9A0-035 Adobe Illustrator CS ACE Exam

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Question 1

Where in the Save for Web dialog box can you choose a modem speed to display the
correct estimated download time at the bottom of each optimized image option?

  • A. Previewpalettemenu
  • B. Optimize palette menu
  • C. Settings pop-up menu
  • D. Optimized File Format pop-up menu

Answer : A

Question 2

You have created artwork for the Web using your two company colors. Which format and
settings from the Save for Web dialog box should you choose for optimization?

  • A. JPEG
  • B. PNG-8
  • C. GIF; Web
  • D. GIF; selective

Answer : D

Question 3

How do you create text with hanging indentation?

  • A. apply left-justified tabs
  • B. select the Hanging Punctuation option
  • C. applya positive left indent value andanegative first line indent
  • D. apply a negative left indent value and a positive first line indent

Answer : C

Question 4

What is the location of the default settings that determine the resolution when complex
mesh objects are rasterized?

  • A. Create Gradient Mesh
  • B. Transparency Flattener Presets
  • C. Document Raster Effects Settings
  • D. Artboard settings in the Document Setup dialog box

Answer : B

Question 5

Which Illustrator feature allows you to export Illustrator layers to HTML with absolute
positioning and with the ability to overlap each other?

  • A. Slices
  • B. Guides
  • C. Symbols
  • D. CSS Layers

Answer : D

Question 6

You are exporting a document containing raster images to the SWF file format. You want to
compress the file. Which option or command in the SWF Format Options dialog box
specifies the amount of detail in the exported raster images?

  • A. Method
  • B. Resolution
  • C. JPEG Quality
  • D. Image Format > Lossless

Answer : C

Question 7

Which statement about layers in Adobe Illustrator is true?

  • A. Hidden layers are automatically deleted when you flatten an Illustrator document.
  • B. You CANNOT flattenartworkintoalayerthatis locked,oralayer that isatemplate.
  • C. When merging layers, items will be merged into the layer or group that you selected first.
  • D. Layers can only merge with other layers that are on a lower hierarchical level in the Layers palette.

Answer : B

Question 8

You have entered several lines of text in a paragraph. What should you do to increase the
line spacing within the paragraph?

  • A. selectallof thetextwiththetype toolandset the leadinginthe Character palette
  • B. click once on the text with the type tool and set the leading in the Character palette
  • C. select all of the text with the type tool and set the space after the paragraph in the Paragraph palette
  • D. select the text object and choose Adobe Every Line Composer from the Options menu on the Paragraph palette

Answer : A

Question 9

What can you do while viewing the Actions palette in Button mode?

  • A. edit actions
  • B. toggle dialog on/off
  • C. play sets of actions
  • D. play an actionwithasingleclick

Answer : D

Question 10

You have opened a Photoshop (PSD) file in Illustrator 11 using the Convert Photoshop
Layers to Objects option. Which layer features are preserved?

  • A. textlayers
  • B. clipping groups
  • C. adjustment layers
  • D. layers that use a Knockout option

Answer : A

Question 11

You need to produce a document which will be compatible with an older application that
only supports the Adobe Illustrator 8 file format. What should you do?

  • A. choose File > Save a Copy
  • B. choose File > Save As, then select Illustrator EPS
  • C. choose File>ExportthenselectIllustrator Legacy EPS (eps)
  • D. choose File > Save As, then select Adobe Illustrator Document

Answer : C

Question 12

Which command should you use to find the options for setting typographer's quotes for
your document?

  • A. chooseFile>Document Setup
  • B. choose Window > Type > Character
  • C. choose Window > Type > Character Styles
  • D. choose Edit > Preferences > Type & Auto Tracing

Answer : A

Question 13

You have created an enveloped object with a text object and a path object. You want to
edit the text. What should you do?

  • A. choose Select > Object > Text Objects
  • B. choose Object > Envelope Distort > Edit Contents
  • C. choose Object > Envelope Distort > Expand and then use the Type tool to edit the text
  • D. use the Direct Selection tool to select the text portion of the enveloped object and then use the Type tool to edit the text

Answer : B

Question 14

You are exporting an Illustrator document with symbols on multiple layers to Adobe
Photoshop. Which statement is true about the data exported to the Photoshop file format?

  • A. Illustrator converts the data into a format compatible with Photoshop.
  • B. Illustrator preserves the appearance of the artwork by rasterizing the data.
  • C. Illustrator preserves the appearance of the data by merging the layers in the document.
  • D. Illustrator preserves theappearanceofthedatabymerging the layers in the document or by rasterizing the data.

Answer : D

Question 15

You are creating an SWF animation and want to reduce the size of your file. What should
you do?

  • A. use Symbols
  • B. use Variables
  • C. choose Object > Blend > Expand
  • D. choose Object > Blend > Release

Answer : A

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