9L0-623 Mac OS X Deployment 10.6 Exam

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Question 1

You are building a school computer lab with 55 computers. If you plan to boot all of the lab
computers from the NetBoot service
What minimum network band width does Apple recommended?

  • A. 10-Mbit switched Ethernet
  • B. 100-MBit Ethernet
  • C. 100-MBit switched Ethernet
  • D. Gigabit Ethernet

Answer : D

Question 2

Which statement describes how asr server functions when restoring multiple computers
with the same copy of an ASR disk image?

  • A. The server transmits the data to a single IP address
  • B. The restorations are performed in the order requested
  • C. Any pickets that are dropped will be retransmitted separately by asr
  • D. The computers will restart from a network image and run asr immediately after restarting

Answer : A

Question 3

Which command-line tool can you use to create a disk image?

  • A. mkdmg
  • B. hdiutil
  • C. diskutil
  • D. create image

Answer : B

Question 4

You created a flat-file installation package on a Mac OS X v10.6 computer, then installed
the software it contained on another Mac OS X computer, You find that some of the
applications that were installed do not function property, and you can no longer print from
any application on the computer. You want to fix any damage done by the installation. First,
you should ________

  • A. Remove the package receipt from /Library/Receipts/
  • B. Open Disk Utility, select the hard disk from the list of volumes, and click Repair Permissions
  • C. Open the installation package again on the target computer and choose Remove from the File menu
  • D. Open the installation package protect file in Package Maker and click the Undo System Changes button in the toolbar

Answer : B

Question 5

You have configured two Mac OS X Server v10.6 computers as Software Update servers.
You want the Software Update service on one computer to retrieve available software
updates from the other, instead of both computers downloading updates from Apple's
public Software Update servers. Which file should you edit to achieve this goal?

  • A. /etc/swupd/swupd.conf
  • B. /etc/swupd/swupd.plist
  • C. /usr/share/swupd/html/index.sucatalog
  • D. /Library/Preferences/com.apple.SoftwareUpdate.plist

Answer : B

Question 6

You want to creates Mac OS X v10.6 ASR deployment image that does NOT contain
Computer-special data or configuration settings, such as cache files and network port
settings. Which disk image creation method does Apple recommend to achieve this goal?

  • A. Using System Image Utility. Create a disk image of an unconfigured Mac OS X v10.6 computer.
  • B. Using Disk Utility, create a disk image of an unconfigured Mac Os X v10.6 computer system, then boot the computer from the disk image, configure the computer, and save the changes to the disk image
  • C. Using Disk Utility, Create a blank disk image, then install onto the Image (in order): 1) Mac OS X v10.6; 2) Operating system updates provided by Apple: 3) essential software installer packages; 4) scripts to configure the system after it has been imaged
  • D. Using Disk Utility, make an image. of an external hard disk that has been prepared by following these steps (in order): 1) Install Mac OS X v10.6 onto the external hard disk; 2) boot a Macintosh computer from the external hard disk; 3) install Mac OS X updates; and 4) install additional applications on the hard disk

Answer : C

Question 7

In Mac OS X v10.6, what is a meta package?

  • A. An installation package that installs a configured Mac OS X v10.6 system
  • B. A package that lists files that were installed by a specific installation package
  • C. An installation package that contains or references other installation packages
  • D. An installation package that contains installation scripts but no installable files

Answer : C

Question 8

Which procedure will display a list of the files that will be installed by a flattened installation
package named "OfficeFiles.pkg"?

  • A. In Terminal, type pkgutil ---payload-files OfficeFiles.pkg and press Return.
  • B. Open the OfficeFiles.pkg file in Package Maker and choose List Files from the File menu.
  • C. In Disk Utility, choose Convert from the File menu, select the OfficeFiles.pkg file, then choose Bundle from File Type pop-up menu, and click Save.
  • D. In the Finder, Control-click the OfficeFiles.pkg file, choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu, and then double-click the Archive.bom file.

Answer : A

Question 9

How can you configure an unmanaged Mac OS X v10.6 computer to retrieve software
updates from a Software Update server at updates.pretendco.com?

  • A. In Terminal, type defaults write com. Pretendco. Updates Softwareupdates and press Return
  • B. In the Software Update preferences, click the advanced tab and enter updates.pretendco.com in the URL field
  • C. In Terminal, type defaults write /Library/Preferences/com, apple. Software Updat CatalogURL http:// updates. pretendco.com:8088/ and press Return.
  • D. In Workgroup Manager, choose View Directories from the Server menu, select the Localhost computer account, click the Network tab, and enter updates pretendco.com in the Software Update Server field

Answer : C

Question 10

You enable the NetBoot service on a Mac OS X Server v10.6 computer. and configure the
server to store NetBoot images on its boot volume. Where on the server should you store a
NetBoot image so that it can be deployed by the NetBoot server?

  • A. /etc/NetBoot/NetBootSP0/
  • B. etc/NetBoot/NetBootCIients0/
  • C. /Library/NetBoot/NetBootSP0/
  • D. /Library/NetBoot/NetBootClients0/
  • E. /System/Library/ NetBoot/NetBootSP0/
  • F. System/ Library/NetBoot/NetBootClient0/

Answer : C

Question 11

You have completed the initial configuration of a Mac OS X v10.6 computer. How can you
force Setup Assistant to run again the next time this computer starts up?

  • A. Remove the admin user account from the computer
  • B. Add Setup Assistant to the /Startup items/ folder on the computer
  • C. Remove the file titled, “AppIeSetupDone” from the /var/db/ folder
  • D. Create a file titled, AppleConfig with all the configuration details, and store it In the Ivar/db/ folder on the computer.

Answer : C

Question 12

Review the screenshots of two NetBoot Settings panes in Server Admin, then answer the
question An admin user booted a Client computer from the Leopard Boot image, and
created a file in/on the client computer. Where is the file stored?

  • A. In the user’s network home folder
  • B. On the NetBoot servers Data volume
  • C. On the NetBoot server’s Macintosh HD volume
  • D. On the NetBoot client computer’s local hard drive

Answer : D

Question 13

You have created a flat-file package on a Mac Os X v10.8 computer. What is the oldest
version of Mac OS X that can be running on the computer where this package will be

  • A. Mac OS X v10.2.0
  • B. Mac OS X v10.3.0
  • C. Mac OS X v10.4.0
  • D. Mac OS X v10.8.0

Answer : D

Question 14

You are creating a script that will run on multiple computers after a system image has been
installed on them. The script will update the By Host preferences on those computers.
Which command can you insert in the script to identify what the system-specific portion of
the By Host preference file names should be?

  • A. system_profiler -detaillevel basic I grep -E ‘(GUID)’
  • B. ioreg –rd1 -c lOPlatformExpertDevice I grep -E ‘(UUID)’
  • C. ioreg -rdl -c lOPlatformEpertDevice I grep -E ‘(SeraalNumber)’
  • D. system_profiler -detaillevel basic I grep -E (Unique Network ID)’

Answer : B

Question 15

What is the role of the mach macosx file In a NetBoot image?

  • A. It is the properly list file defining the NetBoot service options for the image
  • B. It contains the hardware drivers for the Mac OS X system on the NetBoot image
  • C. It contains the Mac OS X kernel that is used by the computer that is booting from the NetBoot image
  • D. It is the startup file that the firmware on the computer that is booting from the NetBoot image uses to begin the startup process

Answer : C

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