BCP-520 Integrating the BlackBerry MVS Solution

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Question 1

When a BlackBerry device is connected to a network, which BlackBerry MVS diagnostic
tool should the BlackBerry MVS user use to determine the SSID of that network? (Choose

  • A. BlackBerry MVS Provisioning Report
  • B. Manage Connections Service status
  • C. BlackBerry MVS Unified Diagnostic Report
  • D. BlackBerry MVS Server MVS Session Manager log
  • E. BlackBerry device Connection Logging

Answer : B

Question 2

When wireless data coverage is lost during a BlackBerry MVS Voice over Mobile call, what
are DTMF tones used for? (Choose one.)

  • A. Switch to standby BlackBerry MVS Session Manager
  • B. Associate to a different Wi-Fi network
  • C. Send email messages
  • D. Send call control requests
  • E. Send logging information to the BlackBerry MVS administrator

Answer : D

Question 3

Which BlackBerry MVS Session Manager configuration setting is required in order for
BlackBerry device-initiated calling to work? (Choose one.)

  • A. Configure a unique SIP IP address
  • B. Configure BlackBerry MVS for High Availability
  • C. Add a unique DID/DDI number to each BlackBerry MVS Session Manager
  • D. Add a unique BlackBerry MVS Telephony Connector Caller Identification Number

Answer : C

Question 4

Which type of database authentication is required if BlackBerry MVS is installed on a
different Microsoft Windows domain than the BlackBerry Enterprise Server? (Choose one.)

  • A. Microsoft Windows authentication
  • B. Microsoft SQL Server authentication
  • C. Authentication set to db_owner
  • D. Trusted authentication

Answer : B

Question 5

A single BlackBerry Enterprise Server instance can be associated with how many
BlackBerry MVS Session Managers? (Choose one.)

  • A. One
  • B. Two
  • C. Three
  • D. Four
  • E. Five

Answer : A

Question 6

What is the maximum round trip ping time supported between Cisco Unified
Communications Manager and the BlackBerry MVS Session Manager? (Choose one.)

  • A. 40 milliseconds
  • B. 80 milliseconds
  • C. 120 milliseconds
  • D. 240 milliseconds
  • E. 480 milliseconds

Answer : D

Question 7

What is the purpose of the line port in the BlackBerry MVS Telephony Connector
configuration? (Choose one.)

  • A. To allow the BlackBerry MVS Session Manager to receive BlackBerry-initiated calls from the SIP Line on the PBX
  • B. To allow the BlackBerry MVS to forward calls using the SIP Line on the PBX to the mobile number of the BlackBerry device
  • C. To allow BlackBerry MVS to initiate calls using the SIP Line on the PBX to the mobile number of the BlackBerry device
  • D. To allow BlackBerry MVS Clients to register as a BlackBerry MVS Client on the PBX using the SIP Line

Answer : D

Question 8

Which three user settings can be used to determine if the BlackBerry device will ring for an
incoming BlackBerry MVS call? (Choose three.)

  • A. Call direction
  • B. Call scheduling
  • C. Line Preference
  • D. Allowed caller list
  • E. Unknown caller

Answer : B,D,E

Question 9

What must an organization PBX be able to do with DTMF tones? (Choose two)What must
an organization? PBX be able to do with DTMF tones? (Choose two)

  • A. Detect and intercept DTMF tones from the cellular call leg between the PBX and BlackBerry devices
  • B. Replace DTMF tones with silence from the cellular call leg between the PBX and BlackBerry devices
  • C. Remove DTMF tones from the cellular call leg between the PBX and BlackBerry devices
  • D. Notify the BlackBerry MVS Server of the DTMF tones using KPML notification
  • E. Notify the BlackBerry MVS Server of the DTMF tones using HTML notification

Answer : A,D

Question 10

On a planning call with a customer, the Windows account requirements for the BlackBerry
MVS installation are discussed. The customer says that the BlackBerry MVS account
sounds similar to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server ESadmin account. The customer asks if
this account can be used for BlackBerry MVS. What is the appropriate response to this
query? (Choose one.)

  • A. This account can be used since it meets the requirements of the Windows account for BlackBerry MVS.
  • B. This account cannot be used at the risk of causing issues with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • C. The permissions appear similar but are not. The BESadmin account cannot be used.
  • D. The BESadmin account must be used since the BlackBerry MVS installation sets up the connection to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Answer : A

Question 11

What is the purpose of the BlackBerry MVS Line Configuration field in a template? (Choose

  • A. It allows the BlackBerry MVS administrator to specify which network will be used for work calls
  • B. It allows the BlackBerry MVS administrator to specify BlackBerry MVS call features
  • C. It allows the BlackBerry MVS administrator to set call direction
  • D. It allows the BlackBerry MVS administrator to specify which BlackBerry MVS Telephony Connector to use

Answer : A

Question 12

What allows a BlackBerry device to differentiate between an inbound call to the mobile
number and an inbound call to the work number? (Choose one.)

  • A. The BlackBerry MVS Client is programmed to recognize calls from a specific DID that the PBX uses to indicate an enterprise call
  • B. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server notifies the BlackBerry device user with an email message
  • C. An indicator is prepended to the ANI that is sent by the PBX to the BlackBerry device
  • D. The BlackBerry MVS Session Manager sends a SIP message to the BlackBerry MVS client to indicate that a work call has been initiated
  • E. Calls to the mobile number use a different ring sequence

Answer : A

Question 13

Which specific call direction setting applies to a BlackBerry device calling into the PBX
when the BlackBerry MVS user is making a Voice over Mobile call to an external number?
(Choose one.)

  • A. Incoming Calls: PBX ? BlackBerry device
  • B. Outgoing Calls: PBX ? BlackBerry device
  • C. Outgoing Calls: BlackBerry device ? PBX
  • D. Incoming Calls: BlackBerry device ? PBX
  • E. Outgoing Calls: BlackBerry device ? PSTN

Answer : C

Question 14

A BlackBerry MVS user complains about not receiving the MWI when a caller leaves a
voicemail. What are two possible causes of this issue? (Choose two.)

  • A. MWI is prevented by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server IT Policy
  • B. MWI Notifications is disabled from the BlackBerry MVS Console
  • C. There is insufficient wireless signal strength to receive the MWI
  • D. The voicemail connector was not set up
  • E. The user is using unsolicited voicemail

Answer : B,D

Question 15

A BlackBerry MVS user calls a contact from the BlackBerry device contact list and it fails.
The BlackBerry MVS user finds that calls only fail if the contact numbers are prefixed with a
plus (+) sign. What is a likely cause of this issue? (Choose one.)

  • A. Phone number translation is not configured correctly
  • B. The Call Control option is not set to allow calls to numbers prefixed with the plus sign (+)
  • C. The BlackBerry device is not registered
  • D. Contacts prefixed with the plus sign (+) are not supported

Answer : A

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