7004 Avaya Communication Server 1000 for Avaya Aura Maintenance Exam

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Question 1

You are configuring a bandwidth management zone on a Communication Server 1000 RIs.
7 x Call Server. The Call Server zones will be used for interface communications between
endpoints (IP telephones and gateways).
Which is the preferred bandwidth management strategy, assuming the network has
adequate bandwidth?

  • A. Best Quality (BQ)
  • B. Best Bandwidth (BB)
  • C. Allocated Bandwidth (AB)
  • D. Best Effort (BE)

Answer : A

Question 2

You are responsible for maintaining the Communication Server (CS) 1000E release 7 x
system installed at your customers district office. They would like to use Corporate
Directory Feature are accurate? (Choose two)

  • A. The Corporate Directory application obtains information directly from the CS 1000 database to create the Corporate Directory Report File.
  • B. The Corporate Directory application obtains information Subscriber and Telephony account information from Subscriber Manger and compiles it into a Corporate Directory Report File.
  • C. All information files required for generating Corporate Directory must be published in the LDAP directory.
  • D. All information files required for generating Corporate Directory must be published in the Common Network Directory (CND).

Answer : B,D

Question 3

Click the Exhibit button.

You are asked to review the existing trunk information for your customer.
According to the Element Manager screen capture shown in the exhibit, which type of trunk
is this?

  • A. Direct Inward Dial
  • B. Virtual Trunk
  • C. Recorder Announcement
  • D. Central Office Trunk

Answer : B

Question 4

Click the Exhibit button.

You manage a Communication Server 1000 RIs. 7 x system at a customer site. The
customer reports that extension 2000 cannot make an unassisted long distance calls.
With reference to the exhibit, which feature is restricting the user?

  • A. CCBA
  • B. CCSA
  • C. CLRO
  • D. CLS

Answer : D

Question 5

You have just created 10 new 1140E IP DeskPhone for your customer using Element
Manager. Using accessing Subscriber Manger to assign the users to those newly created
telephones, you notice that the telephones do not appear in Subscribe Manager database.
Which Subscriber Manager synchronization mechanism updates the Subscribe Manger
database with the Communication Server 1000 Element Manger database?

  • A. Synchronize Accounts
  • B. Synchronize Job
  • C. Synchronize Subscribers
  • D. Synchronize Locations

Answer : A

Question 6

Click the Exhibit button.

A customer requires that Distinctive Ringing on a route be allowed.
Which programming within the Customer Data Block (LD 15) indicates the number of times
the call receive a distinctive ring before redirection?

  • A. RNGO, RNG1, RNG2
  • B. FNA0, FNA1, and FNA2
  • C. DFN0, DFN1, and DFN2
  • D. CRTO, CRT1, and CRT2

Answer : C

Question 7

Click the Exhibit button.

Given the customer Route List index shown in the exhibit, what is the first expensive route
that a call placed on that RLI could take?

  • A. Entry 0
  • B. Entry 1
  • C. Entry 2
  • D. Entry 3

Answer : C

Question 8

Click the Exhibit button.

Given a companys dialing plan shown in the exhibit, if a station user at the company in the
New York City is attempting to place a call to Albany and the station dial AC1+661+7449,
what will happen to the call?

  • A. The call will terminate at the Boston location at extension 7449.
  • B. The call will not complete and the user will receive the interface treatment as defined in the Customer Data Block (CDB) for that customer.
  • C. The call will terminate at the Albany location at extension 7449.
  • D. The call will terminate at the LDN of 518-267-7300 over Route 10

Answer : C

Question 9

Click the Exhibit button.

You are adding ten digital telephones as required by a customer work order. The customer
wants the user to see the calling or called name associated with the number dialed.
Which Customer Level feature from the list shown in the exhibit, must first be provisioned
before you can enter names in at the station level?

  • A. Call Redirection
  • B. Feature Options
  • C. Listed Directory Number
  • D. Call Party Name Display

Answer : D

Question 10

What new prompt is added to an IP set configuration to allow for assigning a set for Zone
Based Doling?

  • A. the ZONE prompt
  • B. the NUMZONE prompt
  • C. the DIALPLAN prompt
  • D. the ZBO prompt

Answer : B

Question 11

A customer site has a Communication Server 1000 system located at us main campus and
wants to network me system for direct calls with a system in a different city.
Which type of steering code is required to route calls over specify trunk routes between the
two sites?

  • A. Distant Steering Code (DSC)
  • B. Remote Steering Code (RSC)
  • C. Network Plan Area (NPA)
  • D. Special Number (SPN)

Answer : A

Question 12

When attempting to program Zone Based Dialing through Element Manager, the user is
unable to access the Dialing Configuration Page.
What needs to be configured before the Dialing Configuration Page can be accessed,
assuming the ZBN_PACKAGE (420) is already installed?

  • A. Number Zones need to be configured
  • B. The CDP dialing plan needs to be programmed.
  • C. The ZBN_PACKAGE (420) needs to be disabled.
  • D. Nothing, Zone Based Dialing cannot be configured in Element Manger.

Answer : A

Question 13

A customer has deployed a Communication Server 1000 RIs. 7 x system at their site. Their
sales department is expanding and you have been asked to add Ave new telephones with
the same capabilities as the existing telephones in the department.
Which programming command should you use to complete this task?

  • A. Move to DN
  • B. Move from TN
  • C. Copy from DN
  • D. Copy from TN

Answer : D

Question 14

You are implementing IP Peer Networking in a Communication Server 1000 network. For
correct call routing, the digits dialed by users must be manipulated to conform to the dialing
requirements of the trunk. Which statement describes a property of digit manipulation?

  • A. It is only available on branch offices
  • B. Programming is shared across all network common trunks
  • C. It has the ability to delete and insert leading digits
  • D. It uses 64 tables for digit replacement

Answer : C

Question 15

Click the Exhibit button.

Given the customers programmed database shown in the exhibit and where AC1 = 9,
which RLI will call complete when a station user dials 9-814-666-3434?

  • A. RLI 2
  • B. RLI 3
  • C. RLI 4
  • D. RLI 9
  • E. Call will not complete as dialed

Answer : E

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