9A0-313 Photoshop CS6 Recertification Exam

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Question 1

What is one difference between selecting the Black&White adjustment in the Adjustments
panel and selecting Black and White when choosing Image > Adjustments?

  • A. The Image>Adjustments menu option is non-destructive
  • B. The Adjustments panel option allows for the use of Filter Presets
  • C. The Adjustments panel option allows for use of the direct selection tool
  • D. The Image>Adjustments menu option is destructive

Answer : B

Question 2

What occurs when you rotate an image while holding down the Shift key?

  • A. The rotation is constrained to 10 degree increments
  • B. The rotation is constrained to 15 degree increments
  • C. The rotation is constrained to the center point
  • D. The rotation is constrained to the corner point.

Answer : B

Reference:http://www.photoshopessentials.com/basics/free-transform/(see rotating)

Question 3

What occurs when you click on the checkbox for a main section in the Create Metadata

  • A. The values in the metadata template section are cleared
  • B. The corresponding fields within the selection are checked
  • C. The section in the metadada template window is expanded
  • D. All Main sections of in the metadata template are selected

Answer : B

Question 4

You have a document open with 35 layers. One of the layers in the document is a block of
text you need to change. Which layer search option should you use to find the layer?

  • A. Effect
  • B. Attribute
  • C. Kind
  • D. Mode

Answer : B

Question 5

Which is an accurate statement of using LUT adjustments in Photoshop?

  • A. The color mode is set to CMYK
  • B. The colors in an image are always black and white
  • C. The colors in an image are remapped to others based on a Lookup Table
  • D. The image is flattened

Answer : C

Reference:http://www.dpmag.com/how-to/tip-of-the-week/using-photoshops-color-look-up- tables-12-16-13.html#.U9uhN4CSxUM

Question 6

You want to move a layer to underneath another layer. Which keyboard shortcut should
you use?

  • A. Command - [
  • B. Alt - ]
  • C. Alt - [
  • D. Command - ]

Answer : A


Question 7

You want to merge a series of images into a panoramic image. You also want to minimize
the amount of distortion in your panoramic image. Which should you choose?

  • A. Tools > Photoshop > Process Collections in Photoshop
  • B. Tools > Photoshop > Load Files into Photoshop Layers
  • C. Tools > Photoshop > Lens Correction
  • D. Tools > Photoshop > Photomerge

Answer : D

Question 8

What happens when you hold the Shift key while opening an image from Camera Raw into

  • A. The image opens as a copy
  • B. The image opens with no changes
  • C. The image opens as a Smart Object
  • D. The image opens as a layer

Answer : C

Reference:http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=1706766&seqNum=2(See the note)

Question 9

Which setting should you change to increase the speed at which a video plays in

  • A. Duration
  • B. Work area
  • C. Speed
  • D. Frame Rate

Answer : C


Question 10

You have created a layout to share with a client. You want to password protect the file that
will be distributed. Which file format should you use?

  • A. TIFF
  • B. PSD
  • C. PDF
  • D. SVG

Answer : C

Question 11

You are working in the Clone Source panel. Which option best represents the function of
the Clipped checkbox?

  • A. The checkbox locks the frame to the clone source
  • B. The checkbox limits the opacity of the overlay
  • C. The checkbox limits the overlay to the brush size
  • D. The checkbox prevents highlight and shadow clipping

Answer : C


Question 12

You have made some exposure changes in an image in Adobe Camera Raw. How do you
open the image in Photoshop without saving those changes?

  • A. Option click (Mac OS) / Alt click (Windows) the Open button
  • B. Command (Mac OS) / Ctrl (Windows) click the Open button
  • C. Shift click the Open button
  • D. Option (Mac OS) / Alt (Windows) click the Done button

Answer : A

Question 13

You want to create a fade to white over two video clips. What should you do?

  • A. Drag the fade with white effect over both clips.
  • B. Drag the Fade With Color Effect over the end the first clip and select Fade with white. Repeat for the second clip.
  • C. Drag the Fade with white effect over the end of the first clip. Repeat for the second clip
  • D. Drag the fade effect over both clips

Answer : C

Question 14

You want to stroke type with dashes. What should you do?

  • A. Rasterize Type
  • B. Convert to a Smart Object
  • C. Convert to a Shape
  • D. Convert to a Work Path

Answer : D

Question 15

What is displayed while holding down the Alt key and dragging the exposure slider?

  • A. Shadow Clipping
  • B. Tonal Range
  • C. Highlight Clipping
  • D. Pixel Mask

Answer : C

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