BCP-220 Supporting BlackBerry Devices in a BlackBerry Internet Service Environment

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Question 1

A customer is receiving several network@etpxxxx.etp.yy.blackberry.net. email messages in
the email application on their computer and on the BlackBerry device. The affected email
address is set up through the BlackBerry Internet Service. Which of the following could
cause this to happen? (Choose one.)

  • A. The BlackBerry Desktop Software was installed on an unsupported operating system
  • B. The BlackBerry Desktop Software was installed with BlackBerry Desktop Redirector
  • C. A server-side forwarding rule was set up to forward email messages to a hosted BlackBerry device email address
  • D. The BlackBerry Desktop Software was installed without the Certificate Synchronization application
  • E. The BlackBerry device was provisioned for BlackBerry Enterprise Server service only

Answer : B

Question 2

BlackBerry Desktop Manager is not detecting the BlackBerry device using Bluetooth.
Which two of the following actions should the BlackBerry device user take to make this
connection? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use the Application Loader tool to install Bluetooth components on the BlackBerry device
  • B. Plug in the BlackBerry device to a computer to install the appropriate Bluetooth drivers
  • C. Ensure that Bluetooth Support is checked when installing BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  • D. Ensure that the Bluetooth software installed on the computer is supported by the BlackBerry device
  • E. Set the BlackBerry device to Discoverable mode in the Bluetooth options

Answer : D,E

Question 3

Which of the following is a possible cause for JVM error 507 being displayed on the
BlackBerry device? (Choose one.)

  • A. An application being installed incorrectly
  • B. Incorrectly entering the BlackBerry device password ten times
  • C. A USB connection failure during the Application Load process
  • D. Attempting to use an application that does not have the correct service books
  • E. Failing to pair the BlackBerry device with another BlackBerry device using Bluetooth

Answer : C

Question 4

A BlackBerry device user is unable to reply to or forward an email message more than two-
days old that was received using an integrated POP email account. What are two potential
causes for this issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. A desktop email application has removed the email message from the messaging server
  • B. The service books for the integrated email account were deleted from the BlackBerry device
  • C. Email reconciliation or synchronization has been disabled by the user on the BlackBerry device
  • D. The BlackBerry device has an intermittent connection to the wireless data network
  • E. The original email message was from another user in the same domain

Answer : A,B

Question 5

What is changed when the Email Account Name field is modified in the settings for the
integrated email account? (Choose one.)

  • A. The source email address
  • B. The email address that appears in the From field
  • C. The name of the integration service books
  • D. The type of email account integration
  • E. The user name to access the source mailbox of the email integration

Answer : C

Question 6

When an administrator tries to configure synchronization using BlackBerry Desktop
Manager, Microsoft Outlook fails to display as an option. Which of the following would
cause this to occur? (Choose one.)

  • A. The MAPI connection was misconfigured
  • B. The BlackBerry Device Software is unsupported
  • C. The USB drivers were installed incorrectly
  • D. The version of Microsoft Outlook being used is unsupported
  • E. A BlackBerry profile was not created in Microsoft Outlook

Answer : D

Question 7

A BlackBerry device user is trying to configure synchronization with BlackBerry Desktop
Manager. BlackBerry Desktop Manager and Windows Device Manager do not detect the
BlackBerry device. What are three possible causes for this issue? (Choose three.)

  • A. Power Management is enabled on the USB root hubs
  • B. The USB cable being used is malfunctioning
  • C. The version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager is incompatible with the BlackBerry device
  • D. The BlackBerry Device Software has yet to be installed on the computer
  • E. The BlackBerry device is connected to a USB hub

Answer : A,B,E

Question 8

Which of the following might prevent BlackBerry device users from installing Google Maps
on their BlackBerry devices? (Choose one.)

  • A. The BlackBerry device memory is full
  • B. It is an unsupported application
  • C. The BlackBerry device is not provisioned for BlackBerry Enterprise Plus services
  • D. The users do not have BlackBerry Internet Service accounts
  • E. A BlackBerry Internet Service policy is blocking the application

Answer : A

Question 9

A BlackBerry device user is trying to install BlackBerry Desktop Manager. The installation
fails with the following error message: Error 1904 Which two of the following
troubleshooting steps should the user employ to address this issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. Unregister and re-register the atl.dll file
  • B. Remove any IT policies from the BlackBerry device
  • C. Install BlackBerry Desktop Manager on a different Windows profile
  • D. Install a supported version of Microsoft Outlook
  • E. Update the MAPI subsystem to a compatible version

Answer : A,C

Question 10

When are you required to use the advanced integration feature of the BlackBerry Internet
Service? (Choose one.)

  • A. When integrating a third-party email account that requires a proxy server
  • B. When integrating a BlackBerry Internet Service account that has a password specified
  • C. When integrating a Microsoft Outlook Web Access email account that has an Internet Security and Acceleration Server
  • D. When integrating a third-party email account that requires a user name not found in the email address
  • E. When integrating a Yahoo! email account in order to receive instant email message notifications

Answer : D

Question 11

A BlackBerry device user recently configured filters for an integrated AOL email account
and is no longer receiving any email messages on the BlackBerry device. What would
cause this to happen? (Choose one.)

  • A. "Forward messages to device" is set to send only email message headers
  • B. A filter was created to block email messages when the subject contains "all.*"
  • C. Updated service books have not been sent to the BlackBerry device
  • D. A filter was created with the Filter Name of "Block all messages"
  • E. "When no filters apply" is set to not forward email messages to the BlackBerry device

Answer : E

Question 12

When sending email messages from a BlackBerry device using an integrated Microsoft
Outlook Web Access email account, a BlackBerry device user receives a red X. Within the
red X, the message status reads: Message included an invalid address. What are three
possible reasons for this error message? (Choose three.)

  • A. The integrated email account is an alias for the primary email address of the Microsoft Outlook Web Access email account
  • B. The integrated email account does not match the Sent From address of the Microsoft Outlook Web Access email account
  • C. The Inbox folder of the Microsoft Outlook Web Access email account has reached its maximum capacity
  • D. The BlackBerry device does not have the service books for the integrated Microsoft Outlook Web Access email account
  • E. The Microsoft Outlook Web Access email account does not have Send As permissions granted for the BlackBerry device

Answer : A,B,C

Question 13

How can the BlackBerry Desktop Redirector be integrated during the installation of
BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 4.7? (Choose one.)

  • A. Configure to associate with a BlackBerry device
  • B. Configure to integrate with a work email account
  • C. Configure to add a POP email account
  • D. Configure to perform folder redirection
  • E. Configure to integrate with a personal email account

Answer : B

Question 14

A BlackBerry device user is attempting to synchronize with the BlackBerry Desktop
Manager. When the user clicks Synchronization on the Synchronization Configuration
screen, an unknown error is displayed. What are three troubleshooting steps that the user
should take to address this issue? (Choose three.)

  • A. Update the BlackBerry device USB drivers on the computer
  • B. Re-install BlackBerry Desktop Manager to integrate with a personal email account
  • C. Re-install BlackBerry Desktop Manager with Administrative privileges
  • D. Delete the Intellisync folder and re-configure synchronization
  • E. Disable User Account Control for Windows Vista

Answer : C,D,E

Question 15

Which of the following must be installed on a BlackBerry device user's computer to update
the BlackBerry Device Software using BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 4.7 if there is
NOT an active Internet connection? (Choose one.)

  • A. BlackBerry Device Software
  • B. Synchronize Certificates Manager
  • C. Roxio Media Manager
  • D. BlackBerry Automatic Update
  • E. Device Switch Wizard

Answer : A

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