9L0-616 Xsan Administration v10.4 Exam

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Question 1

What port settings should you use when configuring Apple host bus adapters (HBAs) and
Xserve RAIDs on a Qlogic switch?

  • A. Device Scan enabled on host machine ports and on storage device ports.
  • B. Device Scan disabled on host machine ports and on storage device ports.
  • C. Device Scan enabled on host machine ports, and disabled on storage device ports.
  • D. Device Scan disabled on host machine ports, and enabled on storage device ports.

Answer : D

Question 2

You have created an Xsan volume with two storage pools, each composed of two LUNs.
Where is the Xsan volume's metadata and journaling information stored?

  • A. on the first LUN in each storage pool
  • B. on the second LUN in each storage pool
  • C. on the local drive of the metadata controller
  • D. on the first storage pool you added to the volume
  • E. on the second storage pool you added to the volume

Answer : D

Question 3

In an Xsan implementation, what TWO types of devices are connected to a Fibre Channel

  • A. ISLs
  • B. SFPs
  • C. LUNs
  • D. targets
  • E. initiators

Answer : D,E

Question 4

What is the largest Xsan volume you can create on Mac OS X v10.4.x clients that are
running Xsan 1.3 or later?

  • A. 16 terabytes
  • B. 64 terabytes
  • C. 128 terabytes
  • D. 2 petabytes

Answer : D

Question 5

You try to save a file from an Xsan client to an Xsan volume, but receive an alert message
that indicates error -1425 has occurred. What is the MOST LIKELY cause?

  • A. The Xsan volume is busy.
  • B. Saving the file would cause you to exceed your hard quota.
  • C. Another user is saving changes simultaneously to the same file on the Xsan volume.
  • D. You are trying to save the file to a folder or volume where you do not have write permissions.

Answer : B

Question 6

How is file system metadata transported between clients and the metadata controller?

  • A. over an iSCSI bus
  • B. over an 802.1x network
  • C. over an Ethernet network
  • D. over a Fibre Channel network

Answer : C

Question 7

Creating multiple storage pools within an Xsan volume can help ________.

  • A. increase the bandwidth of the private LAN
  • B. decrease the number of RAID arrays needed
  • C. improve data transfer efficiency to the volume
  • D. improve performance of LUN mapping and masking

Answer : C

Question 8

What component(s) MUST be present for a SAN to be considered a Fibre Channel fabric?

  • A. at least one Fibre Channel hub
  • B. at least one Fibre Channel switch
  • C. at least two Fibre Channel host bus adapters
  • D. at least two initiator nodes and one target node, connected via the FC-AL protocol

Answer : B

Question 9

What tool should you use to view the World Wide Port Nodes (WWPNs) for an Apple Fibre
Channel PCI card and an Apple Fibre Channel PCI-X card?

  • A. cvadmin
  • B. Xsan Admin
  • C. RAID Admin
  • D. Fibre Channel Utility

Answer : D

Question 10

Which statement represents an advantage of Fibre Channel switches over Fibre Channel

  • A. Switches use FC-AL protocol.
  • B. Switches support point-to-point connections.
  • C. Switches enable the use of fiber-optic cabling.
  • D. Switches allow multiple, simultaneous connections.

Answer : D

Question 11

Which TWO types of SAN client can recognize and use access control lists (ACLs) on an
Xsan volume?

  • A. Xsan 1.2
  • B. Xsan 1.3
  • C. Xsan 1.4
  • D. compatible versions of Unix
  • E. compatible versions of Windows StorNext

Answer : C,E

Question 12

Which parameter defines the number of file allocation blocks that a client writes to a LUN
before moving on to the next LUN within a storage pool?

  • A. stripe breadth
  • B. number of LUNs
  • C. block allocation size
  • D. RAID level configuration

Answer : A

Question 13

A host bus adapter (HBA) is ________.

  • A. a copper cable that connects Fibre Channel nodes
  • B. a fiber-optic cable that connects Fibre Channel nodes
  • C. a command sent by the metadata controller to halt bus access by clients
  • D. an interface card that allows a computer to connect to a Fibre Channel network

Answer : D

Question 14

You want to add a storage pool to an existing Xsan volume. Which TWO steps should you
complete before you add the storage pool?

  • A. Stop the Xsan volume.
  • B. Initialize the storage pool.
  • C. Extend the maximum Xsan volume size.
  • D. Unmount the Xsan volume from all nodes.
  • E. Mount the Xsan volume on the primary metadata controller.

Answer : A,D

Question 15

You want to use access control lists (ACLs) on your Xsan volumes. What minimum version
of Xsan must be running on the SAN controller for you to do so?

  • A. version 1.1
  • B. version 1.2
  • C. version 1.3
  • D. version 1.4

Answer : D

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