelttechnologysummit.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/UCS- Invicta-Stuart-Hay.pdf

Question 2

Which two options are the two primary types of storage? (Choose two.)

  • A. Low-speed, high-capacity flash
  • B. High-speed, low-capacity SATA disk
  • C. Cool, infrequently accessed
  • D. Hot, frequently accessed
  • E. Cool, frequently accessed
  • F. Hot, Infrequently accessed

Answer : A,C,D

Question 3

Who is the key target audience for the Cisco UCS Invicta solution?

  • A. Archive library owners
  • B. Application owners
  • C. Scaling array owners
  • D. Facilities owners

Answer : C

Question 4

Which option does Cisco recommend for customers who require a larger, shared system?

  • A. Invicta Stand-Alone Appliance
  • B. Invicta Silicon Nodes without the Scaling
  • C. Invicta Scaling System
  • D. Silicon Router without the Silicon Nodes

Answer : C

Explanation: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/servers-unified- computing/ucs-invicta-series-solid-state-system/datasheet-c78-730753.html

Question 5

By which two methods are storage solutions moving closer to the compute domain?
(Choose two.)

  • A. PCIe on the system bus similar to Fusion-io
  • B. Mechanical media nodes on blades
  • C. Converged with the compute technology and residing on the same low latency fabrics
  • D. Remote storage for application performance improvements

Answer : A,C,D

Question 6

Which aspect of hard drives has increased in TAM recently?

  • A. Volume
  • B. Velocity
  • C. Price
  • D. Demand

Answer : A

Question 7

Which option describes the big shift in the storage market?

  • A. Away from silicon-based media toward mechanical media
  • B. Away from magnetic disks toward tape media
  • C. Away from compute domain toward mechanical convergence media
  • D. Away from mechanical media toward silicon-based media

Answer : D

Question 8

With the Cisco UCS Invicta distributed architecture, what do the silicon routers manage?

  • A. The de-duplication
  • B. The nodes
  • C. The host connectivity
  • D. The flash devices

Answer : B

Explanation: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/servers-unified- computing/ucs-invicta-series-solid-state-system/datasheet-c78-730753.html

Question 9

Which option describes what is significant about the architecture changes to magnetic
media in the past 80 years?

  • A. Faster and more storage, but it is virtually the same architecture.
  • B. Complete overhaul to architecture, nothing is the same after year 2000.
  • C. There have been no changes to magnetic media.
  • D. More storage with slower more precise speeds.

Answer : A

Question 10

Cisco UCS Invicta addresses many needs of storage customers. Which need is least
impacted by Cisco UCS Invicta?

  • A. Reducing costs
  • B. Reducing complexity
  • C. Accelerating applications
  • D. Archival backup

Answer : D

Question 11

Which option is the reason why the storage industry adopted a shift to flash from HDD?

  • A. Allows use of more floor space.
  • B. Need single task-oriented service.
  • C. Spindles not cost effective and legacy storage not agile enough.
  • D. Need static configuration.

Answer : C

Question 12

Which option is not part of a workload acceleration process within a Cisco UCS Invicta

  • A. More data can be consumed and it can be done very, very quickly (low latency).
  • B. Applications come on to our platforms and they go faster.
  • C. More hardware is added to systems in a short time.
  • D. Less hardware is added to systems to streamline latency

Answer : C

Question 13

Which option does not represent the Cisco strategy in the computing market?

  • A. Policy-based QoS
  • B. High-latency fabrics
  • C. Flash software stack
  • D. Converge w/compute

Answer : A

Question 14

Which factor does not create sustainable competitive advantages when you speak to
business decision makers?

  • A. Making sound financial decisions, providing flexibility and alternatives
  • B. Speed and ability to make change happen
  • C. Shifting funding to more innovative top line growth opportunities
  • D. Maintaining legacy systems for consistency

Answer : A

Question 15

What do the nodes manage in the Cisco UCS Invicta distributed architecture?

  • A. Replication
  • B. All host connectivity
  • C. Mirroring
  • D. The flash devices

Answer : B

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