AX0-100 Axis Network Video Exam

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Question 1

How can existing coaxial cable be leveraged when installing network cameras?

  • A. They can be used but are normally in bad shape, making them futile to use
  • B. They are excellent for power transmission
  • C. By using a media converter
  • D. Coax cannot be leveraged for network cameras

Answer : C

Question 2

In setting up PTZ control for an Axis encoder, it's very easy to overlook a very important
step in the configuration process. After properly connecting the communication wires to the
encoder, the next recommended step in the setup is:

  • A. Downloading the correct Device ID from the Axis website
  • B. Setting the Baud Rate to match the analog PTZ' s
  • C. Setting the Device ID to match the analog ID
  • D. Uploading the correct PTZ driver

Answer : D

Question 3

Match the product series with right product. Drag each gray box from the left column to the
matching image box in the right column.

Answer :

Question 4


  • A. Is required to enable viewing network surveillance video on mobile devices.
  • B. Is a network specially optimized to handle video data packets.
  • C. Creates a secure tunnel through the network, where your information travels encrypted.
  • D. Translates domain names to IP addresses, according to the IPv4 standard.

Answer : C

Question 5

When choosing a camera for extreme low temperature environments, how would Arctic
Temperature Control ensure camera longevity?

  • A. The product is always kept cold
  • B. The product can handle low ambient temperatures
  • C. The product is protected against extreme temperatures
  • D. The product performs a stepped start-up at low ambient temperature

Answer : D

Question 6

IP51 and IP52 means that the camera

  • A. Can be placed in or outdoors.
  • B. Is resistant to dust and dripping water.
  • C. Is vandal resistant.
  • D. Is designed for tough environments.

Answer : B

Question 7

If using H.264 compression, in theory, what could a video containing no l-frames look like?

  • A. The first P-frame is visible during the whole video
  • B. A black image is visible during the whole video
  • C. All moving objects will be visible
  • D. All non-moving objects will be visible

Answer : C

Question 8

When zooming in on an object with varifocal or zoom lens, light sensitivity of the camera is

  • A. increasing
  • B. decreasing
  • C. the same
  • D. dependent on lens

Answer : B

Question 9

What is one of the main purposes of using AXIS Camera Application Platform?

  • A. Loading of applications directly to the SD/SDHC card on the camera
  • B. Loading a Video Management Software (VMS) to be run directly on the camera
  • C. Loading of applications to be run directly on the camera
  • D. Loading of VAPIX┬« applications directly on the camera

Answer : C

Question 10

What is the difference between a zoom lens and a varifocal lens?

  • A. There is no difference
  • B. A zoom lens maintains focus when changing field of view
  • C. A zoom lens always has automatic focus
  • D. A varifocal lens has a longer field of view

Answer : B

Question 11

The main purpose of the remote focus function is to

  • A. Help the installer manually focus the camera onsite.
  • B. Make the camera refocus every time it is triggered by motion.
  • C. Make the camera automatically focus on objects at a set distance.
  • D. Eliminates the need for an installer to manually set focus at the camera.

Answer : D

Question 12

In what way does VAPIX ® help integrators?

  • A. It offers a multi-language tutorial for implementation of analytics
  • B. It improves efficiency when implementing multi-camera tracking
  • C. It connects products to automatically upgrade products with the latest firmware
  • D. The openness helps integrate Axis products with other system components

Answer : D

Question 13

Which is a benefit of using VLANs and IP subnets?

  • A. An encrypted communication link is established over the internet, allowing surveillance video to be securely viewed off-site
  • B. The network provides end-to-end encryption to prevent malicious users from intercepting network traffic
  • C. The network will only allow access from authorized devices, eliminating the risk that malicious users disconnect cameras to intercept network traffic
  • D. Network surveillance video can be kept separate from other network traffic, reducing the risk that malicious users will intercept it

Answer : D

Question 14

A customer has a lot of motion blur on recordings from a fixed camera. What would be the
most likely setting to address the blurring?

  • A. Gain level
  • B. Brightness
  • C. Backlight compensation
  • D. Shutter speed

Answer : D

Question 15

If a surveillance camera is installed in an environment with fluorescent lighting, which effect
may this have on the video quality?

  • A. Increased color saturation
  • B. Flickering effects on video
  • C. Increased random noise
  • D. Motion blur on moving objects

Answer : B

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