BCP-240 Blackberry10 Support Specialist

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Question 1

A customer has enabled Developer mode on the BlackBerry 10 (BB10). The customer
connects the device to a computer and is unable to access the BB10 to load the custom
BB10 application. What is the most likely cause for this?

  • A. The BlackBerry Network Device driver was not installed and the USB connected BB10 does not present its IP Address specified to the operating system of the attached computer.
  • B. The USB driver was not initialized properly and the BB10 does not present all available interfaces, which prevents the operating system from detecting the Developer Mode IP Address.
  • C. The assigned Developer Mode IP address is conflicting with an already present IP address on the network to which the attached computer has a network connection.
  • D. The USB dhver is not the correct version and needs to be updated to a version that contains the kernel mode driver that allows Developer Mode access.

Answer : A

Question 2

If the owner wishes to continue without signing into or creating a BlackBerry ID when first
using a BlackBerry smartphone, what limitations or actions will be encountered?

  • A. The out of box experience will not complete and the BlackBerry smartphone will remain on the BlackBerry ID screen and persist through device restarts as a valid ID is required to use the BlackBerry smartphone.
  • B. The BlackBerry smartphone will restart and present the out of box experience from the initial Welcome to BlackBerry screen if an attempt is made to bypass the screen by swiping left.
  • C. The out of box experience can be completed, but access to BlackBerry apps and services such as downloading applications from BlackBerry App World and setting up BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will not be available until a BlackBerry ID is associated to the BlackBerry smartphone.
  • D. The out of box experience will complete and access to BlackBerry services will be blocked until a security wipe is performed and a BlackBerry ID is associated to the smartphone during the subsequent out of box experience.

Answer : C

Question 3

A user reports getting a 403 error while trying to configure their e-mail account. What is the
most likely cause?

  • A. The user is not provisioned for data services.
  • B. The user* s password has been mistyped.
  • C. ActiveSync is currently off-line.
  • D. ActiveSync is not configured with Autodiscover.

Answer : C

Question 4

When the customer opens a new application, previously running applications are no longer
seen. What is most likely happening in this scenario?

  • A. The Active Screen only displays four running applications. If a fifth application is opened, the oldest running application is closed to make room on the display.
  • B. The Active Screen only displays four running applications. If there are five or more applications active, a second Active Screen is launched to display the additional. Swipe left to right to reveal the additional Active Screen.
  • C. The Active Screen only displays four running applications. If there are five or more applications active, swipe from the bottom of the screen up to reveal additional running applications.
  • D. The Active Screen only displays four running applications full size. If there are five or more applications active, the icons are shrunk to allow additional applications to be shown.

Answer : C

Question 5

Where are notifications that an application has finished downloading from BlackBerry World

  • A. Settings > Notifications > Other Applications > BlackBerry World > Download Notifications
  • B. Settings > Notifications > BlackBerry World > Download Notifications
  • C. BlackBerry World > Settings > General Settings > Download Notifications
  • D. BlackBerry World > Settings > Notifications > Download Notifications

Answer : C

Question 6

What is the name of the Blackberry desktop client for BlackBerry 10 (BB10)?

  • A. Device Manager
  • B. WebDesktop
  • C. BlackBerry Link
  • D. BlackBerry Desktop Manager for BB10

Answer : C

Question 7

It can be necessary to distribute client certificates to tablets and handhelds in order to
connect to:

  • A. the Internet.
  • B. cellular networks.
  • C. encrypted hard drives.
  • D. Enterprise Wi-Fi or VPN Networks.

Answer : D

Question 8

When logs are requested by BlackBerty. what application and command is used to gather
the requested logs?

  • A. Open Help, select Home, swipe down from the bezel and select Supportfrom the panel
  • B. Open Help, select Support and then select the newty available Create Report on the bottom panel.
  • C. Open Help, select Support, swipe down from the bezel and select Create Report from the top panel.
  • D. Open Help, select Support and select Log Submission from the List.

Answer : B

Question 9

What steps are needed to port and install applications which are present on a BlackBerry 7
(BB7) smartphone to the BlackBerry 10 (BB10) smartphone on a device switch?

  • A. While using the BlackBerry link, check the applications to be copied over to the BB10 smartphone while using the device switch feature.
  • B. The BB7 applications should be ported using the 2BB10 web-convert tool.
  • C. CD7 applications are incompatible with BB10 platform; hence, cannot be ported ovei unless the application is released for the BB10 platform.
  • D. Load the BB7 runtime on the BB10 smartphone.

Answer : C

Question 10

What happens when a user activates a Playbook in addition to a smartphone on the
BlackBerry Device Service (BDS)?

  • A. The smartphone stops communication with the server
  • B. The smartphone has a popup to choose the device to continue communication with the BDS.
  • C. Both the Playbook and the smartphone will continue to work since the BDS supports multiple devices per user.
  • D. The devices with the most memory free will stay enabled, and the other devices are disabled from the BDS automatically.

Answer : C

Question 11

A user has received a new BlackBerry, but the micro SIM has not arrived. How can this
user be assisted to activate the new BlackBerry?

  • A. Wi-Fi activate
  • B. NFC Activate
  • C. VPN Proxy support
  • D. Activation is not possible

Answer : A

Question 12

The menu icon within applications, indentified by three dots, is known as what type of

  • A. Extended Menu
  • B. Full Menu
  • C. Crosscut Menu
  • D. Advanced Menu

Answer : C

Question 13

When using the accessibility feature "Magnify Mode ", what action can be taken to quickly
remove the magnification?

  • A. Go to Option -> Accessibility and disable Magnify Mode
  • B. Pinch with two fingers on the screen to zoom out.
  • C. Swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers.
  • D. Click the center button between the volume keys.

Answer : C

Question 14

How would a user activate with BlackBerry Device Service when external connection to the
internet is offline?

  • A. Fully qualified domain name:8082
  • B. Fully qualified domain name:8081
  • C. Fully qualified domain name:3101
  • D. Fully qualified domain name:4101

Answer : B

Question 15

Performing a Security Wipe will delete which of the following?

  • A. All PIM information, pictures or videos but not downloaded applications
  • B. All data on the device including any pictures or videos, and downloaded applications
  • C. All data from the work perimeter
  • D. If work perimeter does not exist then all data but not downloaded applications

Answer : B

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