9A0-152 After Effects CS5 ACE

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Question 1

What is the purpose of the Random Seed option under the Advanced section of a type
Range Selector's properties?

  • A. to determine the speed ofchange between theEase High and Lose Low values of the Range Select
  • B. to randomize the order inwhich the animatedproperty is applied to thecharacters specified by the Range Selector
  • C. to calculate theorder in which specific characters within that Range Selector are affected bythe text animator you apply
  • D. to determine the amount of time the animationtakes totransitionfrom one character to another, when using the Square shapesetting

Answer : B

Question 2

An alert message is displayed indicating that After Effects requires mare memory to display
or render a composition. What should you do?

  • A. quit After Effects, restart yourcomputer, and then launch AfterEffects
  • B. go to Preferences > Memory and Disk Cache, and select Enable Disk Cache
  • C. go the Edit > Purge >All in order to delete all theRAM Previews and cached frames
  • D. go to Preferences > Memory and Multiprocessing,and decrease the RAM toleave for other applications

Answer : B

Question 3

What happens when you insert a dynamically-liked composition into a Premiere Pro
timeline, and play it back within Premiere Pro?

  • A. You see a black frame until you render it or create a RAM preview inside After Effects.
  • B. Premiere Pro must render the linked composition before generatingreal-time playback
  • C. Premiere Pro can play back the comp in real-time, without the need to render it side After Effects.
  • D. After Effects renders the linked composition on a frame-by-frame basic during playback in Premiere Pro.

Answer : D

Question 4

You have opened a project that has missing footage that appears as a placeholder. What
happens when you replace the placeholder with the correct source footage?

  • A. all missing footage forthe projectis relinked
  • B. the footage in the Project panel only is replaced
  • C. the footage in all the compositions that use it is replaced
  • D. the footageis replaced and sets it as a proxy for thecomp

Answer : C

Question 5

You want to ensure that Adobe Illustrator files appear correctly in After Effects, what should
you do when saving files from Illustrator?

  • A. choose File > Save andselect Use Compression in the Illustrator Options dialog box.
  • B. choose File > Save and select Include Linked Files in the Illustrator Options dialog box.
  • C. choose File > Save and selectEmbed ICC profilesin the Illustrator Options dialog box.
  • D. choose File > Save and selectCreate PDF Compatible Filein the Illustrator Options dialog box.

Answer : D

Question 6

Which two features are supported when you render a movie using the OpenGL render
(Choose two.)

  • A. Layer Styles
  • B. 2D motion blur
  • C. Particle effects
  • D. Intersecting 3D layers
  • E. Shininess property settings for 3D layers

Answer : A,B

Question 7

You have made a color correction using the full interface of the Color Finesse Effect. You
now want to keyframe some of its properties. What should you do?

  • A. Move to the time you wish the change to start from, open the Full Interface again and makethe adjustments
  • B. Twirl down the effect in the timeline, apply a keyframe to the Parameters, value, move to the time you wish the effect to change over, open theFull interface again and make the adjustments
  • C. Reset the effect, recreate the settings using theSimplified Interfaceoption and theHSL sliders, then keyframe the animation using the stopwatches under the sliders
  • D. Reset the effect, recreate the settings using theSimplified Interfaceoption and theHSL sliders. Apply keyframs for theadjustedHSL sliders, move to the time you wish the effect to change over, then open the Full Interface again and make the adjustments.

Answer : B

Question 8

You want to move an After Effect project, with all of its assets, from Windows to Mac,
avoiding any errors or missing file warnings. What should you do?

  • A. copy onlythe AEP project file
  • B. convert live text to ShapeLayers first
  • C. avoid using WMV Clip in the original After Effects project
  • D. use the Collect Filesfeature, then open the resulting footage folder and verify that all file extensions are included
  • E. convert all your movies to QuickTimeformat, then re-importand replacetheir usage in the project, before exporting the project

Answer : D

Question 9

How do you undo a change and all changes after it?

  • A. choose File > Revert
  • B. choose Edit > Undo [action]
  • C. choose Edit > History,and select the last change that you wish to undo
  • D. choose Edit > History,and select the firstchange that you wish to undo

Answer : C

Question 10

What is the most reliable way to keep colors within the broadcast safe range for your

  • A. Apply the Hue/Saturation effort andreduce the Master saturation to -5
  • B. Render to a format that supports trillions of colors, such asa DPX/CineonSequence
  • C. Use color management featuresto specify the output color profile accordingly, such as SDTV (Rec. 601 NTSC)
  • D. Change the Color Settings of the project to 32 bits per channel color depth

Answer : C

Question 11

Click the Exhibit button.

What does a small black square on a marker indicate?

  • A. The markercontains XMP metadata.
  • B. The marker has an extended duration.
  • C. The marker contains Clip Notes comments.
  • D. The marker has cue-point data ready for Flash Video export

Answer : D

Question 12

What are two of the most common uses of a garbage matte? (Choose two.)

  • A. to reduce noise and grain in the clip
  • B. to remove unneeded portions of a clip
  • C. to help solve lighting problems in the clip
  • D. to negate the need to use a hold-out matte

Answer : B,D

Question 13

Which two statements about importing native R3D (RED) files into After Effects are true?
(Choose two.)

  • A. The REDSource Settings color adjustments don't preserve overbright values.
  • B. R3D Files are interpreted as containing 32-bpc colors in a non-linear
  • C. Exposure can be manipulated only in the footage interpretation stage, in the RED R3D Source Settings dialog box bar
  • D. The R3D pixelaspect ratio cannot be modified in the footage interpretation stage
  • E. Only half and quarter resolution are supported

Answer : A,B

Question 14

You want to set the softness or a shadow b3sed on its apparent distance from the layer
casting the shadow. What should you do?

  • A. select the 3D layer, choose Effect >Redial Shadow,and raise the effect's Softness value
  • B. doubleclick the light layer in the timeline, activeCasts Shadows andraise the Shadow Darkness value.
  • C. select the 3Dlayer, twirl down its Material Options, enable Casts Shadows, and increase the Diffusesetting
  • D. double click the light layer in the timeline, activeCasts Shadows, and increase the ShadowDiffusion value

Answer : D

Question 15

Which setting in the Camera dialog box determines how much perspective 3D Layers are
rendered with?

  • A. DepthofField
  • B. Aperture
  • C. Angle of view
  • D. Lock to Zoom

Answer : C

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