820-422 Performing Business-Focused Transformative Architecture Engagements

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Question 1

What does "priority vs.impact" show?

  • A. The sequence which products should be implemented,based on the company's available cash
  • B. The relative levels of importance and impact,for projects within scope of the roadmap
  • C. How projects could be most easily shifted among cloud and on-site infrastructure
  • D. The relationship between initiatives and which executives have the highest level of support for these efforts

Answer : B

Question 2

Which accurately describes the main aspects of the gap analysis approach?

  • A. Identify technology areas to displace competitor products with your offering
  • B. Identify needs or problems due to differences between the customer's current and desired future state
  • C. Identify differences between the customer's current IT products and those available in the market
  • D. Measure how the customer's infrastructure has performed against industry benchmarks

Answer : B

Question 3

What type of document should be used to outline terms between an IT services provider
and the business or customer?

  • A. Service Level Agreement
  • B. Capacity Management Plan
  • C. Service Improvement Plan
  • D. Operational Level Agreement

Answer : A

Question 4

Time-of-day routing in Cisco Unified Communications Manager is configured in which of
these ways?

  • A. by specifying a time schedule on the phone device CSS
  • B. by specifying a time period on the phone device CSS
  • C. by specifying a time schedule on the partition that is being used for time-of-day routing
  • D. by specifying a time period on the partition that is being used for time-of-day routing
  • E. directly on the route pattern using an explicit timetable

Answer : C

Question 5

Which two are customer benefits from Transformative Networking engagements? (Choose

  • A. Gains details that can be directly written into an RFP.
  • B. Gains a Business and IT-aligned Roadmap.
  • C. Gains an objective assessment about the current IT environment.
  • D. Gives long-time IT leaders gain high visibility across the company.

Answer : B,C

Question 6

What is the definition of an advantage?

  • A. A detailed description of the technology behind a product or service
  • B. A description of a product or service and its key attributes
  • C. A generic description of how a feature favorably compares against other alternatives
  • D. A description of how the service/product benefits the customer

Answer : C

Question 7

Which approach should be used to decide solution interdependencies?

  • A. Based on technical staff availability,within the IT organization
  • B. By the IT executive team,as part of quarterly planning activities
  • C. Jointly,by IT and business leaders,during the 3rd phase of Transformative Networking
  • D. Based on business leader preferences and decisions,since they typically have the most influence over budgets

Answer : C

Question 8

In stakeholder mapping and prioritizing using the Influence vs.Interest factors,which group
should we keep satisfied?

  • A. High influence,high interest people
  • B. Low influence,high interest people
  • C. Low influence,low interest people
  • D. High influence,low interest people

Answer : D

Question 9

In preparing for a Transformative Networking engagement with a healthcare
corporation,which would be a good company-provided source of information?

  • A. Notes from your discussion with a previous Cisco account manager
  • B. A rating of the bank's loan portfolio risk,published in a local business newspaper
  • C. The customer's web site,including a page titled: "Regulatory compliance efforts"
  • D. Status reports from your latest major services effort delivered to the customer

Answer : C

Question 10

What are the three phases of Transformative Networking,in the correct order?

  • A. Discovery,Preparation,Delivery
  • B. Engagement,Discovery,Delivery
  • C. Engagement,Delivery,Proposal
  • D. Preparation,Discovery,Proposal

Answer : D

Question 11

A route group is made up of which components?

  • A. an ordered list of route lists
  • B. a set of route patterns with the same reach ability
  • C. a set of gateways and trunks with identical digit-manipulation requirements
  • D. a set of gateways or trunks with different digit-manipulation requirements

Answer : C

Question 12

Which option is an "impacting" solution?

  • A. A chat and conference call application for end users
  • B. Software that helps to increase server performance.
  • C. Backup storage units
  • D. A capability to consolidate data from regions,so it can be analyzed for global trends.

Answer : A

Question 13

Which question would be appropriate for use in uncovering customer's business

  • A. How you do expect IT budgets to change next year?
  • B. How will regulatory compliance make marketing more difficult?
  • C. How much travel expense could be saved by eliminating 4 sales meetings a year?
  • D. Do you have a policy covering whether customerservice reps can work from home?

Answer : B

Question 14

What is the outcome of the Network Architecture Vision Workshop?

  • A. An Architecture Relevance Value Proposition withpriorities,drivers,and outcomes
  • B. A Powerpoint deck with the Borderless Architecture value proposition
  • C. A detailed assessment of the customer technology infrastructure
  • D. An Architecture Relevance Value Proposition that maps onto every section of TOGAF

Answer : A

Question 15

A phone has a device CSS that includes the partitions phones and PSTN.This provides
access for all internal phones and external calls.The first line on this phone has a CSS that
includes the partitions phones,911,and local.If a call is placed to a long-distance
number,will the call be completed and why or why not?

  • A. No,because the CSS on the line does not include the partition for long-distance.
  • B. No,because when there is a CSS on both the line and the device,the line CSS takes precedence.
  • C. Yes,because the line CSS also includes the <None> partition and this will be used to match the long-distance call.
  • D. Yes,because the call will use the device CSS

Answer : D

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