9L0-517 ACTC 10.7 Recertification Exam

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Question 1

Which key(s) can you press during a Mac computer's startup to cause the Mac to use
NetBoot at startup?

  • A. Command-N
  • B. N
  • C. Control-N
  • D. Shift-N

Answer : B

Question 2

Review the screenshot from Server app of the Permissions pane for a folder, and then
answer the question below.

Pat is a member of the employees group. You have assigned permissions to a folder as
shown in the screenshot. What access does Pat have to the folder?

  • A. Pat has both read and write access to the folder.
  • B. Pat has write-only access to the folder.
  • C. Pat does not have any access to the folder.
  • D. Pat has read-only access to the folder.

Answer : A

Question 3

You want to configure an OS X Lion Server computer to send you email alerts about
network configuration changes. Which tool do you use to configure the destination email
address for these alerts?

  • A. Server Console
  • B. Server Admin
  • C. Server app
  • D. Server Preferences

Answer : C

Question 4

Which TWO tools can you use to configure SACLs for OS X Lion Server? (Choose 2.)

  • A. Server Admin
  • B. System Information
  • C. Server app
  • D. Server Monitor
  • E. Server Preferences
  • F. System Preferences

Answer : A,C

Question 5

You are using System Image Utility in OS X Lion Server to create a NetBoot image. Which
of these is NOT a valid source for creating the image?

  • A. Mac OS X v10.6 Install DVD
  • B. OS X Lion Install image
  • C. A MacBook Pro running OS X Lion and booted in target disk mode
  • D. A mounted disk image of a hard disk with OS X Lion installed

Answer : A

Question 6

When configuring two websites on one OS X Lion Server computer, what are THREE ways
to configure the server to differentiate between incoming requests for the two sites?
(Choose 3.)

  • A. Configure each site to use a different Apache process.
  • B. Configure each site to use a different port.
  • C. Configure each site to use a different IP address.
  • D. Configure each site to use a different folder.
  • E. Configure each site to use a different socket.
  • F. Configure each site to use a different domain name.
  • G. Configure each site to use different certificates

Answer : B,C,F

Question 7

Which statement best describes the wiki in OS X Lion Server?

  • A. A series of date-stamped and chronologically ordered entries on a website
  • B. A collaborative website that can be edited within a web browser
  • C. A website that is configured to provide access to mail accounts
  • D. A folder on a website,with permissions that restrict access to the files it contains

Answer : B

Question 8

Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below.

What is the DNS name of the mail server for pretendco.com?

  • A. chris.pretendco.com
  • B. pretendco.com
  • C. peggy.pretendco.com
  • D. admin.pretendco.com

Answer : A

Question 9

Along with IMAP, POP, and SMTP, which email protocol does the Mail application in OS X
Lion support?

  • A. WebDAV
  • B. EWS
  • C. CalDAV
  • D. MAPI

Answer : B

Question 10

How does VPN service support OS X Lion Server security?

  • A. VPN determines whether an incoming packet is a legitimate response to an outgoing request,or part of an ongoing session.
  • B. VPN provides strong authentication,and encrypted data transport between devices.
  • C. VPN provides a framework for the authentication methods available to the server.
  • D. VPN blocks the normal connection failure notification to the source of a failed connection if the failed connection was sent to a closed port onthe server.

Answer : B

Question 11

Which TWO types of profile must you install on an iOS device to enable its user(s) to wipe
the device remotely? (Choose 2.)

  • A. trust profile
  • B. user profile
  • C. remote management profile
  • D. device profile
  • E. configuration profile

Answer : A,C

Question 12

Which protocol do applications use with the iCal service in OS X Lion Server?

  • A. ActiveSync Calendar Class Protocol (ASCCP)
  • B. Apple iCal Synchronization Protocol (AiSP)
  • C. Calendar Server Extensions for WebDAV (CalDAV)
  • D. Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Answer : C

Question 13

How do you create a configuration profile for a group managed on an OS X Lion Server
computer located at server17.pretendco.com?

  • A. In Workgroup Manager,connect to server17.pretendco.com,select the group,and click Add Configuration.
  • B. In Server Tools,open Profile Manager,connect to server17.pretendco.com,select the group in the Library,and edit the profile.
  • C. In Server Admin,connect to server17.pretendco.com,select Profile Manager,select Groups,select the target group,and then click Add (+).
  • D. In a web browser,go to https://server17.pretendco.com/profilemanager/,select Groups in the sidebar,select the target group,click the Profile tab,and then click Edit.

Answer : D

Question 14

Which of these is an example of authorization in OS X Lion and OS X Lion Server?

  • A. The list of available volumes displayed when connecting to a file service
  • B. A ticket-granting ticket in Ticket Viewer
  • C. The "Connect to Server" dialog in Server Admin
  • D. The User ID in a user account

Answer : A

Question 15

Which statement accurately compares WebDAV, AFP, and SMB file sharing protocols?

  • A. WebDAV URLs may include a username and password; AFP and SMB URLs CANNOT.
  • B. WebDAV and AFP authentication can be auto-configured using Bonjour; SMB authentication CANNOT.
  • C. SMB and WebDAV are browsable using NetBIOS; AFP is not.
  • D. Firewalls configured to allow non-encrypted web traffic also allow WebDAV traffic; AFP and SMB may require custom firewall configuration.

Answer : D

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