9A0-327 Adobe CQ 5.5 Component Developer ACE Exam

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Question 1

What is the most significant difference between the Edit and the Design mode?

  • A. Sidekick is expanded and minimized respectively
  • B. In Design mode authors can enter content to modify the design of the page
  • C. Content edited in Edit mode is saved to the current page, content edited in Design mode is saved to the design settings assigned to the current page
  • D. The Edit mode is mainly used by regular authors while the Design mode is mainly used by super authors

Answer : C

Question 2

You are installing a content package with the Package Manager. What does the setting
Save Threshold in the Install Package dialog mean?

  • A. The time limit in milliseconds to save a batch of nodes to persistent storage in one transaction.
  • B. The approximate number of nodes in a batch that is saved to persistent storage in one transaction.
  • C. The size in kilobytes to save a batch of nodes to persist storage in one transaction.
  • D. The maximum size in kilobytes of a temporary snapshot.

Answer : B

Question 3

How do you disable WebDAV access on the publish instance?

  • A. Remove the WebDAV bundle from the Apache Felix Web OSGI console
  • B. In the CRX User Management Console disable the WebDAV user group
  • C. Comment according servlet mappings in web.xml and stop the WebDAV bundle in the Apache Felix Web OSGi console
  • D. Start CQ with java -jar cq-publish-4503.jar -nobrowser -nowebdav

Answer : C

Question 4

You have a CQ instance configured to use LDAP authentication. In the LDAP configuration
file you see the parameter "com.day.core.CRXLoginModule sufficient;". What is the
purpose of this parameter?

  • A. It means that if CRX can authenticate a user with the CRXLoginModule, the user is authenticated successfully; else CRX uses the next login module.
  • B. It means that if authentication fails with the CRXLoginModule, the complete authentication fails.
  • C. It means that after logging in successfully, user credentials will be copied automatically to CRX.
  • D. It means that the authentication will use a callback implementation.

Answer : A

Question 5

How do you specify dependencies for your CQ HTML client library?

  • A. Add a multivalue property called dependencies to the client library root node, containing the value of the dependent client libraries' categories.
  • B. In the js.txt file specify the path to the client library folder where the dependent files are located.
  • C. Add a multivalue property called dependencies to the template definition containing the value of the dependent client libraries root path.
  • D. Specify the dependencies as path attributes in the <cq:includeClientLib> tag.

Answer : A

Question 6

You created a site /project/en and want to add language sites /de and /fr. What is the best
practice to create the additional language sites?

  • A. Use the WCM console to copy and paste from /en.
  • B. Use the Language Copy tool.
  • C. Create a workflow with a custom process step that creates the according language pages whenever you create a new /en page.
  • D. Create and download a CQ package containing the /en site. Open the zip file and rename the /en folder to /fr or /de, then reinstall the package.

Answer : B

Question 7

What does an Item represent in a JCR repository hierarchical content model diagram?

  • A. The value to be stored
  • B. A Node or a Property
  • C. The UUID of Node
  • D. The path to a Node

Answer : B

Question 8

You have a page and want to create a child page. Which property has the highest priority
to determine which templates can be used?

  • A. cq:allowedParents
  • B. cq:allowedChildren
  • C. cq:allowedPaths
  • D. cq:allowedTemplates

Answer : D

Question 9

You want to install bundles through CRX only in the author instance. Which folder name
can you use for that purpose?

  • A. All folders under the install folder.
  • B. All folders under the install folder that are named author.
  • C. All folders named install.author.
  • D. The folder runmodes.author.

Answer : C

Question 10

You want to configure two hostnames pointing to two different site structures in the same
CQ instance. Which configuration must be set in the Apache Web server?

  • A. You have to create two dispatcher.any configuration files one for each hostname and include the two file paths to the httpd.conf file.
  • B. You have to create a port forwarding configuration in the httpd.conf file to handle the two hostnames.
  • C. You have to create two VirtualHost entries and in each entry specify the rewrite rule to each site structure for each host.
  • D. You have to load the Dispatcher module twice in the httpd.conf and name it with the two hostnames that you want to use.

Answer : C

Question 11

You want to debug a CQ HTML client library in the author instance. You want to avoid
compressing the JavaScript file. What must you do?

  • A. Add a property called debugClientLibs to the js.txt and set the value to true.
  • B. Add a property called debug the client library root node and set the value to true.
  • C. Add a query parameter to the URL called debugClientLibs with the value true.
  • D. Specify an attribute called debug in the <cq:includeClientLib> tag and set the value to true.

Answer : C

Question 12

What is the purpose of a Closed User Group?

  • A. To define a selected group of authors with special authoring permissions
  • B. To define one or more Web pages on the publish instance accessible only by members of the Closed User Group
  • C. To define a group of users and assign them admin rights to manage workflows
  • D. To define a group of users that have special privileges to do system support

Answer : B

Question 13

How do you create a design dialog for a CQ component?

  • A. Create a dialog in the component folder and set the dialog's xtype property to designDialog.
  • B. Create a dialog in the component folder and name it design_dialog.
  • C. Create the same component path structure under the design page and create the dialog there.
  • D. Create a node under the component's dialog node and set the xtype property to designDialog.

Answer : B

Question 14

You are configuring a Replication Agent. What does the check box Use for reverse
replication in the Agent Settings dialog mean?

  • A. If checked, this agent will notify the user about a successful replication from the author to a publish instance.
  • B. If checked, this agent will perform a rollback of a failed replication from an author to a publish instance.
  • C. If checked, this agent will be used to replicate user generated content from the publish to the author instance.
  • D. If checked, this agent will be used to restore a previous version from another instance.

Answer : C

Question 15

You want to view request information sent to the server. Which browser-based tool should
you use?

  • A. Website administration
  • B. Apache Felix Web console
  • C. CQ Servlet Engine console
  • D. JCR Content Explorer

Answer : B

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