9A0-389 Adobe Campaign Developer

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Question 1

A new schema is defined. An error appears, as shown below, when the schema is saved.
What could be the cause of the error?

  • A. The xpath to the enumeration is incorrect.
  • B. The enumeration definition is incorrect.
  • C. The recipient schema is incorrect.
  • D. The eventType element is incorrect.

Answer : D

Question 2

Given the following schema, which is the correct syntax to display the Birth date field on
an input form?

  • A. <input xpath=”recipient/@birthDate”/>
  • B. <input xpath=”birthDate type=”calendar”/>
  • C. <input xpath=”@birthDate’/>
  • D. <input xpath=”birthdate”/>

Answer : C

Question 3

You want to add the following new columns to the output of a direct mail file extract:
Firstparturl is already declared in a JavaScrips activity which will be executed before the
targeting query:
vars.firstparturl = http://www.amazingcompany.com/u=;
The additional column for recipient called John Doe should look like this:
How would you have created the expression in the query activity (Additional columns
window) in order to meet the above mentioned requirement?

  • A. ‘vars.firstparturl’+vars.firstName+’-‘+vars.lastName
  • B. $(vars/@firstparturl)+@firstName+’-‘+@lastName
  • C. $(vars.firstparturl)+firstName+’-‘+lastName
  • D. ‘vars.firstparturl’+$(vars/@firstName)+’-‘+$(vars/@lastName)

Answer : D

Question 4

How can you prevent a user from inputting a recipient without an email address?

  • A. By adding a &lt;testexpr=”@email != ”> element in the form.
  • B. By adding a “dataPolicy=’mandatory’” attribute to the schema.
  • C. By adding a “mandatory=’true’” attribute to the form.
  • D. By adding a trigger in the database.

Answer : C

Question 5

What does it mean to Enable but do not execute a workflow Activity, assuming the
workflow has been started?

  • A. The workflow will execute up until the specified Activity, skip it, and continue without error.
  • B. The workflow will execute up until, but not through, the specified Activity.
  • C. The workflow will execute up until the specified Activity, prepare it to run, and then pause.
  • D. The workflow will execute through the specified Activity and then pause.
  • E. The workflow will execute through the specified Activity normally. but will log additional data in the Journal.

Answer : B

Question 6

What is the purpose of the “Taken into account if” expression on a predefined filer?

  • A. The Taken into account if expression provides the marketing user with a drop-down to select which conditions to apply.
  • B. The conditions on which the “Taken into account if” expression is applied will only be used if the “Taken into account if” expression is true.
  • C. The Taken into account if expression is used to only display an input when the expression is true.
  • D. The “Taken into account if” expression can be used to format the filter result

Answer : D

Question 7

How should you organize the creation of the following tasks?

  • A. Campaign – Program – Plan- Delivery
  • B. Delivery – Campaign – Plan – Program
  • C. Plan – Program – Campaign – Delivery
  • D. Program – Delivery – Plan – Campaign

Answer : A

Question 8

The following data model was automatically created by Adobe Campaign. How would you
implement the corresponding schema?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Answer : C

Question 9

Which is required when creating a new Plan?

  • A. Description
  • B. Parent
  • C. Start and end date
  • D. Nature

Answer : D

Question 10

A user receives an Adobe Campaign email notification where they are informed that
approval is needed for a certain delivery. The user logs into the Adobe Campaign console
and wants to approve the mentioned delivery via the delivery dashboard but the approval
link is NOT displayed there. What would cause the approval link to NOT be shown?

  • A. The delivery has already been approved by another operator.
  • B. The user needs to belong to the “Delivery operators” group in order to see the link.
  • C. Only the link provided in the email notification can be used to approve the delivery.
  • D. The content of the delivery needs to be approved by another operator first.

Answer : A

Question 11

A store runs a satisfaction survey every year. The purpose of the survey is to measure the
change in satisfaction over the years. How should you store the survey responses?

  • A. At attribute in the recipient schema.
  • B. An archived field in the survey.
  • C. An attribute in the broad log schema.
  • D. A database field in the survey.

Answer : B

Question 12

Regarding the schema below, why is the link NOT optimized?

  • A. Integrity rules are not defined
  • B. The sequence for filling primary key values is not defined
  • C. The automatic primary key is not used
  • D. There is no unique index on the idPurchase attribute

Answer : D

Question 13

How should you set the value of the integrity attribute in a link in order to delete the source
occurrence which is NO longer referenced by a target occurrence?

  • A. define
  • B. normal
  • C. own
  • D. neutral

Answer : A

Question 14

Which file handles incoming SOAP requests in Adobe Campaign?

  • A. nljsprouter.jsp
  • B. soaprouter.jsp
  • C. soapservice.jsp
  • D. soapservice.php
  • E. jsprequest.jsp
  • F. neorouter.jssp

Answer : B

Question 15

A new attribute is added to the recipient schema. The error message shown below appears
when opening the recipient. What is the cause of the error?

  • A. The segment attribute is wrong.
  • B. The navtree definition isincorrect.
  • C. The value of the segment in the recipient record is incorrect.
  • D. The form definition is incorrect.

Answer : A

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